Grant Management Basics: How to Get Started


Grant management isn’t something actual grant managers are likely to major in when attending college. All too often, managing grants is a task that’s either done on a volunteer basis or arbitrarily assigned to someone about to be overwhelmed with what they’re getting into. If that’s your situation, here are some grant management basics to consider.

Before the Grant Is Awarded

For brand new grants, there’s a potentially tedious process when setting things up. First, you’ve got to write up a proposal and put it in front of the right people so it can get funded. There’s likely to be some back-and-forth about the amounts and details, and a budget needs to be drawn up to cover the costs.

Once that’s done, it’s time to set up your application and review process. Companies offer step-by-step automation that can help you navigate the sometimes rough seas of grant application management. With a digital software, applicants will have a polished and professional interface to access. Those on the management side will have customizable forms, automated administrative tasks, and a workflow that’s secure and efficient.

reasons to move your grants application process online

Choosing a Recipient

Oftentimes, you might find yourself with a large pool of applicants—or a few, but dense, applications. It all depends on the type of grant offered, the scope of the applicant pool, and many other factors. It’s especially helpful to have access to management software to sort and filter out qualified candidates.

Ideally, there are multiple people in charge of selecting a recipient. With the right software, you can manually assign applications for review or you can distribute them randomly to prevent bias. Additionally, a blind submission tool can be used to block information that can identify applicants, from names to phone numbers to email addresses. Many voting tools will be at your disposal. Making such a hard decision has never been easier thanks to this technology.

Throughout the submission process, applicants maintain the ability to log in, change info as needed, upload documents, and the like. Administrators can contact applicants via the program or send batch emails to notify everyone on the selection status. Set up integrations with hundreds of programs and platforms, such as Salesforce, MailChimp, and more, to maximize efficiency.

After the Award

Once the hard part is done—selecting a recipient—you’ll need to manage the funds. If it’s a renewable award, you’ll ensure that disbursements are sent out at the proper times. There may be stipulations in place that are required for the recipient to follow in order to keep receiving funds, so you’ll have to verify that they’re holding up their end of the contract.

Finally, the outcome will be reported to your administrators. If the grant is truly a success, the outcomes will be positive and encourage your organization to continue funding the grant in the future. If it seems like it was a waste of money, the grant program could be terminated. It’s important to show success with clarity and honesty.

Grant management basics are an important part of the bond your organization forges with those in your field of interest. By properly constructing a grant, selecting a recipient, and managing the outcome, both your organization and the community will benefit.

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