Introducing Request Forms


In grant and other social impact programs, there’s often an unseen dance that happens behind the scenes. A dance of forms–sent, received, and sometimes, frustratingly, sent again. 

After applying, applicants often must wait for an organization to send them the necessary documentation to begin any next steps. Even with the most beautifully orchestrated program automation, this gap in form initiation introduces some tedious steps for grant managers and applicants.

We have good news—especially for Submittable customers. There’s now an easier way to handle this intricate choreography–introducing Request Forms! Request Forms enable applicants and awardees to quickly send requests within Submittable for all their approval needs–from progress reports to extension deadlines–according to their needs and timeline.

Forms that scale with your program

No matter how complex your program may become, the demand for streamlined solutions is a consistent priority. With Request Forms, you gain the power to simplify these requests. Whether they are optional, time-independent, or frequently recurring, these forms cater to the unique needs of your audience. 

Unveiling Request Forms

So, what exactly are Request Forms? At their core, Request Forms are designed to put more control into the hands of applicants and awardees. Organizations can now offer a set of customizable forms, allowing their applicants to initiate and manage requests independently. It’s all about enabling self-sufficiency, from project extension requests to reimbursement or advance requests.  

Unlocking value

Here are some of the benefits of integrating Request Forms into your workflow:

  1. Effortless communication: Say goodbye to the tiresome back-and-forth exchanges for information. Request Forms ensure applicants and awardees have everything they need, eliminating unnecessary delays in your program automation. When your applicant submits their request form, your organization can accept or decline with a simple click.
  2. Efficient management: With conditional settings tools that allow you to set form availability based on timelines, status, or labels, you’re ensuring that everyone gets what they need precisely when they need it. 
  3. Amplified impact: Time is of the essence in any endeavor. By expediting the process, granters can swiftly disburse funds, approvals, and support to sub-recipients. This acceleration creates a ripple effect that benefits communities and projects sooner, fostering substantial, positive change.

By giving your applicants the tools to initiate and manage their requests, you’re fostering a culture of self-sufficiency and expediting progress. Of course, we still always have Additional Forms for when you need to send out deadline-driven and required documentation. In an ideal program, both form types contribute to efficiency, control and speed.

As the web of programs and requirements evolves in complexity, Submittable is here to ensure you have the right tools at your disposal. Request Forms aren’t just a convenience; they’re a new tool to help end the tedious back-and-forth dance. Interested in adding Request Forms to your Submittable account? Contact your customer success manager today.

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Stacey Sveum

Stacey Sveum is a senior product marketer at Submittable who ensures products and features brought to market exceed the needs of grantmakers in the public sector. She meticulously reads and evaluates Grant Management Software RFPs (so many RFPs) to understand customer requirements and stay on top of industry trends.