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Two New Features: Filter on Activity Feed & Ability to Replace Files

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

A quick note about two new features:

1) Redesigned Activity Feed  

Under the Activity Tab, you can now filter by actions or staff. This sounds sort of simple, but it’s awesome. You can quickly login and see what’s been happening by doing a query: what notes have been made recently by a specific staff member? Or what pieces have been accepted recently? Who has voted on what?

(Also: in the next release, the feed will be a live stream that posts items without refreshing the screen.)




2) Ability to Replace Submitted Documents

Occasionally a submitter might leave their name on a manuscript that was meant to be read anonymously.  Or maybe a file is currupt or password protected, and instead of resubmitting they just email you an updated file. Now you can go in and replace the file rather than having to ask them to resubmit.  ReplaceScreenshot

To use this feature, just click on the Options menu in the details page.

Thanks so much. Don’t hesitate with any questions or suggestions:




How to Accept and Curate Film Submissions

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

As of February 1, 2012, you can accept and curate Vimeo, YouTube, and SoundCloud works via your Submittable application. This is great for film and music producers, but also for any traditional publisher wanting to branch out into multimedia.

HammertoNailHere’s an example of the feature being used out in the wild: Hammer to Nail is an independent publisher that reviews and publicizes “American narrative features produced for one million dollars or less.” They recently used Submittable to accept and curate short films from hundreds of filmmakers around the country. The winner of their contest will be promoted on their highly trafficked site and get submission waivers to several major U.S. film festivals.

Here’s a short tutorial on how to use these features.

Thanks! Don’t hesitate with any questions or suggestions.