Case Study: Climate Ride


Climate Ride is a non-profit organization that organizes fully supported, charitable bike rides to support sustainable energy solutions, bike advocacy, and environmental causes.  Each year, Climate Ride holds two 5-day events:  Climate Ride NYC-DC and Climate Ride California. Climate Riders register for $75 and then fundraise a minimum of $2400 in order to participate in one of the all-inclusive events.


Proceeds from the rides benefit a collection of environmental and bike-related non-profits. So far, Climate Ride has donated more than $638K to beneficiaries.

In March 2012, Climate Ride signed up with Submittable’s Resume Manager. I sat down with Geraldine Carter, co-founder and Director, to learn more about the organization. Geraldine attended Cornell University, studying Environmental Engineering, then guided biking and hiking trips for Backroads, prior to founding Climate Ride.

Who runs Climate Ride?

In 2008, my friend Caeli Quinn and I organized the first Climate Ride. A year later Blake Holiday joined as Ride Director. Together, we three have put together a staff of professional trip leaders and guides to host fully-supported charitable cycling events.

How did you hire before Submittable?

Like many organizations, Climate Ride used to accept resumes by email.

For part-time positions, each of our three nation-wide offices hired separately.  As resumes filled our inboxes, we printed and then stacked them in order of qualifications to determine who we’d interview.

For full-time positions, we share decision-making. Since we’re remote, this meant more emails, copies, and a more difficult task of combining the review of job candidates.

What did you do to get started using Resume Manager?

I took a couple of minutes modifying the Look & Feel of the Jobs page so that it looked just like our website.


Then I created the Job Description and added the link. We were up and running within 15 minutes. Easy peasy.


“Within 15 minutes I knew this would massively simplify my life.”



What was your resume review process?

Our first hire using Submittable was for a full-time position and we had 3 people across the country reviewing candidates. It was a much more involved process than our local hires.

As Director, I reviewed each of the 43 cover letters and resumes we received. I utilized the labeling options, noting different categories such as Top Candidate, Likely, Unlikely and many more.

Then I shared the top candidates with the other staff, asking them for votes and comments. I could clearly see the decisions by my colleagues and could sort the candidates by votes tallied.

What was your biggest time saver?

Definitely the ability to review resumes remotely, with each staff able to create and view votes, labels, and comments. We were able to easily and quickly distill the top candidates to make a great hire.

 “We saved 20 hours on our 1st hire.”


Will you use Resume Manager for your future hires?

Absolutely. Email is ineffective and arduous for this process. I can’t imagine ever going back to it for resume review. It would be like reverting to hand-washing clothes.

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Asta So

Asta So lives in Missoula, MT, with her husband, dog, and cat. She is Submittable’s Chief of Staff.