"..the 180 degree difference that Submittable has made to our hiring process."


Thanks so much for sending us your thoughts, Lisa Macki! Lisa is the Administrative Coordinator for Ecology Project International.

EPI began using Submittable’s Resume Manager after they were named in Outside Magazine’s Top 30 Best Places to Work. Way to go, Ecology Project! We love to partner with great places to work.

It was that time of year, hiring season for Galapagos and Costa Rica Ecology Program Instructors. Here’s what Lisa wrote about her Submittable experience, compared to last year’s process:

‘It is almost impossible to describe the 180 degree difference that Submittable has made to our instructor hiring process.

Last year we attempted to keep track of and effectively review close to 150 emailed, mailed, and faxed applications.  It took close to 50 hours just to print, save, email, and track via spreadsheet the applications, and that was just to prepare for the review process.  This year, having all of the applicants in one place and one format, as well as the easy labeling system, meant that applications were almost immediately ready to be reviewed.  For me it has made a world of difference, no more tension headaches, worries about misplacing applications, or stacks of paperwork.  Over close to 2 months and 230 applications, I have only had to spend about 15 hours on instructor hiring and this included helping out with some of the reviewing!

Maybe the best thing about Submittable is the people!  Jennifer got us started giving a great tutorial and answering our many and varied questions, and when I emailed customer service with a question Laurie figured out my problem and fixed it quickly.  I am beyond happy that we found Submittable and instead of dreading our next hiring I am actually looking forward to figuring out how to use Submittable to make it even easier!

I hope that this makes it clear how much of a difference you have made to me and EPI.

–Lisa Macki, Administrative Coordinator

Ecology Project International is an education and student group travel non-profit. They develop field science partnerships between local experts and high school students to address worldwide conservation issues.

Asta So

Asta So lives in Missoula, MT, with her husband, dog, and cat. She is Submittable’s Chief of Staff.