Introducing Dashboards: See Your Team’s Progress in Real Time

Use Submittable’s new Dashboards to quickly visualize your organization’s progress and get a high-level overview of how many and what kind of submissions you have received.

Today, we’re giving Custom Plan clients a powerful new way to view their work: new Dashboards, an at-a-glance, visual overview that lets you quickly see your team’s progress.

Level 4 and 5 team members can find this new feature in their account under “Reports” > “Dashboards.”

Submittable Dashboards

What are Dashboards?

With Dashboards, you get a snapshot of submissions and review progress across all your forms. Filter down to specific forms or date ranges to see:

  • Total number of submissions received. Quickly see exactly how many submissions you’ve gotten per form, and click to view just those submissions.
  • Number of assigned reviews completed and your team’s progress toward finalizing total reviews assigned. Great for reporting on your review team’s progress and tracking how much further you have to go. It’s also a nice view to share with reviewers without calling any one person out (e.g. “We’re halfway through our reviews! Remember to check your assignments and complete them by the deadline.”).
  • Submissions over time, down to daily counts of submissions received. Wondering if that email you sent boosted submission numbers? Quickly check the dashboard to see if there’s a corresponding spike. It’s also great for comparing month-over-month submission numbers and identifying seasonal trends.
  • Submissions by label. This can provide especially powerful insights depending on how your team uses labels. For example, you might be working to hit certain demographic goals, like increasing out-of-state applications. Using auto labels to mark submissions by state would offer an at-a-glance view of your progress toward that goal via Dashboards.
  • Submissions by status. See how many submissions are new, accepted, declined, or in progress.

Submissions and review progress are reflected for your team in real time, so your Dashboards will always be up-to-date for all your account administrators (Levels 4 and 5). With Dashboards, data lives in the same place your team does the rest of its work—plus, this tool is designed to work seamlessly with all the other features you know and love in Submittable.

Is your boss or board looking for a quick update? No problem. Adjust your Dashboard’s dates and forms with a couple of clicks. You can quickly print any Dashboard view or download charts and graphs in multiple file formats to drop into presentations or share.

How do I add the Dashboards feature to my account?

If you are in a Custom Plan, Dashboards will be automatically added to your account. For all other plan types, reach out to our account management team; they’ll be happy to cover your options and talk to you more about how this feature can improve your process.

How do I communicate with Submittable about the new Dashboards?

We always love to hear from you and are always here to help. Please be in touch, via email or chat (click the icon in the lower left).

Keriann Strickland

Keriann Strickland leads the content and product marketing teams at Submittable. She's a recovering journalist, mountain lover, and gifted spiller (and speller).