Notable Content from 2019


Last year, Submittable published 98 blog articles focused on best practices, inspiration, and updates. Notable content from 2019 provided insight for organizations across industries and use cases, from grants and publishing to scholarships, contests, and corporate giving. In case you missed them, here are a handful of standout articles for taking your organization to the next level in 2020. 

5 Tips for Making Your Review Panel More Inclusive 

A diverse review team can improve your assessment process, enhance project outcomes, and strengthen your organization as a whole. Here are five strategies for thoughtfully and authentically improving inclusivity. 

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Accessible Submission Forms

Clear, intuitive, and accessible online forms are essential for applicants and submitters of all abilities. In this blog post, learn more about digital roadblocks users often face and how to guard against them.   

5 Sources of Bias in Your Grant Application Review Process 

Savvy grantmakers are always seeking to minimize the impact of bias on their review process, from issues around the size of funding requests to preconceptions regarding gender and race. This article explores common types of reviewer bias and offers suggestions for overcoming them.

10 Marketing Contest Ideas to Boost Your Brand

Contests can benefit your marketing outreach strategy in powerful ways. Here are ten suggestions for leveraging a contest to promote your organization’s unique brand including tips on engagement, metrics, and cost-efficiency. 

A Decade of Change: Publishing Industry Trends in 7 Charts

The last 10 years have been a whirlwind for publishers, writers, and agents, as technology has influenced how and what people read. This post explores seven key trends that are shaping the business and art of literary publishing today.

The Benefits of Creating a Corporate Philanthropy Program

Successful philanthropy can positively impact your community, as well as your company’s customer relationships and reputation. This article enumerates benefits and strategies for launching a winning corporate philanthropy program.

8 Recommendations for Better Grant Reporting

Better grant reporting comes down to purpose and impact. Instead of doing things the old way, consider updated requirements that spark dialogue and reflection—here are some suggestions for refining and assessing your reporting goals. 

5 Model Book Marketing Campaigns

How can publishers make their wares stand out in today’s marketplace? Incorporating new ideas like these into your next book marketing campaign can encourage both buzz and sales.

User-Generated Content (UGC) Contests: Everything You Need to Know

User-generated content (UGC) can be incredibly valuable to your brand. Customer-produced blog posts, pictures, tweets, videos, and other content are powerful promotion and community building assets. This blog post explores how UGC has been leveraged effectively by brands and discusses tactics for running your own UGC contest.

8 Ways Publications Can Use Submittable to Improve Their Vida Count

Women in Literary Arts (VIDA) is a nonprofit perhaps best known for its yearly report on inequities in literary publishing based on gender, race, ability, and sexuality. Publishers looking to improve their VIDA numbers will find tips in this article for using Submittable to do so. 


Submittable’s editors are excited to offer you even more great content in 2020, geared toward helping you (and your organization) up your game. Happy new year and best wishes. 

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