This is not checkers… A Short Review of The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

Are you presently struggling with any of the following? You’d […]

Insufferable Horntooting, Independent Publishers as Antifragile, and We Have the Best Clients in the World

Insufferable Horntooting On Facebook the other day Valerie MacEwan, the […]

Poetry vs. Google Glasses

In his essay “Historical Inevitability,” the political philosopher Isaiah Berlin […]

The Death Star Strikes Back

A few weeks ago, the Christian Science Monitorpublished a cover story on […]

The Swirl and Gurgle

People are talking about this essay by Richard Nash, posted by the Virginia Quarterly Review and […]

Client Profile: Brian Lewis, Writer/Publisher/Programmer

If you’ve been using Submittable for a while, you know […]

This Week’s Reasons to Believe

We’ve said it before: publishing is going to be all […]

Breaking News: The Times Boots Freeloaders

A friend of a friend told me the other day […]

"Quality Journalism Today"

What exactly is quality journalism? Well, the answer changes with […]