Submittable now works on any iPhone or Andriod
Submittable now works on any iPhone or Andriod

Like most people, we prefer ignoring our children and spouses while looking at our phones over ignoring them while looking at our laptops. With our phones, we can pretend it’s just a ‘quick ignore’ and they’ll have our attention back shortly…  after we thumb-type this email or Like this thing on Facebook. With our laptops, it’s pretty obvious that we’re checking out, potentially for hours. We might even be doing work. Putting a phone between you and your loved ones just adds that extra ounce of ever-gathering anxiety and loneliness that is so powerful yet unnamable.

So to help enlarge the void between people and their loved ones everywhere, we’re releasing Submittable Mobile. You can now check for new submissions at your child’s piano recital, at church, or while flying around in your spaceship. Technology!

Ok, I’m messing around. 2014 is the year mobile will surpass desktop. It’s been our top priority to make Submittable mobile-friendly. While we try very hard to keep Submittable simple, it is a very feature rich application: you can vote, share, make comments, create custom surveys for your editors and reviews, communicate with your authors and applicants with batch emails, etc.  Getting it to work on phones was somewhat challenging. Ryan, Socha, John and the rest of their team have been working incredibly hard to make this happen over these last few months and it’s now live.  And it’s pretty awesome. If you log in as an editor or admin on your phone, you’ll automatically get a different view than from the computer. This first version is a little stripped down, but you’ll get a simple filter view and an easy way to view new submissions as they come in. We’ll be adding more features over the next few weeks including voting, adding notes, and some admin features.   

Thanks to all the great clients who helped us with testing and design input.

Beep beep!



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  • NewerYork

    f*ck yeah f*ck yeah f*ck yeah f*ck yeah

  • I tried this and wasn’t able to accept or decline submissions from mobile. (iOS 7, Safari.)

    • Michael FitzGerald

      Hi Owen,
      Yes, this first version is read-only. We’ll be adding voting and comments shortly.



  • Leah Maines

    It is important for us to be able to accept/decline from this app. I’m very excited about it.