Hi Everyone,

We’ve released “Team Reports” yesterday. This feature lets you see what the freak everyone on your staff has been doing. To use it, just go to Reports → Progress Report. You’ll see a list of all your reviewers and team members as well as the number of assignments they currently have and have not completed.


Also, John added keyboard shortcuts so you can ditch your mouse when reviewing work. To use this feature, hold down the Shift key while pressing the Right Arrow key to move from one submission to the next submission. You can also hold down the Shift key while pressing the Left Arrow key to move to the previous submission.

Key Board Shortcuts on Submittable


You can also easily move through files within a submission. Hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the Right Arrow key to view the next file. Hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the Left Arrow key to view the previous file.




Finally, coming soon… Submittable 3.0! We are incredibly close to releasing a completely updated interface which will include tons of new functionality including:

  1. Ability to save filtered queries
  2. A partnership with Box that allows for better document viewing
  3. Ability to Accept or Decline on individual items within a submission containing a group of files, which is great for poetry and artwork


Thanks. I hope you’re well.




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