New feature: Single sign-on (SSO) is here

We’re excited to announce a new feature, one that’s particularly requested by larger organizations using Submittable: single sign-on (SSO).

What is SSO?

SSO works behind the scenes to let users securely sign into all of their business applications via one portal. That portal is run by your central identity provider, which manages the authentication process for all of your organization’s service providers, like Submittable.

With SSO enabled, your team members can access Submittable without another password to manage. They simply sign in to their central identity provider and securely gain access to all of their business applications, including Submittable.

SSO puts the identity provider you already trust in charge of authentication, meaning admins don’t have to manage multiple applications. Whatever process, policies, and security features you’ve set up with your identity provider will apply to your team as they access Submittable.

Benefits of SSO

From a simpler user experience to enhanced security, SSO has a lot of benefits. SSO helps:

  • Improve security. Weak or repeated passwords are a frequent source of security breaches. With a central identity provider, an organization can encourage employees to commit to one, very secure password instead of creating several easy ones, or worse, repeating that easy password across several applications.
  • Streamline account management. SSO helps your organization securely manage access to all company applications in one place. When employees come and go, SSO makes it easy for your admins to add and remove account access for your team.
  • Simplified user experience. Signing into multiple services and remembering multiple passwords is a pain. With SSO, users only have to enter their login credentials once, limiting the number of usernames and passwords employees have to remember.

Which identity providers do you support?

Submittable uses the industry-standard Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). Our single sign-on feature integrates easily with any identity provider that supports SAML.

Here are just a few of the popular identity providers that support SAML:

  • OKTA
  • CAS
  • Shibboleth
  • SecureAuth
  • OneLogin

How do I set up single sign-on (SSO)?

Want to enable SSO for your organization? Contact our account management team for more info on adding SSO to your account.

We can’t wait to make Submittable even better for your organization!

Keriann Strickland

Keriann Strickland leads the content and product marketing teams at Submittable. She's a recovering journalist, mountain lover, and gifted spiller (and speller).