Hello Discover, Goodbye Submishmash.com


Beginning Friday, August 11, 2017, visitors to Submishmash.com will be automatically redirected to the Discover feature, a creative opportunities marketplace that connects submitters with organizations’ calls for submissions.

Discover is available right in your Submittable account, enabling submitters to search, track, and submit to creative opportunities.

With Discover, you can find even more opportunities by searching thousands of creative calls using over 150 search terms. You can filter by deadlines and find ongoing opportunities. Save your favorite calls and follow specific organizations. It’s free to use Discover, and you can start using it now.

I’m a user of Submishmash.com. What do I need to do?

To find submission opportunities, simply use the same login email and password you utilized for Submishmash (and Submittable) to sign in to Discover.

If you have any saved lists in Submishmash.com, please note that these lists will not be transferable to Discover. However, the organizations in your saved lists will be automatically added to the Following section of your Discover account after August 11, so that you can continue to follow their calls for submission.

Note that this change only affects Submishmash.com and NOT the Submishmash Weekly newsletter, our weekly email newsletter of hand-picked calls for writers, artists, and filmmakers.

My organization currently appears on Submishmash.com. What do we need to do?

Our Discover team has been busy making sure organizations that appear on Submishmash.com also have their submission categories included in Discover. To appear in Discover, you’ll need to add a tag, or search term, for your submission category. If you’d like to check that your organization’s submission categories are in Discover, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your Submittable account.

2. Go to your organization’s Categories page.

3. Click the submission category you’d like to include in Discover.

4. On the General Settings tab, check that you have at least one tag added in the Join Discover dropdown menu. Edit or add more tags as needed.

5. Click Save Category.  When your category is live, it will appear in Discover.
Users that saved your organization to a list in Submishmash will automatically follow your organization in Discover. This means you may see an increase in the number of followers for your organization. To see your Followers report, go to More > Reports > Followers.

Start using Discover now and stay tuned for exciting new features en route. For more information, see our help article.

Questions? Please email us at support@submittable.com.

Asta So

Asta So lives in Missoula, MT, with her husband, dog, and cat. She is Submittable’s Chief of Staff.