Announcing the 2022 Impact Studio Conference: An Audio Event for CSR Professionals

When you have questions about how to build your corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, you want clear, tactical answers from people with real-world experience. 

That’s exactly what the Impact Studio Conference brings you, cutting through the usual noise and zeroing in on what really matters across the CSR landscape. 

A one-day audio event on October 12, the conference brings together five leading voices in the world of social impact to speak on one theme: purpose built. Each session will empower you to move with purpose through every phase of your CSR program. 

The best part? Registration is totally free. 

It’s time to embrace the complexity

CSR and ESG professionals operate at the intersection of business and social good. It’s complex work. And we’re not interested in glossing it over. 

The conference will empower you to embrace the complexity, think holistically, and plan for the long term. That’s how we chose our speakers and topics for the conference.

You and your team will be inspired, not to replicate what someone else is doing, but to create something uniquely yours. As Kari Niedfledt-Thomas, one of the speakers, explains the landscape of corporate purpose: “Every company is leading in different ways around how they can be a force for good in society.” 

What does it mean to be purpose built?

The world of CSR is built on good intentions. But those intentions don’t mean much unless you put them into action. 

Our five speakers explore different facets of building a CSR program and career, offering tactical advice about how to set and achieve meaningful goals.

  • Angela Parker, CEO and co-founder of Realized Worth, discusses “Constructing a Purpose Built Career”
  • Carmen Perez, founder of Better Next, explores “What is the ‘S’ in ESG and how do you measure it?”
  • Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas, managing director of corporate insights and engagement for CECP, digs into “What the data says about the future of social impact”
  • Patricia Toothman, social impact manager at Splunk, gives you “A blueprint for high-engagement CSR programs”
  • Jen Carter, global head of technology and volunteering at, offers “Lessons from the future of CSR and corporate volunteering” 

Each speaker roots their advice in real experience. They look at outcomes from an individual, community, and a corporate perspective. And they balance the short-term outlook with the long-term impact. 

Though they get into the nitty-gritty mechanics, none of the speakers forget what’s at the heart of this work—people. “I’m particularly passionate about everyone taking a pause on how we think about improving measurement in order to make it even more human centered,” Carmen Perez says.

Come for the content, stay for the community

For many CSR professionals, building community can be tricky. If you’re on a small team and the work itself keeps you busy, you likely don’t have much time to connect with other people in similar roles. This conference gives you a chance to build your community. 

When you register, you’ll get access to an exclusive LinkedIn group for social impact professionals where you can connect with peers and industry leaders before the conference. On October 12, you’ll have the opportunity to chat live with speakers and attendees. 

Built to fit easily into your schedule, the conference’s audio-only format lets you listen to each session from anywhere—whether you’re walking the dog or sitting at your desk. This gives you a chance to give your eyes and your Zoom brain a break without missing anything. 

Join the conversation

Tune in to the first-of-its-kind audio event for social impact professionals

An extra bonus: support for grassroot organizations

To help make this event a real force for good, we’re making a donation for every registration. 

Donations will support four local nonprofits chosen by our employee-led corporate purpose team. With a focus on equity and justice, each organization works to build strong, diverse, and sustainable communities. The four organizations are:

  • Be:Seattle: building power and leadership of renters and people experiencing homelessness.
  • Community Alliance for Global Justice: strengthening the global food sovereignty movement through community education and mobilization.
  • EmpowerMT: developing youth and adult leaders who work to end mistreatment, correct systemic inequalities, and strengthen communities.
  • Soft Landing Missoula: welcoming and providing supportive services for refugees and immigrants.

Help us hit our goal of $10,000. All you have to do is complete your free registration. It’s that easy.

Laura Steele

Laura Steele is a social impact writer and editor at Submittable focused on the world of grantmaking and corporate giving. Her work often explores the connection between technology, equity, and social good. She also writes fiction and nonfiction. You can read some of her stories and essays at