Goodbye Summer: A Product Update Roundup


Welcome back to another academic year. Maybe you’ve been on summer vacation from work (and with it, Submittable) or perhaps you’ve been so busy in specific parts of the software that recent changes elsewhere have missed your attention. In either case, welcome to our latest and greatest—here are some recent improvements to several important tools.

Speedier Submission Details Page

The submission details page is the lifeline of any review process. Whether you’re considering applications, creative submissions, media, or spreadsheets, you’ll now enjoy a faster and more streamlined experience. With this update, the details page load time was increased by 200 percent, additional forms are now centralized and expandable, and the page itself is friendlier for mobile devices, with all the reviewing tools you need in a single location. Find out more about the improved submission details page (and how much time it will save you in a year) here.

Gif showing speed when scrolling through submissions of different types in submission details page

The new submission details page is speedy

Reporting: New Home, New Capabilities

With Submittable’s latest updates to Reporting, it’s now possible to create, save, and download customized data sheets about your collected submissions and additional forms. This process only takes a few minutes and can be extremely valuable to your team’s process and progress. You can also track form visits. Access the drop-down “Reports” menu at the top of your screen and select “Create” to access the reports you already use: submission statistics, reviewer progress, income, and followers.

Main account headers on top right-hand side of screen (Submissions, Forms, Reports, More)

Find Reports at the top of your screen



The drop-down menu items under Reports (Create, Saved, Downloads)

Access the drop-down and select an option


Find original reporting tools under Other Reports

Personalized Email Subject Lines

Recent improvements to email response templates now encourage the use of customized subject lines. This is a great opportunity to personalize your communications. Compose a subject line for each new response template—and be sure to add subject lines to templates you’ve already been using. Cut and paste a placeholder tag since double-clicking on a tag will not populate your subject line. Please note: Emails without subject lines may be classified as spam or filtered out completely by Gmail. Be certain your submitters and applicants receive important messages from you by assuring you’ve customized each subject line.

Unique Names for Additional Forms

Additional forms are essential to many high-level application and submissions processes. Prior to this update, additional forms without unique names were difficult to track, both for the submitter and also your organization (in submission list view and the details page). Requiring a unique name for each additional form ensures clear and easy access for all appropriate team members and provides another opportunity to personalize communication with submitters and applications throughout the submission process.

Example of a unique name in the creation of an additional form

Give your Additional Form a unique name


What the unique name looks like to a submitter

The submitter will see the unique name inside their submission


What the unique name looks like in the submission list-view on the organization-side

You will see the unique name in the submission list view and the submission details page

Customizable Header Images

The image at the top of your submission page is an important reflection of your brand and aesthetics. New improvements to the Header Image tool (in Configurations > Look and Feel) help ensure this image looks exactly how you want it to. Although Submittable still offers automatic resize and cropping, you can also complete the process yourself. Deciding whether to crop and where to crop is now an easy process and totally under your control. Power to the people!

Gif showing ability to crop and resize header images

Make your header image look just right

New Options for Submitters

In Profile, under Settings, submitters and applicants can now adjust additional personal preferences. Along with updates related to GDPR, users can choose to allow Submittable to personalize their account, reach out occasionally with opportunity announcements, send account-related emails from organizations they are associated with, and choose to access (or disable) Discover.

Image of the four personal settings customization options

Updated personal settings for submitters


As you bid summer adieu (unless you’re in Arizona, it will be a while), remember that Submittable’s technical support team is here to make sure the software is working perfectly for you. Please reach out anytime if we can assist.

Rachel Mindell

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