Additional Forms: 4 Ways to Collect More Information


At Submittable, we know reducing paper trails saves organizations time and money. Our digital platform is designed to simplify the application process.

But what about the digital files filling up your screen? Our archive feature lets you store submissions for future retrieval. Just a few clicks and your desk is clear for the next round of submissions.

But there’s another feature that will consolidate your digital paperwork and streamline the process. Additional Forms enables you to request follow-up information from applicants after they submit a form or application.

Example of how to use additional forms

Here are 4 ways organizations are using Additional Forms:

Progress reports for grants: Request financial updates, gather project reports, or collect final outcomes from beneficiaries.

Collecting payment first: If you’re collecting payment for a class, event, or summer camp, increase the likelihood that applicants will complete their registration by collecting basic information first in your initial application. Then use Additional Forms to send follow-up documents that take time to complete, like medical forms, demographic surveys, or questionnaires.

Conducting surveys: Looking for feedback? Create an Additional Form with survey questions and send it directly to any of your applicants.

Multi-stage applications: Help your team screen applications by sending forms in stages, and prevent ineligible applicants from getting too far down the pipeline. Additional Forms allow organizations to send the most relevant information at each stage in the process.

Treat yourself to these simple housekeeping strategies and avoid making unnecessary digital trails. Additional Forms is an additional paid feature. Contact our Sales Team to learn more.

Jolene Brink

Jolene Brink is a PR and communications manager at Submittable. Her Submittable career goes all the way back to 2011 when she first submitted a poem to 491 Magazine. (It was promptly declined). Today, with 140 submissions and counting, you can follow her creative work at