What are some uses for Submishmash?

Submishmash grew from needs in the art and literary world for powerful and affordable ways of curating manuscripts, photography, and artwork. But as the world changes (see: What is Publishing?) and there’s an ever-increasing supply of content and fewer organizational resources to curate that content, our application has been adopted by others for literally hundreds of uses. Some examples are:

1. Art Colonies use it for accepting applications

2. Film Producers use it to accept and curate films and videos

3. Music Producers use it to accept and curate songs and videos

4. Art and Photography Publishers use it to accept and license art and commercial photography

5. Businesses use it to run contests that allow them to engage with their customers

6. Businesses use it to accept resumes, creating a database of resumes they can turn to at any point in the future

7. Schools use it to accept applications

8. Individuals use it to conduct art and writing workshops (submit once and your whole team can share and comment on the piece)

9. Publishers use it to accept payment with their ad media

10. Investors use it to accept Executive Summaries and Business Plans

In the coming months, we are very excited to be launching a number of industry specific versions of the application. We take the hosting and IT hassle out of the process so organizations can focus on the key components of their business. Our aim is to simplify a formerly complex and costly process, and ultimately be the world’s submission platform.
Information on pricing can be found here. Or feel free to email us with questions or concerns.

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