Connect Submittable to 500+ Apps Using Zapier


Did you know that you can connect your organization’s Submittable account to more than 500 applications and services? Through our partnered integration with Zapier, you can automate tasks between Submittable and other online applications, such as Slack, Gmail, and Salesforce.

For example, you can automatically send a Slack message to your preferred Slack channel whenever your organization receives a submission. You can create a Salesforce case when you get a new submission, or save accepted submission data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Zapier makes it easy to automate these tasks so you don’t have to do them manually. This feature is available to all organizations, and you do not need a web developer to set them up.

Submittable and Zapier Better Together

Examples of apps for which you can create Zaps, or automated tasks, include: Salesforce, Google Sheets, Slack, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Trello, Asana, MailChimp, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. To get started, head over to Zapier and click the Explore Submittable on Zapier! button.

Here are more examples of what you can do with Zapier. You can create each of these connections for free, and Zapier subscribers have the option to create even more advanced workflows:

  • Add a new contact to Salesforce when a submission is accepted—great for not-for-profit organizations who use Submittable to manage grant applications
  • Add submission data to a spreadsheet in Google Sheets when a submission is received
  • Notify your team in Slack when a submission is received, accepted, declined, or withdrawn—or even when a note is added to a submission
  • Post a congratulatory Facebook status update or send a tweet on Twitter when a submission is accepted
  • Add a subscriber to MailChimp when a submission is received and the submitter asks to sign up for your newsletter

For more information on how to use Zapier to connect your Submittable account to other applications, see our Zapier help article. If you have any questions or need assistance setting up your first Submittable connection, please contact us at

Brian Lewis