Doing your Share: Our New Feature Streamlines Review Sharing


Submittable is pleased to announce the release of Shareable Reviews, a new feature that streamlines sharing reviews with applicants from within the Submittable platform.

Some review processes involve the direct sharing of  your team’s reviews with submitters and applicants. It’s now possible to streamline that workflow from within the Submittable platform with Shareable Reviews. The new feature is both flexible and transparent, so that you and your reviewers can always control what will be shared and when. 

shareable review form

What are Shareable Reviews? 

With Shareable Reviews, you can:

  • Decide what to share. When you build your review form, you can decide to make each individual form field shareable or not.
  • Keep things clear. The eye-shaped share icon helps your reviewers know which content may ultimately be shared with applicants.
  • Edit or remove individual reviews. When sharing reviews individually, you’ll be able to edit or remove content before sending.
  • Share reviews in bulk. You can also choose to share reviews to virtually unlimited submitters at once in one step.

How will Shareable Reviews help me and my team? 

Shareable reviews can help everyone. Submitters will feel that their application was screened carefully, and benefit from reading comments about what did and didn’t work for them. On the other hand, review teams can be more transparent and deliberate—while gaining the option to more easily charge a fee for in-depth comments.

  • Streamline review sharing. If sharing reviews is already part of your process, you can now keep everything within the Submittable platform. That means no more emails.
  • Facilitate internal transparency. From start to finish, everyone involved in your process will know exactly what will be and what has been shared with submitters.
  • Preserve reviewer anonymity. Shared reviews will never identify reviewers by name, so you can be assured that your reviewers will remain anonymous.
  • Keep things flexible. We know that the way you share reviews may not be the same every time, so we built tools that will allow you to edit or remove individual fields, so you can easily adapt different processes.
  • Put your best foot forward. This feature streamlines receiving reviews for submitters, too, who will get automated emails and can view the shared reviews within their Submittable account.
  • Charge for expertise. Easily exchange professional review feedback for a fee (or higher tier fee) within the platform, so you can bring in more revenue.

How do I add Shareable Reviews to my account?

Submittable custom quote customers can access Shareable Reviews at no cost. It’s compatible with organizations that have Review Workflow, for either one or more stages, on our new form engine

All customers will be upgraded to our new form engine soon. If you aren’t yet using Review Workflow and want access to shareable reviews (and other benefits of a multi-stage review process) now, upgrade by contacting account management

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