Product Update: Review Submissions Faster, Better


Submittable just released a new and improved submission details page. This is the page where team members review large files like applications, manuscripts, images, videos, and data sheets. In other words, it’s the page where the magic happens, where big decisions get made. We’re excited to share these key improvements:


Perhaps the biggest benefit of the new details page is the increased speed.

Move Quickly Between All Kinds of Submissions

We did performance testing in the last week, and found that the submission details page load time has decreased by almost 200% (from 3 seconds to less than 1). For an individual reviewer, this is a noticeable difference; what’s even more impressive is the aggregate of this improvement.

Let’s suppose around 2,000 people per day log into their Submittable accounts and collectively hit the submission details page around 50,000 times. If each user reviews around 25 submissions on average, their time saved when moving from one submission to the next (or a previous one), is an aggregate of up to 29 minutes per day, or 54 hours per year.

Add Attachments, Change Submission Status, and Edit Fields–So Fast!

Those same users save around 7 minutes per day (or 40 hours per year) when adding a note with an attachment or changing a submission’s status, and 6 minutes per day (36 hours per year) when editing a field. Pretty fun.
Single Page Application

Additional Forms, though essential to many submission processes, can take up too much extra room within an application. The more intricate the process, the more data there is to scroll through; this is data reviewers may not always need, especially when looking for specific information in the original application. As part of the new submission details page, Additional Forms are now automatically minimized to conserve space, with the option to expand each form and view it completely. It’s a bit like peekaboo for professionals—buttoned-up but still delightful.

Addition Forms Are Now Streamlined

Mobile-friendly Design

The new submission details page offers mobile users quicker, clearer access to the reviewing tools they need most. With icons centered above Activity & Rating, reviewers can more easily:

  • change submission status
  • access submitter information
  • assign submissions
  • use tags
  • and access a drop-down menu with the ability to message, send additional forms, download, archive, update, add a publication date, and set opening-view preference.

This change also makes it easier for desktop users to access review tools, with icons conveniently centralized above the right side of the details page where reviewers rate and comment on a submission. Now reviewers can focus on what matters most—the content of each submission.

Old Mobile View (Left) and New Mobile View (Right)


If you have any questions or we can assist you with using Submittable, please be in touch.

Rachel Mindell

Rachel Mindell is Senior Editor for Submittable's Marketing Team. She also writes and teaches poetry. You can find Rachel's creative work here: