Get Onto Our Cloud


Submishmash is one of many Web 2.0 ventures that take advantage of recent advances in “cloud computing” or “cloud hosting” technology. Cloud technology eliminates the need for companies and websites to purchase actual physical hosting infrastructure. Instead of powering our software with an individual server, we utilize an interconnected group of servers called a cloud. As with the electrical grids that power our physical communities, a cloud is able to shift virtual traffic to individual parts of the cloud that are underused so that outages and poor performance become exceedingly rare occurrences.
Submishmash, then, can process an unlimited number of submissions or applications without ever worrying about loss of speed or exceeding server capacity. We can offer the kind of centralized architecture upon which, as we explained in a previous post, our many unprecedented features are built. Not only do publishers not need to pay for their own local hosting services, they do not even need to install any software. A publisher who contacts us to sign up for Submishmash can accept submissions through our system within minutes, and all updates and tech issues are addressed centrally, by Submishmash engineers, so that a publisher never need worry about hiring an IT expert or downloading add-ons. Submishmash can focus on constantly refining our system, and publishers can focus on publishing.