Submishmash Podcast: Episode 2

Submittable is delighted to share the next episode of the […]

Ask Why and Ask How: An Interview with Ricardo Sandoval Palos

The Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) was founded in 1969 […]

Submishmash Podcast: Episode 1

Submittable’s Chief Content Officer Asta So talks with Missoula writer Alex Alviar about forging her own path as a Chinese immigrant in tech, the dumb things people say, and the importance of diversity in leadership, for Montana and beyond.

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Robert Morgan Fisher is a writer, musician, and teacher whose […]

Uncharted Course: Advocating for Arts and Humanities Grants

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Risk Capital and Innovation: An Interview with George Abbott

Knight Foundation is a national non-profit foundation and a Submittable client. […]