Case Study: Caffe Dolce


Please note that Talentd is now Submittable, and the features depicted/described in this post are outdated and no longer accurate. 

I’m no restaurant reviewer, so I’ll quote a review called Missoula Gathering Spot on

“Business meetings, forlorn writers, ladies lunching, friends meeting – that is Caffe Dolce. The food and menu choices are as promising as the buzz of conversation – and Caffe Dolce does not disappoint. Gelato, wine, gourmet desserts, salads, soups and sandwiches – it’s nearly impossible to choose. The food IS delicious, the service is excellent, and the atmosphere is electric. Peter, the owner, can be found making you a coffee, clearing tables, or greeting customers. If you want to see Missoula in action – go to Caffe Dolce on Brooks.”

He’s talking about Caffe Dolce, one of Missoula’s premier restaurants, owned by Peter Lambros.

Summer at Caffe Dolce, Missoula, MT

Peter was one of Resume Manager’s early adopters. His input has helped shape our features and interface. And he’s reinforced our theory:

Every Restaurant needs Resume Manager, Peter Lambros

Why? Because restaurants, even small coffee shops, receive a constant stream of walk-in resumes. While this practice fills the applicant pool, it creates problems, too:

  • The interruptions of applicants walking in among paying customers
  • Time – What restaurant manager has enough time?
  • Storage (it is required by law to maintain applicant records)
  • And of course, the challenge of making great hires without an effective way to review and rate applicants—we’ve heard from lots of restaurant owners who stack the resumes until they need to hire, then just start calling from the top of the pile

And so we set out to create our custom resume management software application to solve these problems and more.

I met Peter at his Brooks Street restaurant in early 2012. Over lattes, we talked about his experience with Resume Manager.

Peter, how did your hiring process work before Resume Manager?

I’m very organized, and paper adds stress on my desk. I always wondered, is it possible that I’ve misplaced a great resume? And we didn’t have a system to date when applicants left resumes, so there was a lot of guesswork in the process. I hate paper. Paper adds stress.

What’s the biggest change since adopting our system?

Well, of course we save time. That’s certain. But for me, the most important change is my confidence in the process. Now I have peace of mind.

I never have to wonder, where is that resume? Has Selya (our restaurant manager) seen it yet? Now I know where the resumes are, when they arrived, who has reviewed them, and which applicants are our best candidates.

What tools do you use the most?

I’m big on labels. They’re a great way to code where we are in the review process, our impressions, how they rank, who referred the applicant, etc. I also really appreciate the ease of assigning staff without having to hand them a paper file. We can all communicate in one centralized place.

What do you do with your paper resumes now?

I like the ability to scan them into the Resume Manager system. That way, they’re all in one place. Since Submittable accepts all types of digital files, not just text documents, sometimes I’ll snap a picture of a paper resume with my phone and just upload that. It’s quick and clean.

Will you use Resume Manager for your future hires?

Every business needs to try Resume Manager. Why wouldn’t you use it? I would never go back.

Asta So

Asta So lives in Missoula, MT, with her husband, dog, and cat. She is Submittable’s Chief of Staff.