4 Reasons Publishers Should Start a Company Blog


Content marketing continues to play an important role in publishing. Readers not only want to know about new titles and where to buy them, but they also want content that is informative and inspiring and provides unique access and insights. Blogs are one good way to draw readers to the kinds of content that will ultimately help you make more sales and retain customers. For example, blog posts that provide brief Q&As with authors, the backstory behind a cover design, or a day-in-the-life of an editor, all give readers exclusive information that helps them connect human faces to your company. Here are some of the main reasons you should start a company blog:

1. Put a spotlight on company culture

Now, more than ever, customers care about where their products come from. They want to know that they are spending money on a good product produced by good people. The publishing industry is no exception. Blog posts are an excellent way to give readers insight into what your company culture is really like. Profiles of various employees can help readers put faces to names and hear directly from the people who publish their favorite authors. Providing this kind of access to the human side of publishing helps to build trust with readers, and trust is just the ingredient you need to keep customers coming back.

Inviting readers to contribute content to blog posts is another way to engage and retain lifelong customers. Readers can review books, write Q&As with a favorite author, or share stories about the ways a particular book inspired them. A blog post can also highlight particular topics or questions readers frequently ask through customer service or social media channels. Listening to your customers and inviting them to share their ideas can help ensure that you are providing the content your readers want. As an added bonus, connecting your brand to guest bloggers’ networks will give your company even more visibility.

2. Start a company blog, increase your web traffic 

Making great content is one thing, but it’s also essential to ensure that your content is easily found. Blogs can be a great vehicle for keywords and key phrases that will enhance your SEO. And because blogs are informal and conversational, this makes them the perfect form for integrating search terms that accommodate voice searches. With voice searching on the rise, it’s particularly important to include colloquial phrases that will ensure that your content emerges at the top of any search result. Traditional website copy is less flexible in accommodating the informal language voice searchers will use, so blogs are an ideal tool for ensuring that you retain the visibility you are after.

3. Connect with other publishing professionals

You know that publishing involves professionals within your company and outside of it, but your readers may not. Blog posts can provide a platform for publishing industry professionals to share insight and information about their role in transforming an idea into a book. For example, inviting authors to write guest blog posts gives readers access to their favorite writers.  Literary agents might be invited to create guest posts where aspiring writers can learn about their role in the publishing process. Experts from literary publicity firms can provide insights on book promotion to help readers and aspiring writers. Blog posts written by bookstore owners can also provide a glimpse into sales trends or shelving considerations, among other things. Ultimately, blogs are ideal for providing a wide array of information that can connect with multiple book-loving audiences.   

4. Establish yourself as an industry expert

Anyone searching for information about particular book titles, authors, or publishing insights, is bound to find themselves swimming in more results than they can use–but not all of this information is accurate or helpful. Fans, professional bloggers, magazines, and other sources may already have a lot to say about your process, your books, and your people. However, only your company has the best information about your authors and titles. You are the authority. Showing your expertise through a range of smart, accessible blog posts will cultivate trust and respect in readers and it will help you retain your position as a publishing industry expert.


If you want to start a company blog, there aren’t many downsides. Creating a organization blog for your publishing endeavor (or expanding on a current site) can benefit your readers and authors, as well as your bottom line. Share the good work you’re already doing by highlighting company culture, improving search traffic, engaging community, and enhancing credibility through your organization’s blog.

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Emily Withnall

Emily Withnall works as a freelance writer and editor. Emily also teaches poetry in public schools in and outside of Missoula and in the Missoula County Detention Center. Some of her work is available at emilywithnall.com.