The roots of Submittable are communication and discovery. Our company launched in 2010 to manage the submission process between writers and publications. Writers needed a better way to find a home for their work. Editors needed an easier way to handle paper submissions and growing slush piles. Everybody, not just writers, needed an easier way to submit and receive digital submissions. So, we didn’t stop with manuscripts and literary journals.

Submittable’s new and improved Gallery feature gives organizations even more ways to review images, videos, and GIFs internally, or invite the public to vote on their favorite submissions. This feature populates a clean grid displaying only the information you want to share. It’s designed to be customizable to fit the needs of any organization.

Looking for a better way to host public contests, collect user-generated content, or people’s choice awards? Here are some exciting things Gallery offers:

Grid Display Options

When it comes to displaying images or videos, you can choose whether to display submissions from oldest to newest, newest to oldest, or mix things up and show a grid that rearranges itself each time a visitor visits the gallery.

Submission Details

You control what information appears in Gallery, including the name of the submitter, the title of their work, or any other information provided by the submitter. You can opt to make the information public or keep it hidden.

Juried Contests

Do you want to narrow down submissions before opening them up to a review team or public vote? Apply any label to your top submissions and then opt to display only those labeled submissions in your Gallery.

Voting Permissions

If you want to share your Gallery with the public, you can open voting up to anyone with the custom Gallery URL link. Scores can be made public or kept hidden. For added security, you can also choose to require voters to have a valid email address.

There are endless, creative ways you can use Gallery to celebrate the uniqueness of your organization and your users. Here are some of our favorite examples:

New Zealand’s Tahuna Beach

To help celebrate the 90th anniversary of a beloved campground, New Zealand’s Tahuna Beach held a Collective Holiday Memories competition using Gallery. People were invited to share memories of staying at the holiday park by submitting photos and memories. The result was a mix of eclectic stories and nostalgic images.


London Photo Festival

Since launching in 2011, the London Photo Festival has provided hundreds of photographers with the chance to exhibit and sell their art. Co-founders Kit Shah and Emma Matt use Gallery to help facilitate a monthly photography competition.


A sizable chunk of Submittable staff have their MFA in Creative Writing, including our CEO Michael FitzGerald. At some point or another, we’ve all been asked, “What do you do with an MFA, anyway?” So we decided to host a Post-MFA Life video contest using Gallery. We invited anyone with their MFA to offer advice, confessions, or stories.

Gallery is a powerful marketing tool for engaging with customers and audiences. You can request to have Gallery included with your Submittable account by contacting, or look for the Gallery View tab on the Form Builder in your Submittable account.


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