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Easy Match Requests Increase Individual and Company Impact

July 2023 | Shared by Madi

Match Request enables employees to donate to nonprofits outside the Give platform – whether in person/on the go, contributing directly on an NPO website, or using a credit card – and still receive their company’s match.

Employees simply

  • Add the date donated
  • Add the amount donated
  • Select the NPO
  • Upload an image of the receipt, and that’s it!

Using Match Request as an employer, you have complete visibility into and can report on all donations employees are making. You have the ability to confirm receipt matches the entered information and can approve or deny requests per your company policy.

Build Employee Experience Across Languages

July 2023 | Shared by Madi

Enable employees across the country and around the world to participate in volunteer programs. Whether you have offices in multiple countries or want to offer employees access in their native language, SUbmittable has you covered. Submittable offers account Localization, which instantly translates eligible static text within the platform, across all products (Volunteer, Give, Grants Management)

Easy event scheduling with Calendar Integrations

May 2023 | Shared by Madi

Never miss a volunteer event again! We added Calendar Integrations for volunteer events, enabling employees to add the events that they register for to their preferred calendars.

Here’s how it works:

  • After you’ve registered, you will see the “Add to Calendar” button
  • This will prompt you to download a calendar invite (ICS file) that can then be added to your calendar of choice

An even more modern and intuitive UI

May 2023 | Shared by Madi

We’ve updated the look and feel of the Employee Engagement Products (Volunteer and Give); the functionality hasn’t changed.

What looks different?

  • The Menu/Navigation
    • Moved from the top of the product to the left-hand side
    • Collapsable – this means the menu can be closed while in the product
    • Icons have been added to indicate the different pages (in addition to the names)
    • The Admin tab is included in the menu migration
  • Overall look/feel
    • The color of the product has changed
      • We’ve moved from grays to a white/black product color scheme
  • White-labeling

Make your donations go further with company Matching

March 2023 | Shared by Madi

Set up matching for all donations within the Give platform and watch your impact grow. 84% of employees say they are more likely to donate if that donation is matched.

  • Matching is available on Giving Campaign donations, and one-time and monthly donations to specific nonprofits.
  • Matching is automatically selected (once your organization has enabled it). This means every donation an employee makes will be matched; Employees need to take action to opt out if they do not want a donation matched.

On average, $4-7 billion of company matching dollars go unclaimed annually because people forget or don’t know that they can request a company match. With matching automatically selected in Give by Submittable, employees are far less likely to miss out on matching dollars!

Madison Silver

Madi is a product marketer at Submittable focused on CSR and helping companies align their goals with their employees and their communities. When not working, Madi is exploring the PNW or hanging with her dog and two cats!