Arts in the News:

Transforming musicmet-lead-03roeder-met-lead into visuals for a hearing-impaired audience.

The growing field of literary essays on gaming.

‘It’s a data set born of paint and pens, of scepters and swords.’

How a night out might restore your ability to monotask.

A big win for small presses.

Urban legends, outrage culture, and the perspective of future generations.

The Submishmash Podcast is a new audio program focused on technology, creativity, diversity, and female-identified perspectives.


kjYbUcNPoetry, creative nonfiction, and photography on the theme of ‘Surrender’ wanted by Snapdragon Journal. 

Rambutan Literary is an online, digital magazine for Southeast Asian literature and art, dedicated to writers and artists of mainland, maritime, and diasporic Southeast Asia.

For its new book, ‘Birth of the White House Cool: Reflections on the Obama Years,’ Booth Books seeks literature, art, and graphic narratives that consider the impact of the Obama family on the past decade of American culture.

Redivider aims to publish work that captivates readers while complicating their worldviews. Now seeking entries to the Beacon Street Prize in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Storm Cellar is looking for fiction of up to 1000 words for their Force Majeure Flash Contest.

Essays, short stories, and poems wanted by Hourglass Literary Magazine for its international writing competiton. Entries must be written in English, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, or Montenegrin.

The Metatron Prize for Rising Authors includes $500, a publishing contract, and a selection of the publisher’s books. An option for editorial feedback is available to all applicants.

matchbook will publish very tiny stories in the form of Google Ads.

The Editor’s Reprint Award from Sequestrum has an open call for previously published works of fiction or nonfiction.


downloadMoogs, cake pans, and American Girl Dolls: some surprising circulating collections.

A new contender for your favorite springtime brunch recipe.

‘He wasn’t her most gifted student, she admits. But he was the most persistent.’

One-up the Easter Bunny this year.

Monochromatic clothing-food pairings.

Scant weekend plans? Learn to speak in accents.


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