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Submittable and Fluxx Grantmaker are both software that foundations, governments, nonprofits and corporations use to manage their grantmaking. Each has tools to create grant applications, automate workflows, and ultimately distribute funding to awardees. 

But there are also key differences. Here’s what you need to know when comparing Submittable vs. Fluxx.

Features at a Glance

FeatureSubmittableFluxx Grantmaker
Collecting applications  
Technical support for applicantsX
Fully mobile responsive applicationsX
Auto-save applicationsX
Eligibility quiz
Applicant portal
Charity validaton
Responsive forms
Third party references
Additional forms
Review and workflow  
Side by side reviews
Blind reviews
Custom review forms
Multiple stages of review
Batch emails
Email templates
Reporting and funding  
Data exports
Funds tracking
Funds distribution
Integrations and certifications  
VPAT for accessibility
Zapier integrations
Custom integrations
API access
Capterra ratings  
Number of reviews9930
Overall (out of 5)4.84.5
Ease of Use (out of 5)4.74.1
Customer Service (out of 5)4.94.4
Features (out of 5)4.64.2
Value for Money (out of 5)4.64.3
Likelihood to Recommend94.4%77.8%

The top reasons to choose Submittable

1. Submittable is more user-friendly 

Submittable is an easy-to-use platform that can accomplish complex things. 

Customers—including those who self-identify as less than tech-savvy—consistently rave about how intuitive Submittable is. 

Form creation was easy to figure out. I was a little filled with dread the first time, but as soon as I started working in the form builder, it was just really intuitive. Same with the response templates—it’s simple to find everything I need. As only a semi-technical person, that’s empowering.

Mariah McPherson, Executive Director, New Belgium Family Foundation
Customers love Submittable’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder. 

Crucially, there is no coding whatsoever in Submittable—all tools within the platform are designed for non-technical users. 

It’s so user friendly. I struggled with a lot of other form builders before finding this and I’m so impressed.

Fellowship Director in the entertainment industry

In Fluxx, on the other hand, administrators may use “liquid code”. In fact, within the Admin Basics section of Fluxx’s help library, there are lessons on “Letters & Liquid Code” and “Coding and Conditional Logic,” implying liquid code can be used to achieve basic administrative functions.  

Sometimes setting up features on the back end [of Fluxx] can be difficult for someone without a technical background.

Reviewer on software review site Capterra

On the other hand, we’ve specifically designed Submittable to make it easy for administrators to make edits to any part of their programs at any time—no coding required. 

I’ve worked with different application softwares over the years for both grant management and for other purposes in the office. Submittable provides quick turnaround when you can edit your own forms—and it doesn’t require a lot of training to learn how to do that.

Angie Nelson, Senior Budget Analyst, State of Montana

Many reviewers on software review sites call out the complexity of Fluxx. Multiple reviewers even highlight this fact in the title of their reviews:

Fluxx was not intuitive

Title of review on software review site Capterra

[Fluxx has] Great features – not user friendly

Title of review on software review site Capterra

Submittable is more highly rated for ease of use on software review site Capterra.

Submittable is more highly rated for ease of use than Fluxx on software review site Capterra (4.7/5 vs. 4.1/5).

2. Submittable can launch a new program faster

Emerging trends in philanthropy favor agile, responsive programs that can pivot and move quickly. For modern organizations looking to emulate these qualities, Submittable is a great fit.  

G2 Fastest Implementation Spring 2020 Grants

Submittable was awarded the Fastest Implementation for Grants Management Software by software review site G2 in Spring of 2020.

The average time to launch a new grant program on Submittable is 14 days. Even robust grants programs can be up and running in weeks.

The State of Montana, for example, chose Submittable as their grant management platform to distribute 1.25 billion in CARES Act COVID relief funding. Their application was up and running smoothly within a matter of weeks.  

By contrast, many reviewers point out that implementing Fluxx is a time-consuming process.

The implementation [of Fluxx] is intense. It takes a lot of time for the point person on your staff who will be heading the project, so you should allot for that. It took us 3 months or so, and we are a small organization.

Review of Fluxx on software review site Capterra

Another Capterra reviewer recommends to other Fluxx buyers that it is “invaluable” to have “a dedicated grants manager (at least part time) to devote themselves to learning Fluxx and becoming the site administrator.”

A third recommends that buyers “Allow time to fully engage with Fluxx’s discovery and design process.”

If agility and speed are important to you and your organization, Submittable is probably the best bet.

3. Submittable provides technical support to applicants  

Submittable provides technical support to all applicants. This can make a world of difference for grantmakers and their applicants alike. 

In fact, a recent survey found that 40% of grantmakers using Submittable say they now spend “Less time spent answering technical questions from applicants (which are diverted to Submittable’s support team).” 

The same survey found that 97% of Submittable customers are satisfied with Submittable’s customer support. Submittable’s technical support team answers 74% of questions on their first response. 

Your support folks are so friendly and fast! If our users are having issues, we can just refer them to support and know the issue will be resolved ASAP.

Aja Bain, Program and Publications Manager, American Association for State and Local History

Fluxx does not provide technical support to applicants.

Want to speed up your grant management process?

Submittable simplifies even robust grant review processes to save you time.

4. Submittable is mobile-responsive for applicants

Submittable offers applicants a fully mobile-friendly experience. In fact, roughly 80% of Submittable submissions come from mobile devices.

This is an important part of providing an inclusive experience. Not everyone has access to wifi, including certain communities in the United States, such as some rural areas. 

What’s more, public health concerns can make it impossible or unsafe for many people to use a computer with internet access at their public library or other public places. The ability to apply from a mobile phone is not only convenient, but necessary for these communities. 

By contrast, Fluxx is only partially mobile-friendly. Applicant instructions in the LOI, or pre-screen, phase of a Fluxx application are not mobile-responsive. Instead, they run off the screen—and it’s not possible to resize the window or scroll over in order to read them. Being unable to read all of the instructions makes this phase of the application process not only confusing, but difficult or impossible for an applicant to successfully follow all guidelines correctly. 

5. Submittable applications auto-save every few seconds

Submittable applications auto-save every few seconds. This ensures that applicants will never lose their work should they accidentally close a browser or lose internet connection. It’s small way to provide greater peace of mind to grant applicants.

Fluxx applications do not auto-save.

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This analysis was compiled from publicly-available information available on Fluxx’s website, Help Center, and other resources. Additional resources include information obtained from the Fluxx marketing team and independent software review sites, as well as Submittable customer testimonials and customer surveys conducted by Submittable.

Natalya Taylor

Natalya is the director of product marketing at Submittable and is focused on helping organizations get a ton of value out of the platform. She is a bookworm, adventure enthusiast and card-carrying cat lady as well as a writer and yogi.