Grants: Encouraging the Possible


Maybe you could you use a little 2017-specific inspiration. Buck up, buttercup: whether you believe Locke or Hobbes re. fundamental human nature, numbers show that Americans are increasingly bighearted with their giving. In fact, 2016 was our most generous year and predictions for this year show philanthropic contributions continuing to rise.

This positive trend affects foundations and other groups that offer grants. “Grant,” as a verb, connotes agreement, allowance, and admission; as a noun, it refers to economic support provided by an organization for a specific purpose. Grants agree with innovation, allow for growth and admit that partnership is essential. Grants facilitate important projects that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Submittable works with hundreds of grant institutions to both simplify and enhance the application process. In the coming weeks, we’d like to celebrate their endeavor – stay tuned here for an up-close look at inspiring organizations, including Knight Foundation, New Economy Initiative, and the Montana Department of Commerce.

The graphic below highlights Submittable’s approach to the grants application process – find out more here and schedule a demo with the sales team today.


Rachel Mindell

Rachel Mindell is a content creator and strategist for Submittable's Marketing and Product Teams. She also writes and teaches poetry. You can find Rachel's creative work here: