6 Benefits of a Grant Management System


With the advances made in grant management software, it’s painless for your entire grant management system to be done in-house. A good grant management software is capable of streamlining and modernizing your application process, leaving you with a better and more efficient grant management system. 

Here are a few of the benefits of using a grant management system to improve your organization’s process:


There’s a lot to keep track of when grants are involved. Contact information, deadlines, requirements, applications, and other pieces of information can get lost or buried in the shuffle of everyday business. However, many grant management systems now include ways to organize all the relevant information in one place.

With just a click, you can access all the information you have on an applicant or a grantee. You can see the best way to reach them, the last time you heard from them, any important dates, as well as other valuable information.


Many software systems are capable of automating more basic tasks. Sending out reminders and batch updates, organizing entries by search terms or auto labels, and other administrative tasks can be done within a grant management system, freeing up your manpower for more involved tasks. Automating the basics also allows your organization to spend more time really interacting with your contacts. This means you can make more human connections and a better impression on applicants and donors alike.


With the advances in technology, digitization is not only possible but expected. You can move past the paper applications and letters, and simplify your entire system. Modern software is even more advanced than the digital forms of the past. Rather than a bland, generic form, some grant management systems allow you to create a custom, personalized form specifically for your organization.


Move forward into the digital age and upgrade your current processes. Good software is designed not to replace what you already have but to work with it to make it more productive and easier to use. It can automate the basic tasks, keep everyone up-to-date with the same information, and increase workflow productivity. All these things and more will help upgrade the way your organization does business and move you into the modern age.

reasons to move your grants application process online


Each application form can be tailored uniquely to what your organization needs, allowing you to create a positive experience for your applicants, donors, and grantees.

Many software can also be integrated with the other tools you may already use, such as SalesForce, Google, QuickBooks, and more. This allows your organization the smoothest experience possible.

Finally, you can streamline the review process with online, permission-based access for your entire team. Match your existing workflow and process or create a new one, instead of being forced into a mold.


While cost is an issue for any organization, some grant management software allow you to get a custom quote, so you only pay for the parts and services your organization will use. Maybe your organization is small and you don’t need all the different networking aspects, or you have a special application process that can’t be done digitally.

Grant Management SystemWith many software providers, you can simply omit the features you won’t use and pay less for the package. If you’re on a strict budget, you can pare down the software and only include the features most valuable to your organization.

No matter the needs of your organization, there is software that will fit them. With the ability to customize forms, tasks, and even what you’re paying for, grant software can be a useful asset for any organization. With technology as prevalent as ever and still evolving, it’s important that organizations stay with the trends or they risk being left behind. Software provides an ease of use that can’t be beaten by paper or other traditional methods, and it’s important for organizations to embrace that as they continue to pursue their mission.