Introducing Internal Forms: A New Feature to Supplement Submissions

Provide context for reviewers and add internal documentation with Submittable’s new Internal Forms feature.

Now available on Submittable’s new form engine is a new feature called Internal Forms, which expands upon the former Internal Fields functionality. With Internal Forms, users can build a form with the full suite of form fields and options available for other form types (such as Initial, Reference, or Additional), for the specific purpose of internal use.

internal form

What are Internal Forms?

With Internal Forms, you can:

  • Create an Internal Form. Use the same drag and drop form builder you use for Initial, Additional, Reference, and Review Forms.
  • Collect the information you need. Utilize built-in form fields to gather the data you need in the right format, including file upload fields.
  • Add an Internal Form to a Project. Select the Internal Form that corresponds to your call for submissions, and reuse them as necessary.
  • Fill out the Internal Form. After submissions are received, on the submission detail page, team members can fill out the Internal Form specific to each individual submission.
  • Easily view the information collected. Once filled out, team members can refer to the data collected via the Internal Form right alongside the submission.
  • Update information when necessary. Internal Forms can be edited or supplemented by team members at any time.

How will Internal Forms help me and my team?

  • Supplement submissions. Add relevant information to a submission, such as site visit notes, interview notes, or a signed contract.
  • Provide context for reviewers. Include data that could influence reviewer assessments, such as historical funding data, an organization’s track record, or third party documentation such as articles or charity ratings.
  • Add a summary. Distill key points from an application, or polish up typos or unclear information, into an internal summary to share with your team.
  • Safeguard anonymity. Sometimes, the Blind tool fails to prevent an applicant from sharing personally identifying information, such as in an attached document. Internal Forms give you an opportunity to review and redact applications when necessary (without introducing a burden on time-strapped applicants).
  • Standardize data. Internal Forms can be used to distill qualitative data into a reportable format, or to standardize different data points across multiple forms, in order to analyze results and measure the impact of programs.

How can I add Internal Forms to my account?

Internal Forms is a feature that can be added to your account at no additional cost. Contact account management to access this feature now.

Please note, Internal Forms is only available to customers on our new form engine. If you are not on our new form engine, fear notyou’ll be upgraded soon.

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Natalya DeRobertis-Theye

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