3 Reasons to Move Your Entire Application Process Online


Changing your applications or submission process might feel like an uphill battle; your organization has dedicated eons to thoughtfully building and implementing a submission system to do the work that needs doing. Why change now?

Because you need an application management process that is simple for applicants, efficient for administrators, and streamlined for reviewers.

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If you’re still using a labor-intensive paper process or relying on PDF downloads, email or free online forms, your first step should be to move your entire application and review process online. Using a complete application management software helps you meet every group’s needs while saving significant administrative time and costs.

Perhaps you’re in the early stages of researching the switch, or already understand the potential benefits, but your colleagues aren’t yet convinced. Whatever stage you’re at, here are three benefits of making the switch to bolster your argument.

1. Put your best foot forward (and get better applicants!)

If your applicants are faced with outdated forms they need to download, complete, and scan, then email or mail to return, they may postpone submitting or, even worse, rethink their decision.

With application management software, you can quickly create modern, on-brand forms that pre-screen applicants and collect exactly the information you need.

A thoughtful, clear online application form encourages thoughtful, clear responses, reducing the number of incomplete or unsuitable applications—and your time spent managing them.

What’s more, associating your brand with intuitive, modern technology helps attract professional, high-quality applicants who appreciate the convenience of a digital interface. It can also make your opportunity more widely accessible, increasing the diversity of applications and making the process more equitable.

2. Gain back valuable time and money

You know the importance of your mission and the work involved to meet essential goals. Focus isn’t just a question of available time—it’s also about the ability to minimize distractions.

When your digital submission system is running smoothly, when you don’t have to worry about manually tracking countless small interactions or regularly troubleshooting human error, you can concentrate on the high-level priorities that will fuel your success.

Your time is also one of your most costly resources. Software simplifies the administrative procedures you use to receive applications, track and compile data, facilitate review across team members, and manage communications (both internal and external). That can result in real cost savings in the form of administrative time and staffing.

3. Improve communication

There are many points in a submission or application process when something could go awry: incorrect postage, an email goes to spam, incomplete applications, a misplaced or undelivered form. Dramatically reduce opportunities for error by keeping all your applications centrally, safely stored, easily accessible, and simple to edit.

With a digital application, your entire review process can live online. Reviewers and administrators can access the system anytime and anywhere, and share notes, apply labels and view one another’s voting privately—all without leaving the platform. No more email back-and-forth, long group meetings, or searching for review notes.

You can also easily and quickly update applicants throughout the process. Automated communication eliminates time spent manually providing status updates for every application, while preventing applicants from feeling “kept in the dark”—a real win-win.


A good application management software should be designed to integrate with your smart, hard-earned system, so you can maintain your chain of command, your requirements, your workflow, and your dedication to professional and efficient communication. The software just makes it easier, more secure, and much sexier.

In an increasingly complex business world, it’s more essential than ever to streamline workflow, expedite professional communications, sync up specialized software, and thoughtfully market your brand. A good application management software is the partner you need to get there.

Keriann Strickland

Keriann Strickland manages content and branding for Submittable's marketing team. She's a recovering journalist, mountain lover, and gifted spiller (and speller).