This is a list of the latest feature releases and updates for Submittable.

March 2, 2018 Releases (v3.520 – v3.535):

– Added the ability for submitters to reorder uploaded files. Previously, files were automatically ordered alphanumerically.

– Submitters can now navigate left and right between uploaded images without leaving the lightbox

– Submission files can now be scrolled by using keyboard arrow keys

– Added a second .csv file to the Gallery View voting data export. This .csv file is a summary that shows the vote count per submission.

– Image files are correctly cropped now across all browsers

– It’s now possible again to upload .tiff submission files

– Reference letters no long appear in the file picker dropdown menu

– Level 1 Team Members can no longer see in the Activity Feed that a submission has been auto-assigned

– Improved styling of metadata fields

January 22, 2018 Releases (v3.505 – v3.519):

– Added a checkbox to the Gallery View form designer that allows organizations to show or hide the submit button on their Gallery View page

– Implemented a new and improved submission file viewer for all organization accounts

– Gallery View page guidelines can now be linkified

– Organizations can now opt out of including a Gallery View link in the submission confirmation email

– Organizations on plans that include video transcoding no longer receive upgrade messages when they open untranscoded files

– Improved the sizing of landscape view documents on mobile devices

– Removed asterisks on Gallery View form fields that are not required

– Improved keyboard navigation on Submission Details page

– TIFF files now open in the file viewer as intended

– Enhanced the Repeat Submitter Discount field on the form General Settings page

– Using angle brackets in a Table no longer corrupts the table data

– Updated the Open for Editing submission view in submitter accounts

January 11, 2018 Releases (v3.500 – v3.504):

– Added a new Gallery tab to Forms that provides users with a variety of new Gallery settings and controls

– On the Gallery View page, the name of the field now displays even when the field does not have a label

– Gallery View pages are now hidden when the feature is turned off

– Enabled all users to have access to labels in Discover

– When an organization exceeds its submission limit, their submission page now reads “There are presently no open calls for submissions”

Enhanced the look and feel of top control bar in the new file viewer

– Control bar at the bottom of the file viewer is now static

– Team Members now receive an error when they’ve exceed their allowed number of form fields in the Form Designer

– Attached files now open without having to refresh the submissions details page

– “Thanks in advance!” at the bottom of the reference letter request email is now “Thank you in advance.”

– “Categories” is now “Forms” in the message users receive after reordering Forms

– “Category” is now “Form” in the welcome email template

– Removed colons from metadata fields in Gallery View

January 4, 2018 Releases (v3.495 – v3.499):

– Added the ability to sort Gallery submissions by Date and by Random

– Restyled submission status colors

– Changed status text to pills (status boxes) in organization accounts

– Improved the new file viewer layout on mobile devices

– Payment forms are now hidden when there is no required submission fee and no Add-on Payments have been selected

– Decreased the loading time for audio and video files in iOS Safari

– Shared Facebook opportunities now display the correct metadata when users are either logged in or logged out of Submittable

– Submission Activity tab in submitter accounts no longer displays an activity ring when fields are selected


December 28, 2017 Releases (v3.485 – v3.494):

– File upload fields now have their own list in the Gallery View tab

– Improved the cropping of vertical images in Gallery View

– Improved layout of Submission Details page for users in Safari 10.1

– If the template for a table field is replaced on an Additional Form, only the new template shows up on the submitter side. Previously both the old and new templates were shown.

– “Publish” is now “Enable” on the Gallery View setup page

– If a user selects “At opening show file preview”, the file will now preview automatically as it should

– Streamlined the look and feel of the Add Team Member page

– Ascribed each submission status a unique color

December 26, 2017 Releases (v3.477 – v3.484):

– Added the ability to name a Gallery View page something different than the form

– Added the ability for an organization to add guidelines to a Gallery View page

– Withdrawn submissions are now removed from the Gallery View page

– When an Additional Form is sent from a New submission, the submission status now changes to In Progress

– Old forms that exceed the current form field limit can no longer be duplicated

– Updated error message user receives when duplicating a form that exceeds current form field limit

– Removed Required checkbox from Text Block fields

– Review Designer form margins no longer overlap with the Toolbox

– Users in IE can now view submission files in the browser

– Improved Submissions Details page layout for users in IE

– It’s now possible to scroll from one file to the next before the first file fully loads. Previously if the file wasn’t fully loaded an error message was thrown.

– Tables on Submission Details page are no longer cut off at the bottom

– Updated the “x” placement on label delete buttons in Discover

– Video files now scale to fit the viewport while maintaining aspect ratio

December 12, 2017 Releases (v3.471 – v3.476):

– Added ability to make Form Designer Text Block fields internal 

– Added ability to create labels in Discover that contain a single character

– Restyled the Follow flag in Discover

– Messaging on downgrade page now reads, “You cannot switch to the Inactive plan until you reduce your team member count to X. Click here to manage your team.”

– Improved keyboard shortcut (tab key) to focus on the saved button in Discover opportunities list

– Changed Response Template link to blue on the Choose an auto-response dropdown menu (in Form Designer > Assignments & Notifications)

December 1, 2017 Releases (v3.461 – v3.470):

– Updated look & feel of the success page in the Mobile App

– Added a 250 character limit to Text Box and Checkbox fields in the Form Designer

– Search Filter dropdown menus work correctly now in Internet Explorer 11

– Forms utilizing Form Logic will continue to show branching even when the feature has been turned off 

– Odd characters such as “>” in Additional Forms no longer break the form

– Improved the ability of users to manage their labels in Discover

November 27, 2017 Releases (v3.452 – v3.460):

– Added ability to filter saved opportunities by label in Discover

– Added the ability to add a label to a suggested opportunity in Discover

– Restyled Review Form text boxes so users can expand and read their content

– Made Review Forms editable only by its author (viewable but not editable by other team members levels 3 -5)

– Updated the look and feel of the credit card information area on Submission Forms

– Added Tables feature to Additional Forms

– Created the ability for organizations to add a discount option for repeat submitters

– Submissions by Form chart is displaying properly now (under More > Reports > Statistics)

– Label icons now close as they should

– Error message on account creation page no longer jumps around

– Clicking the submission status button no longer throws an error

– Restyled organization submission pages to correct overlapping text

– Search filter dropdown menus now close on the first try

– Required fields can no longer be marked internal, and internal fields can no longer be marked required

– Rating fields in the Form Designer are now required again

– Updated the look & feel of opportunities in Discover

– Restyled Form Designer Toolbox so that the entire Toolbox is accessible on short forms

– After 20 invalid attempts to log in, users are now locked out of their account for 20 minutes

– When users do not utilize labels, the message in their account on the Settings page now reads, “You do not have any labels”

– The number of Additional Forms in a submission now displays correctly on the Submission Details page

November 3, 2017 Releases (v3.443 – v3.451):

– Submitter email receipts are now itemized to show both the submission fee and any Add-on Payments

– Added the ability to label saved opportunities in Discover

– Added the ability to edit and delete opportunity labels used in Discover (under user Settings page)

– Improved screen reader accessibility on Radio List and Checkbox List fields

– Removed extra spaces in Text Area fields

– Added data validation to Large Select fields

– Added the following options to label search filter dropdown menu: “Has any of selected”,”Has all of selected”, “Does not have any”.

– Improved the ability to add lengthy labels to Large Select fields

– Repeat Submitter Discount settings now carry over to duplicated Forms

– Updated look and feel of video player on Gallery View pages

– Scroll bar in Large Select fields now works as it should

October 27, 2017 Releases (v3.435 – v3.442):

– Improved screen reader accessibility on user Submissions List Page

– Changed the “Continue” option to “Expired” for expired drafts in submitter accounts

– The file download button on Submission Details Page is up and running again

– The ability to navigate between files on the Submission Details Page has been restored

– All Large Select fields now duplicate when a category is duplicated. Previously just the first Large Select field was duplicated.

– Improved  header spacing on organization submission pages for better viewing on small screens and mobile devices

– Submitters no longer get a 500 error when they try to access an editable submission where the organization has deleted  a Table field file

– What Team Members see under the Review tab in Submission Details now corresponds to the Team Member’s permission level

October 17, 2017 Releases (v3.431 – v3.434):

– Updated the message Team Members receive when they save a Custom Review draft

– The Income Report (under More > Reports > Income) now calculates the correct amount due the organization

– Closing the transcode upgrade notification window no longer creates a glitch on the Submission Details page 

– Improved validation logic for URL, Reference Letter and Email fields, as well as Text Box fields that contain dates 

October 11, 2017 Releases (v3.425 – v3.430):

– Improved screen reader accessibility on Profile dropdown tab 

– Added messaging to editable Custom Review Forms instructing reviewers how to update a review

– When a Reference Letter field is blinded, the referee’s email address no longer displays in the Activity Feed

– Date headers in Discover now display the correct date

October 10, 2017 Releases (v3.420 – v3.424):

– Improved screen reader accessibility for the Submittable logo button and Help button in user accounts

– Improved screen reader accessibility for the Update Preferences button (under Profile > Settings)

– Restyled Submissions Details file viewer for a better experience on smaller screens

– Removed unnecessary punctuation from Gallery View and Submission Details pages

– Annual/Monthly button on the account upgrade page now works as it should

– Sort by score button (+/-) no longer disappears when Enable Ratings box is unchecked (under More > Account)

– It’s now possible to delete options in a Radio List or Checkbox List when branching is enabled. Previously the pop up window covered the trash can icon.

October 2, 2017 Releases (v3.409 – v3.419):

– Improved formatting of Checkbox List and Radio List fields

– Updated credit card payment form making it visible only when a payment is due

– When an organization is over their free submissions limit and has expired or “not live” paid categories, the public category list page now displays the message, “There are presently no open calls for submissions.” Previously the category page was blank.

– Gallery View page scrolling now works as it should in Internet Explorer 11

– Improved the ability for Team Members to update a form field

September 22, 2017 Releases (v3.404 – v3.408):

– Social media icons are no longer visible on Gallery View pages unless an organization enables the Social Media feature

Gallery View vote buttons now display correctly when Social Media settings are disabled

– Improved Opportunity Search page in the Mobile App

– Time until deadlines now displays consistently across Discover pages and submission forms 

– Metadata option no longer appears in file upload fields unless this feature is enabled on the organization account

– Referrer’s email address no longer displays in blind reference letter fields

– A Facebook category share now shows the Category Guidelines rather than the General Organization Guidelines

September 19, 2017 Releases (v3.397 – v3.403):

– Added the following new file types to File Upload fields: .vsd | .vss |.vst |.vdx |.vsx |.vtx | .mpp | .mpx

– Added the ability to include a description in Large Select and Table fields

– File Upload field description in Additional Forms is now visible to submitters

– Direct links to Hidden categories now appear only after the category has been saved

– When a category is duplicated, Large Select field data are now duplicated too

– Categories on Categories List page can now be reordered on touch enabled screens

– Added the Auto-label feature to Large Select fields

– Assignment emails now format correctly

– Submitter notes that contain unusual characters are now sent and received with the characters intact

– Improved the ability to add certain types of xlsx files to a Table field

– Added error message to Large Select field when the wrong type of file is selected

– Corrected typo in downgrade dialog box 

– Large Select, Table, and Phone fields are now editable on small screens

– When a File Upload field contains only image files, the images display in a grid

– Added a search feature to the Mobile App Following page

September 9, 2017 Releases (v3.392 – v3.396):

– Publisher logos in Discover now link directly to the publisher’s website

– Organizations can now use a 4 digit score in Custom Review Form rating fields

– Replaced Submishmash images with publisher logos in Mobile App

– Improved styling of Opportunities List Page in Discover

– Refresh icon and save button in Discover now show correctly for users in Safari

September 1, 2017 Releases (v3.385 – v3.391):

– Increased the number of Form Logic branches to 100

– Added text labels to expand and close buttons in Table fields

– Made description text in form fields easier to read

– Tags in the Mobile App now list in order of popularity rather than alphabetically

– Improved keyboard shortcuts in Discover

– Clear Filters button in Discover no longer appears when filters aren’t selected

– Upgrade dialog box no longer skips to the Change Plan page unless administrators click the Upgrade Now button

– The refresh button and the calendar in Discover no longer overlap

– Improved navigation between opportunity search results in Discover

– Uploading new files to Additional Forms after deleting old files now works as it should

– User dropdown selections now save correctly in Additional Forms

– More > Archive now shows as More > Unarchive when filtering for archived submissions

– Resume submission status remains as Received in user accounts

– Improved the loading time of the Activity Page in organization accounts

– File uploads that don’t contain Metadata no longer show the info icon

– When a File Upload field contains only image files, the images display in a grid

August 24, 2017 Releases (v3.378 – v3.384):

-Organizations can now opt to ask for Metadata in Additional Forms

– Deadlines in Discover that are less than 24 hours away now display in hours instead of days

– Dragging and dropping a file into a file upload field no longer uploads the file to all upload fields in the form

– Files added to a Table field now save as intended

– Long names in the account field (under More > Account > Payment Info > Direct Deposit) no longer throw an error

– Clicking tags on an opportunity page in Discover now displays the intended information

– Internet Explorer 11 users can now log in without a problem

– Improved file retrieval process on Submissions Details page

August 11, 2017 Releases (v3.372 – v3.377):

– Discover tags now appear in order of popularity instead of alphabetically

– Added a “No Fee” option to Discover filters

– Added a spinner to the Discover page when search results are being fetched

Discover tag menu now closes after a tag is selected and the search is finished

– Updated styling of the filter buttons in Discover

– Added a Gallery View link to the response email for submissions that are added via Auto-label

– Additional Forms activity now shows the same timezone as Submission activity

– Assigning from the Submissions List page is now working as it should

August 3, 2017 Releases (v3.366 – v3.371):

– All Follow ribbons are now clickable in Discover. Click to follow or unfollow an organization.

– Restyled the search bar and the tag button in Discover

– Restyled filter buttons in mobile version of Discover

– Updated styling of the tag dropdown menu on Mobile App Discover page

– Sorting submissions by Updated now works as it should in the Mobile App

– Selected tags in Discover now display in the order they were chosen instead of alphabetically

– Tags in Discover now remain in the search bar until the user clears them, refreshes the page, or clicks on an opportunity

– Resizable Text Boxes in the Form Designer can no longer be adjusted horizontally, only vertically

July 28, 2017 Releases (v3.359 – v3.365):

– Submitter Submission List page now saves sort preferences between user sessions

– Minimum and maximum foreign currency submission fees are now equivalent to $2 and $500 USD

– Updated the More dropdown menu on Submissions List page

– Removed redundant copy from the Forgot Password page

– Updated Change Account Plan page to show correct submission count per month

– Users can now upload files again using Internet Explorer 11

– Emails requests for open for editing, close for editing, add notes, and acceptance confirmation now contain a direct link to the submission

– Withdrawal emails sent to Team Members now come from the submitter’s email address rather than The email also includes a direct link to the submission. 

– Tables and the credit card information form are back in action for submitters using Internet Explorer 11

– When an org reaches its unpaid submission limit, their opportunities cease to appear on the Discover page

July 18, 2017 Releases (v3.351 – v3.358):

– Changed Promote field to Join Discover (under Category General Settings)

– Changed Add Category button to Add Job Listing in Talentd

– Updated styling of Follow menu in Discover

– Updated styling of filter buttons in Discover 

– Tags button in Discover no longer overlaps the user dropdown menu

– Updated UI colors to improve screen reader accessibility

– Screen no longer flickers when selecting tags in Discover 

– Search bar no longer jumps around when selecting tags in Discover

– Search bar on Mobile App no longer covers the username

– It’s now possible to navigate through Gallery View images using right and left arrows

July 6, 2017 Releases (v3.342 – v3.350):

– Added the ability to Batch Close for Editing submissions that are currently Open for Editing

– Updated the action row at the top of the Submissions List page. Random Batch Assignments, Batch Close for Editing and Archive are now under a dropdown menu.

– Added the ability to search by search terms or tags in the Discover search bar

– Restyled Opportunity Pages in Discover

– Gallery View now displays the most recent submission first

– Word counts are now validated correctly in form fields

– Reduced the number of non-English translations on Opportunity Pages in Discover

– Corrected non-English translation of items in Team Member accounts

– Users can log in again using IE 11 

– Updated the Terms of Use dialog box in submission forms

– Adding labels to submissions no longer changes the status to In Progress

– Identifying submitter information in blind submissions is now unblinded in notes and email messages when the submission moves to a terminal status

– Review Designer warning message is no longer blocked by the toolbox

– Batch Close for Editing notification emails are now delivered successfully

– “No opportunities found” message in Discover no longer appears before page has finished loading 

– Added ability to sort by organization and submission status to the submission list page in user accounts

June 26, 2017 Releases (v3.335 – v3.341):

– Improved screen reader accessibility on the Discover Page and in opportunity modals

– Names of people and categories are no longer translated on the Activity Page in organization accounts

– Sorting opportunities by date on the Discover Page now works as it should

– Submitted To column in user accounts now reads {org name} – {category name}

– Email address validation is working as it should when users create a new account

– When users navigate back to their Submissions List page, the last tab they visited will be active

– Updated Promote copy (under Category > General Settings)

June 16, 2017 Releases (v3.330 – v3.334):

– Improved screen reader accessibility on the File Upload button

– Improved screen reader accessibility for Add-on Payments

– Demo accounts now appear in the Opportunities List page under Discover

– Updated Archive setting description on the Category General Settings page

– File metadata now save correctly

– Saved Opportunities page now loads correctly when navigating from Discover

– Gravatar images on the Organization Activity page display correctly again

– Improved non-English translation on the Remove File dialog box

June 14, 2017 Releases (v3.325 – v3.329):

– Added the ability for organizations to archive submission categories. Archiving a category removes the category title from the Search Filter dropdown menu.

– Added the ability for organizations on Premier Annual, Premier Plus and above to access Form Visit reports. This report lists users who have begun but not finished a submission form.

– We now validate the organization email on the Payment Info page (under More > Account > Payment Info)

– Payment forms are now hidden when there’s no submission fee or Add-on Payment

– Demo accounts no longer appear on the Discover page

– Users can now submit to a free category with Add-on Payments without receiving a payment error message

– Updated styling of the Submit button

– Improved non-English translation of character limitation message in Text Area fields

– Improved non-English translation of text in File Upload fields

– Improved non-English translation on Submit button

– When a submission file fails to convert on the Submission Details page, an error message now appears identifying that particular file, and the user can now navigate to other submission files without a problem

June 8, 2017 Releases (v3.314 – v3.324):

– Added screen reader labels to the new saved credit card form

– Improved placement of submission form errors so users can easily identify where errors are on the form

– Improved screen reader accessibility for Dropdown fields, Radio Buttons and Checkboxes

– Improved screen reader accessibility for address fields when an address is required for submitting to a category

– Improved screen reader accessibility on “Sign Up” and “Create an Account” tabs

– Improved screen reader accessibility of the Submit button

– Improved screen reader accessibility on Stripe payment form

– Add-on Payments now accept foreign currency

– Sorting submissions by date on the Submissions List page now functions as it should

– When users withdraw a paid submission they now receive a confirmation message indicating the submission fee will be lost

– When no search results are returned on the Discover page users now receive the message “No results found”

– When an organization creates an account the welcome email they receive now directs them to

– Users who have submitted to organizations that use a Custom Server Domain can now view all their submissions when they log in, including submission to non Custom Server Domain clients

– Users can now log in with Facebook from any domain

– Images in Category Guidelines no longer overflow the box

– Sort by score now works correctly for Level 3 Team Members. Previously this action sorted only the current user’s scores. 

– Custom link color no longer applies to the LocalizeJS widget

– The Assignments window now closes when other popovers and modals are clicked 

– Expanded View in Tables now works as it should

– Mobile App onboarding tags now filter out Opportunities based on the tags the user has selected

May 31, 2017 Releases (v3.308 – v3.313):

– Added Opportunities with no deadline to the Discover page

– Submission fees are now included in the CSV submission data export

– Organizations can download voting data from Gallery View even when voting is turned off

– Promote Tags and Table Fields now carry over when a category is duplicated

– Opportunity list in Discover no longer refreshes when users follow or unfollow an organization

– Corrected typo on Saved Opportunities page

– Submitters can make edit requests again using the Mobile App

– Added submission page URL and submit button text to the API response when a category is open for submissions

– Added a new sign up page that allows users to create an account without starting a submission form 

– Submitters can withdraw paid submissions as originally intended

May 19, 2017 Releases (v3.300 – v3.307):

– Added a Saved Credit Card list to submitter accounts (under Profile > Settings)

– Restyled organization headers on the Following page in submitter accounts

– Submission timestamps are now included with the CSV submission export

– Changed the color of Internal Fields to light grey

– Organizations that use tags to promote their categories can now delete the tags they create

– Promote tags are now utilized on the Discover page

– When users close an Opportunity window they now return to their previous position on the Opportunity List

– Follow button now works correctly on organization pages in submitters’ Following Organizations list

– Login screen on Mobile App now works as it should

– All dropdown menus in the application now have arrows

– Improved the height of selections in the “Send to” list in the Send Email pop up window. All options in the list are now visible.

– Submitters can delete saved drafts again

– Added organization website links to opportunity pages in Discover

– On opportunity pages in Discover added the ability to unfollow an organization

May 10, 2017 Releases (v3.294 – v3.299):

– Added a “Saved” link to all pages in submitter accounts. “Saved” directs submitters to their list of saved opportunities.

– Read-only cells in Tables now wrap and scroll vertically if content is more than 4 lines long

– Increased the number of push notifications in the Mobile App

– Restyled the Follow and social share buttons on organization submission pages

– When a user has a saved credit card on their account, that card is now preselected as the default payment option

– Improved the display of organization logos in the Mobile App

– Users in Internet Explorer 11 can now expand and close a Table without the scroll bar disappearing

– Improved functionality of Opportunity pages in Discover

– Success URLS are no longer html encoded to ensure that submitters are redirected to the right URL 

– Labels and filenames are visible again on the Submission Details page in the Mobile App

– Both the Additional Form name and the Unique Name associated with that particular form display when the Additional Form Activity icon is clicked on the Submissions List page

– In-line Checkbox and Radio List form fields now display correctly in submitter accounts

– Opportunities List Page now paginates correctly in submitter accounts

– Removed the errant underline from Submit, Draft and Discover buttons in submitter accounts

– Problematic characters are now automatically removed from submission filenames when files are uploaded to a form

– When submitters close an Opportunity modal they now return to their list of Saved Opportunities instead of the list of all opportunities

May 1, 2017 Releases (v3.283 – v3.293):

– Added the ability for users to save submission opportunities on the Discover page to a list. Saved Opportunities list can be found under the Saved tab in submitter accounts.

– Added a tag dropdown menu to the Promote option on the Category General Settings Page. Here organizations can choose between 1 and 5 tags to help promote their Category on the Discover page.

– “Payable to” field (under More > Account > Billing Info) can now accommodate up to 25 characters

– All submission export files are now delivered via email. Added the message “Your selected data will be sent via email” to the submission export dialog box.

– Enabled the Save Credit Card feature on some organization accounts. This allows submitters to use a saved credit card or enter a new one. Submitters can also choose to delete saved credit card information.

– Added Submit URL to Opportunity List in the submitter API

–  Changed “Unfollow” button to “Following” in submitter accounts

– Organization pages in Discover now include the organization’s header image

– Submissions with {} in the text now export correctly as an RTF

 – Custom Review Form item descriptions now display at the top of each field

– Shortened the length of time it takes to download review data from the Categories List page

– Deleting Review Form fields after reviews have been finalized no longer throws an error when the submission is opened

– Removed extraneous arrows from dropdown menus on the Discover page

– Improved the upload of files created in Google Sheets to submission form Tables

– CSV submission exports now include submissions that have been deleted by the submitter 

– Tooltip for the email button on Submissions List page now reads “Send Email” instead of “Mark Submissions Completed

– Exported CSV files containing unicode characters now open with all characters appearing as intended

– When organizations have exceeded their category limit they now receive an error message if they attempt to add a new category. If organizations attempt to downgrade to a plan that cannot accommodate their current number of categories, they will also receive an error message.

– Restyled opportunity items on the Discover page in submitter accounts

– Scroll bar no longer disappears from file view when Team Members navigate to Submissions Details, then back to file view

– Updated password form error message to reflect the 6 character minimum requirement

April 21, 2017 Releases (v3.274 – v3.282):

– Submitters can now edit submission form Tables when their submission is Open for Editing

– Categories created with Gallery View enabled now save correctly if Gallery View is turned off

– Follow button now displays correctly on opportunity pages under the Discover tab

– Improved the Enable Gallery View checkbox description on Category Details page

– Category fee options now save, and deleted fee options now stay deleted

– Add-on Payments now save in Category designer

– Resized submission form URL previews in submitter accounts

– Long form field labels on the Submission Details page now wrap to make the entire label visible

– Correct message now displays in RSS feed when no categories are active

April 17, 2017 Releases (v3.259 – v3.273):

– Added keyboard navigation commands to our new Tables feature

– Reformatted the Reference Letter success page

– Increased the character limit for the Terms of Use field from 50 to 60

– Additional Form fields that are blinded no longer show up in an RTF download

– Before submitters are redirected to a Success URL, they now receive the message “Success! In 5 seconds you’ll be redirected to”

– When a Category is duplicated the Start and Expiration dates are duplicated as well

– Blinded fields in terminal status submissions are now visible in all submission export formats

– Improved the ability for organizations to Auto-assign a large number of Team Members

– The Staff Progress Report now shows the correct number of assignments when a submission is assigned to both Entire Team and the individual Team Member. Previously the report was counting these submissions twice. 

– Submission image files in the Mobile App now display as thumbnails 

– Older video files now transcode correctly

– Improved the music player on transcoded files by moving the volume button to the right place

– Emailed submission data now exports correctly 

– Changed the Close button to Done on the Assignments dropdown page. This button is now clickable across all browsers.

April 3, 2017 Releases (v3.254 – v3.258):

– Organizations can now opt to show Metadata in Gallery View submissions

– Increased the form field limit to 275 for Additional Forms

– Changed the “Last Modified” tab under Saved Drafts to “Deadline”

– Updated the message that appears when the Box viewer fails to convert a submission file

– Scrolling now works on opportunity pages opened from the Discover page

– Add-on Payment filter no longer resets when users navigate away from the page

– The Previous option in the Editorial Calendar feature (under More > Calendar) is back in business

March 27, 2017 Releases (v3.246 – v3.253):

– Changed the password link expiration time from one hour to 24 hours

– Increased the domain character limit check for email addresses validated during the public voting process

– Improved push notifications in the Submittable App

– Restyled the Uservoice help modal

– Random Assign now changes the submission status from New to In-Progress

– Page breaks in PDF submission exports now fall in the correct place

– Gallery View votes from unvalidated email addresses no longer show as negative

March 20, 2017 Releases (v3.239 – v3.245):

– Changed the Following filter button to a checkbox on the Discover page in submitter accounts

– Improved Submissions List Page by placing action buttons above the header row. Header row and action buttons now freeze at the top of the screen while scrolling down the submissions list.

– Changes to submission form tables can now be saved in draft form

– Reduced minimum width of table columns to prevent columns from being cut off

– Improved the fullscreen table view

– Following Only checkbox on the Discover page is now clickable on small sized screens

– Removed typo in the Random Assignments confirmation message

– The Downgrade Account page is now working as it should

– Removed Mobile View option on mobile devices

– Submitters can now upload files to Editable submissions

March 10, 2017 Releases (v3.233 – v3.238):

– Auto-Assigned Team Members without a Gravatar automatically receive the generic Gravatar in the Activity Feed

– Changed the date stamp in the Activity Feed to account for months with less than 30 days

– Removed the amount per submission calculation for foreign currencies in fee options dialog box

– Additional Form data now exports correctly as a .CSV file

– Blind Team Members no longer see the name and address of submitters in the Add-on Payment notification

– Price ranges on the Category List page no longer overlap the More button

– Updated styling of the Upgrade and Signup pages

March 3, 2017 Releases (v3.229 – v3.232):

– Added ability for users to navigate between opportunities on the Discover page in user accounts

– Deep linked individual opportunities pages on the Discover page in user accounts

– Accounts that downgrade to Inactive no longer have access to the Notes feature and scoring/reviewing features

– Restyled alert message on the login screen

– Column data under More > Reports > Income now wraps correctly

– Restyled “Upgrade Your Plan” button in Inactive message on Submission Details page

Additional Forms information in Activity Feed is no longer visible to blind Team Members

– Team Members now receive an email notification when a PDF/File submission export fails

February 24, 2017 Releases (v3.221 – v3.228):

– Email validation requests are now sent to all users who vote on a Gallery View submission. Previously validation emails were sent only to new users and not to existing users.

– Discover page in user accounts now automatically scrolls to the top when users navigate forward and backward

– Assignment count is now accurate on the Team Member page

– Results returned from search filters on the Discover page now begin on page 1

– Invalid date no longer shows on ongoing opportunity modals in user accounts

– Submittable Mobile App advertisement no longer covers up other page content

– “View Your Site” button is now clickable on Reminders page

– A single warning message, rather than multiple messages, now appears for not live categories

– Vote information popover now appears in the correct place on Submissions Details page

February 17, 2017 Releases (v3.219 – v3.220):

– Added a “Following Only” checkbox to the Discover page in user accounts. Checking the box filters for submission opportunities from organizations the user is following.

– Added a “Jump to date” button to the Discover page in user accounts. Users can now view submission opportunities on exact dates.

– The Add-on Payment feature is now automatically enabled for all publishing organizations

– Files with an uppercase “JPEG” extension now upload correctly

– Added a navigation bar to Discover page that allows users to move forward and backward by page number

– Auto-assigning submissions no longer changes the submission status from New to In-Progress. The status remains New until an additional action is taken on the submission.

February 15, 2017 Releases (v3.214 – v3.218):

– Added a “Promote” option to the category General Settings page. Checking this box enables a category to be included in the public list of categories that is made available to submitters.

– Restyled the Gallery View page so that the link at the top left directs user to a grid view

Additional Forms notification emails no longer go to inactive Team Members

– Additional Forms notification emails now come from and not the submitter

– Inactive Team Members are no longer assigned by selecting Entire Team

– Inactive Team Members no longer receive notifications sent to Entire Team

 Custom Review scores with two or more digits no longer appear vertically aligned on the Submissions List page

– When a label is created it now appears on the label dropdown list without having to refresh the page

– Deleted submissions no longer show in user accounts

– Labels containing a < (less than symbol) no longer show HTML code

– If an organization has already uploaded a header, the header prompt won’t appear on the “Getting Started” page

– Submitter note notification emails now come from and not the submitter’s email address

– Restyled the user account header in mobile view

– Improved mobile responsiveness on User Profile page in mobile view

– Organization names now wrap correctly on opportunity modals in user accounts

February 10, 2017 Releases (v3.200 – v3.213):

– Take a walk on the Submitter Side. In addition to managing submissions, users can now use our newly enhanced site to search for submission opportunities by deadline, genre and more. Log in to your user account and click the Discover tab to begin your search.

– File Upload buttons in the Form Designer are now keyboard accessible. Click TAB to focus on a file upload field and ENTER to trigger the file upload.

– When a label is deleted or removed from all submissions (More > Configurations > Settings), this action is now logged in the Activity Feed 

– Added an alert bar to Inactive accounts saying, ”Some workflow features are disabled until you upgrade to an active plan”.

– “Upgrade your plan” buttons now appear in Inactive accounts wherever a feature has been made unavailable

– Header links in user accounts are now mobile responsive

– Metadata in Saved Drafts no longer disappears when a category is updated

– The Export Data (.csv) button on the user Submissions List page is now clickable again

– Next and Previous buttons now display correctly in Gallery View

– Improved export of large submission files. No more corrupt ZIP files.

– Discover page in user accounts now reloads when a tag is clicked in an opportunity modal

– Thumbs Up Thumbs Down voting buttons are now centered correctly in Levels 1-3 Team Member accounts

– Restyled the Edit Metadata page 

– Search Filter button is now clickable on medium sized screens

– Category titles are now included when a category is shared via social media

– The Opportunities page in the Mobile App will display only 3 categories per day per publisher

February 3, 2017 Releases (v3.188 – v3.199):

– Chinese currency is now supported for submission fees paid by credit card only. Add-on Payments are still US-currency.

– Restyled Activity page (under More > Activity)

– “Public View” is now “Gallery View” across the entire platform

– If multiple currencies are accepted for submission fees, the price range displayed in the Category List view reflects the currency of the first price option

Inactive accounts no longer include the ability for Team Members to email submitters

– Inactive accounts no longer include the ability to review and rate a submission or change the submission status 

– Submissions List page in user accounts is now mobile responsive

– Search Filter page in Team Member accounts is now mobile responsive

– Profile page in user accounts is now mobile responsive

– Submission Details page in user accounts is now mobile responsive 

– Improved ZIP file naming process to prevent file corruption

 Search Filter options with many characters, such as category titles, label names, assignee names, etc., are now truncated and don’t overflow

– Submit buttons with customized text no longer expand beyond the box

– The status “In Progress” is now “In-progress” in all user accounts

– Removed note visibility “eye-con” from full screen view in Submission Details. It had wandered into the corner accidentally.

– The Follow button on the submit page now looks like it should when there are no calls for submissions

– Team Members no longer receive an error message when changing note visibility on the Submission Details page

– Corrected typo in Support email address on 404 and 500 pages

January 25, 2017 Releases (v3.184 – v3.187):

– Enhanced buttons on the Submissions List page to improve user accessibility

– Metadata fields are now duplicated when the associated category is duplicated

Custom Review Forms are now duplicated when the associated category is duplicated

– Organizations now have the ability to turn on voter email validation per category for Gallery View public voting. Previously voter email validation applied to all categories.

– The Calendar page (under More > Calendar) is now mobile responsive in Team Member accounts

– The Configurations page (under More > Configurations) is now mobile responsive in Team Member accounts

–  The Reports page (under More > Reports) is now mobile responsive in Team Member accounts

– The Reminders page (under More > Reminders) in Team Member accounts is now mobile responsive

– Improved PDF submission file export process to eliminate error messages

– When submissions are Auto-assigned, the submission status automatically updates from New to In Progress

– When there are more than 5 Team Members in the Assignments dropdown list, a “Show More” now appears at the bottom of the list

– Corrected the assignment count when a submission is assigned to an individual Team Member and Entire Team in the Assignments interface

– Team Member names no longer appear in the Auto-Assign history found in the Activity Feed

January 23, 2017 Releases (v3.177 – v3.183):

– Added the ability to embed YouTube, Vimeo, and generic video links to Gallery View pages. Also added a play button to preview images on the Submission Details page.

– Added Gallery View link to emails received by submitters via a custom response template

– Added a search filter to show submissions that have a Paid Add-on or not

– Votes cast by the public in Gallery View now require email validation in order to count

– When organizations upgrade or downgrade their subscription, the default term (monthly vs. annual) of that of their current subscription plan

– All pages under More > Team are now mobile responsive

– The Activity page in user accounts is now mobile responsive

– HTML tags no longer show when a Gallery View page is shared via social media

– File Preview now displays files in the same order they appear in the Form Designer

– Inactive category message now displays handsomely when the category title is very long

– Added thumbnails for image files back to the Submission Details page 

– Create Account and Sign In tabs now work correctly

– In the new assignments interface, the number in parenthesis next to a Team Member correctly indicates the number of submissions currently assigned that user by the organization account the user is logged in to.

– Removed confusing text from File Upload fields on Additional Forms

– Improved the login screen for users logging in from a Gallery View page

January 10, 2017 Releases (v3.173 – v3.176):

– Category List and Submission List pages in user view are now responsive on mobile devices

– Limited Public Profile length to 400 characters (found under More > Account > Profile)

– Moved navigation arrows to top of Submission Details page on all Public View gallery submissions

– Trimmed trailing space(s) from SuccessURL to ensure successful redirect

– Improved margins on in-line Radio and Checkbox List form fields to alleviate visual confusion

– Category titles that are very long now wrap instead of trailing off the page

– Team Members no longer receive an error message when they edit a Reminder

– Inactive Team Members no longer appear in the Assignments Team Member dropdown list

– Restyled the Follow/Unfollow button in mobile view

– Search filters now work correctly when Team Members perform back-to-back searches by email address

– Team Member names remain on dropdown list after every assignment. Previously names disappeared once they were assigned unless the page was refreshed.

– When submissions change from New to In-Progress on the Submissions List page, the background color becomes white as originally intended

– When a submission is assigned to Entire Team, a new assignment email is now sent to all team members

January 6, 2017 Releases (v3.162 – v3.172):

– Users can now search submissions by category name

– Added a dollar sign icon to the Submissions List page to identify submissions containing  Add-on Payments. Clicking the icon opens a pop up list of all Add-on Payments.

– When retrieving submissions through the API, the results now include details for ratings and reviews, such as the team member who completed the rating/review along with their vote or full response

– Added a new icon to the Submissions List page to identify submissions containing Additional Forms

– Organizations currently in Submishmash can now edit their Submishmash description under Profile Description

– After users withdraw, edit or remove a submission they now remain on the Submissions List page

– Inactive Team Members no longer appear on the Assignments Team Member dropdown list

– Search Filter settings no longer clear when users switch tabs on the Submissions List page

– Improved the .CSV submission data export to better handle large numbers of submissions

– Additional Forms pop up window now displays in the correct place in user accounts

– The ability to invite a new Team Member via the Assignments interface is now working correctly

– Labels containing a comma now display properly in the label column when submissions are exported as .CSV file

– The “At opening show file preview” option now works as it should. Previously files wouldn’t display if the submission had a custom review form.

– Submitter notes in an edit request no longer display twice in the submission Activity feed

– Added back the ability for users to edit metadata 

– Submissions with long titles now wrap rather than spill over into the next column on the Submissions List page

December 20, 2016 Releases (v3.156 – v3.161):

– Additional Forms tab in user view becomes a dropdown menu when there are more than 3 Additional Forms

– Restyled social share icons on Public View gallery pages

– Passwords are now required to be at least 6 characters long

– Assignment emails now include the assigner name after “from” in the body and the subject line

– Total Rating Score no longer shows in place of Average Score for submissions with custom review forms

– Total price now updates correctly in price dropdown menus

– Public View votes now display correctly when voter email addresses are validated

– When a category is duplicated, Form Logic from the original category now applies to the new category

December 15, 2016 Releases (v3.149 – v3.155):

– Added a vote validation option for organizations using Public View galleries

– Team Members on the Submissions List page can now search for submitters that have a plus sign in their email address

– Updated Submissions List page and Saved Drafts page in user view to allow for more submissions per page

– Submission files on Submission Details page now have a unique url

– Gave Submission Details page in user view a sleek makeover

Add-On Payments, enabling organizations to sell goods or services via an optional fee, are back in action

– Added .dwg as an acceptable file type

– Added page where users can validate their email address. Users are sent a link they can click to complete the validation.

– Updated styling of Public View login window and added a Facebook login option

– Restyled the Additional Form page in user view

– Submitter email addresses and physical addresses are now included in the PDF submission data export

– Added a date to submission labels Withdrawn, Declined, Completed, Marked Editable or Accepted in users’ Submissions Details page

– Moved the Export button to the top of the Submission List page in user view

– Restyled tabs on Submission List page and Submission Details page in user view

– Files uploaded to Additional Forms now display in the same order that upload fields appear in the form

– Exported review data now includes all selections from a checkbox list. Previously only the first two selections were appearing.

– Files now open correctly when the “At opening show file preview” box is checked

– All email addresses associated with a large number of assignments or unassignments now appear in the submission Activity Feed

– New assignment links are no longer broken

– The search bar on Submissions List page in user view is now clickable and search terms can now be easily cleared

– Social share buttons no longer obscure voting button when a Public View submission has no title

– Vote buttons are now viewable on individual submission pages in Public View 

December 12, 2016 Releases (v3.147 – v3.148):

– Valid email addresses and urls in Public View gallery submissions are now automatically hyperlinked

– Submitters now see a link to their Public View submissions on the Submission Details page in their account

– Restyled Submissions List page in user accounts

– Word count in form fields is now consistent between the user view and the organization view

– File metadata fields now display in a consistent order

– It’s now possible to search for Team Members using uppercase text in the new assignments interface

December 8, 2016 Releases (v3.142 – v3.146):

– Updated styling of User Profile page in user accounts

– Users who unsubscribe from Submittable notifications no longer receive new assignment emails

– Increased the number of viewable Team Members in the new assignments interface from 50 to 100

– Redesigned the error 500 page to provide a more pleasant user experience

– Valid email addresses and urls are now automatically hyperlinked on all form pages 

– Selected submissions are automatically deselected after assignments have been made

– If a user’s submission is automatically added to a Public View gallery, the user is sent an email with the gallery url

– The total number of assignments now displays next to a Team Member’s name in the assignments window

– Updated navigation bar styling on all pages of submitter accounts

– Expiration dates now account for the difference between user timezones and organization timezones. Previously saved drafts were affected by the discrepancy.

– Restyled the Notifications, Change Password and Following pages under Personal Settings of user accounts

– Users viewing submission files on iOS 10 no longer encounter squished, funny looking text

– Social media share buttons now work correctly when there’s an apostrophe in the organization name

November 28, 2016 Releases (v3.136 – v3.142):

– Updated styling on all password reset pages

– Saved drafts now remain in submitter accounts for up to 7 days past the category expiration date. After 7 days the saved draft will no longer appear in the Saved Drafts list.

– The Following feature is now available to all users whether they are a Team Member for an organization or not

– 404 error pages now appear when and where they should

– It’s now possible to deep link to submissions on page two or higher of a Public View gallery

Request Agreement emails now show the correct text when a submission has been accepted multiple times

– Commas are now allowed in the following form fields: Dropdowns, Checkbox Lists, Radio Button Lists, Checkbox Rating Lists (reviews only), Radio Button Rating Lists (reviews only)

– Videos now play as they should in Public View galleries

– Users are now redirected to a 404 error page if they encounter a submission that does not exist in a Public View gallery.  Previously a spinner would spin forever.

November 16, 2016 Releases (v3.133 – v3.135):

– Password Reset function now supports plus-addressed email addresses

– Added the ability for users to log in and log out of their account from Public View gallery pages

– Images in Public View galleries now appear in grid view rather than list view

– Updated look and feel of the Change Account Plan confirmation page

– Gave our 404 error page a warm and friendly makeover

– Email subject lines for new assignments now include the organization name and the sender name

– Assignment events recorded in the Submission Details Activity Feed now use our web server time zone rather than UTC

– Team Members at or below the blind level on a given submission no longer receive the “Submitter added a new note” email message

– A record of setting the publication date for a submission at the time of acceptance now displays correctly in the Activity Feed

– Assignment events now show under the Assignments tab in the Submission Details Activity Feed and under More > Activity

– Messages sent to Team Members through the advanced assignment interface now appear in the Submission Details Activity Feed under the notes tab

Updated Public View galleries to display images in grid view rather than list view

– The Follow button for publishers who aren’t listed in Submishmash now directs users to the publisher’s Submittable page

November 14, 2016 Releases (v3.131 – v3.132):

– Updated the description text for unassignments to read “Unassigned entire team” instead of just “Unassigned”

– Added Zapier details to API page

– Google Analytics is now available for Premier accounts and above only

– Added message for Team Members with Yahoo and AOL email accounts explaining why Submittable sends their emails from and not their selected profile address

– Updated the look and feel of social share buttons in Gallery View

– Data from unselected Form Logic branches no longer display in Submissions Details

– Subject lines in emails sent by Submittable now display correctly.  Previously some types of characters were displaying as encoded.

– Updated deep linking to Gallery View so that each submission now shows as a stand alone page

November 8, 2016 Releases (v3.129 – v3.130):

– Assigned Team Members now receive a notification when submitters add notes to their submissions

– Files with non-ASCII characters in the filename can now be downloaded without triggering an error message

– Gallery View lightbox no longer reanimates when the image view window is closed

– Vertical images now fill the screen and resize correctly in Gallery View

– Fixed a typo in the red message text where a submitter can add a note to their submission

November 4, 2016 Releases (v3.124 – v3.128):

– Added infinite scroll to Gallery View. No more load more.

– Added a Following tab to submitter accounts that lists all the publishers a user is following 

– Direct links to a category’s Gallery View are now viewable on the Categories List page by clicking the chain link icon next to the category name 

– Videos now display properly in Gallery View

– Vote totals in Gallery View now include votes from all viewers. Previously the vote total would only include the viewer’s own votes.

– Updated Gallery View API to return all submitted documents.  Previously the API returned only video and image files.

– If a submitter attempts to access a category that is expired or has a future start date, they now receive the appropriate error message

– When editing metadata, fields now display in a consistent order. Previously fields were ordering randomly.

– Files attached to emails sent from the Submission Details page are now visible to the recipient

November 1, 2016 Releases (v3.120 – v3.123):

– Our new Assignments page updates without requiring a full page refresh (this is in beta–more details to come)

– Submissions sorted by submitter name now sort by LastName, FirstName, and UserId

– Submissions can now be sorted by date ascending and date descending. Previously submissions could only be sorted by date descending.

– New fields added to a form after the form has been submitted are now viewable on the submissions details page

October 31, 2016 Releases (v3.115 – v3.119):

– Added a Followers Report under More > Reports. Users following an organization are listed in the report by name, Gravatar and the date they began following. The report can be exported to a .CSV file. 

– When a review is unlocked, a record of this action is now added in the Submission Details Activity Feed, as well as to the Activity page under More > Activity

– Updated styling of the submission success page

– Users can now log in from a specific submission category page, even if the url contains a colon. Previously colons in urls were generating an error message. 

– Template names are now required when creating Additional Forms 

– Removed extra “Assigned to” copy in the submission Activity Feed. Previously this appeared when submissions were randomly assigned.

– Video thumbnail images now display correctly in Gallery View

– When a submission title is removed from a form, the auto-numbered title and category name now appear as they should on the Submission Details page. Previously they were missing if a title field was removed.

October 25, 2016 Releases (v3.113 – v3.114):

– Users no longer receive an error message when they attempt to access a category url containing no Latin-based characters

– Team Members now receive an error message if a file attachment fails using the “Send email” option

October 21, 2016 Release (v3.112):

– In submission form fields and submission notes, email links with plus addressing and domain names with multiple periods are no longer truncated

– If a Team Member clicks the “View Your Site” button and there are no active categories, the page will read “There are presently no open calls for submissions”. Previously the page was blank.

– When a file is sent using a response template, the attachment to the email message is now included in all selected submissions

October 20, 2016 Releases (v3.108 – v3.111):

– Updated the design and functionality of the social share button across the platform

– Images in Gallery View now resize correctly on HD monitors

– When a file is sent using a response template, the attachment to the email message is named based on the author, title, and response date of the submission

– If a category has one price option, it will now display properly formatted (rather than $0). If a category has multiple price options, they will now display from lowest to highest.

– When a user attempts to access category that isn’t live, they are now redirected to the organization’s submission page showing all live categories

October 14, 2016 Release (v3.107):

– Added a word break in the Activity Feed to prevent text from overflowing the margins

– Document text now displays correctly for users on iOS 10

October 12, 2016 Releases (v3.105 – v3.106):

Gallery View submission labels are up and running again

– Improved the vertical alignment of header images to ensure no part of the image gets cut off

October 10, 2016 Releases (v3.102 – v3.103):

– Users can now download attached files from the submission Activity tab without receiving an error message

– Attached files emailed with acceptances now download correctly

– Users can download Additional Form files from the submission details page without receiving an error message

October 6, 2016 Releases (v3.99 – v3.101):

– Updated the look and feel of the create account/sign in page on submission forms. The page now looks the same whether a user is logged in or not. 

– Readded the Public View checkbox to the title field in form designer

– Hyphens in a category title no longer prompt incorrect alert messages 

– Additional Forms can now be saved as a draft even when the required file upload field is empty

– Moved the Open Editing feature (under Options) to the status button in submission details

– Thumbnails from videos in Gallery View are now taken from the middle of the video, not the beginning.  The top of videos can sometimes be blank.

 – Clicking Enter after filling out metadata fields will no longer submit a form

October 4, 2016 Releases (v3.96 – v3.98):

– If a Team Member deletes a Price option, then duplicates the category, the deleted Price option will no longer appear in the new category.

– Blind Team Members no longer receive an error message when downloading submission files

– Submitters attempting to access a category that’s hidden and expired will now receive an alert indicating the category is no longer available

– The “Download All Files” option is no longer available if there are no submission files, or if the file upload field has been blinded to the current Team Member

– Fee option descriptions are now limited to 250 characters

– It is now possible to use Form Logic to branch to more than one Horizontal Line field  

– Team Members must create an Additional Form template before batch sending an Additional Form. If they don’t, they receive the alert “You have not created any Additional Forms” and the form will not send.

September 27, 2016 Releases (v3.90 – v3.95):

– For VIP accounts, we improved search engine optimization by adding category titles to category urls

– Streamlined the look of our account login page

– Sending Additional Forms is no longer an option for withdrawn submissions

– Updated the design of our account sign up pages

– Multiple submission files with the same name can now be exported from the submissions detail page and via Batch Export . Previously, if files had the same name only one file would be exported.

– When a Batch Export url is shared with a Team Member, that Team Member can only view submissions assigned to them. Previously Team Members could see all submissions in the export

– Users now receive a warning when they select a response template with no message in the body

September 22, 2016 Release (v3.89):

– Users on Firefox and Safari can now log in via Facebook without receiving an error message

September 21, 2016 Release (v3.88):

– Removed the Batch Export limit when exporting submissions as PDF files. Previously organizations were limited to running PDF Batch Exports four times per month.

– Removed the blind checkbox from the title field in the Form Designer. Title fields cannot be blinded.

September 20, 2016 Release (v3.87):

– Deleting the first Price option or first Payment Add-on no longer deletes all Price options/Payment Add-ons. 

September 19, 2016 Releases (v3.84 – v3.86):

– If a file fails to upload in the Add Note area of the Submission Details page, users now receive an error message. The note will not save until the file is fully uploaded.

– Team Members no longer receive an error message when attaching a file via the email dialog box or the response dialog box

September 15, 2016 Releases (v3.78 – v3.83):

– Restyled Gallery View for single image submissions.  The full image is now centered on a blurred background.

– When Additional Forms are received, email notifications are now sent to Team Members assigned that submission.  Previously notifications were going to the main organization email.

– Changing the “rows per page” selection on the submission list page no longer clears Date and Rating filters

September 8, 2016 Releases (v3.75 – v3.77):

– Removed typos in Batch Export error message. Text now reads, “Your current plan does not include the ability to export files. You can export your data as a .CSV file or you can upgrade to a plan that provides this feature.”

– Changed category expiration date format from MM/DD/YYYY to Month DD,YYYY, e.g. December 25, 2016. No more confusion for our international users.


September 6, 2016 Release (v3.74):

– Improved functionality of the “Download/Print PDF” button in Submissions Details view

– When a file is uploaded to a form in Submission Details view, the corresponding form field title now auto-selects in the pop up dropdown menu

– Removed limit on how many submissions can be batch declined. Previously only 50 submissions could be declined at once.


August 31, 2016 Releases (v3.72 – v3.73):

– Organizations can now change their current plan from monthly to annual and vice versa under More > Account > Subscription Plan > Change your plan

– Updated the design of our account sign up pages

– Made the error message text on submission forms red and unmissable.

– Improved styling of the “Choose Files” button in VIP accounts

– Price options and Add-ons can now be deleted from the Category Edit page at any point


August 29, 2016 Release (v3.71):

– Submission data is now visible when a submission is moved to a different category.


August 26, 2016 Release (v3.70):

– When organizations upgrade or downgrade their subscription plan, the options will default to plans with the current term (monthly or annual)

– Submitters now receive an alert when their email address bounces back. When submitters update their address, the alert disappears.

– The “Unassign” button is now “Unassign All” in the Assign Staff dialog box. No more unassigning all Team Members by mistake.

– Fixed: Additional Forms now save correctly when a field label is left blank 

– Fixed: In mobile view, the activity feed now shows edit requests coming from the submitter’s name, not the organization name

– Fixed: Payment Add-on descriptions now align correctly

– Fixed: The “Finished” button in the Progress Report now shows individual assignments and assignments that also went to the Entire Team. Previously Entire Team assignments were not showing.

– Fixed: Video submissions in Public View galleries are now centered correctly. Viewers can use the right and left arrows to click between videos.


August 25, 2016 Releases (v3.68 – v3.69):

– In Reminders, the placeholder tag [PublisherFullName] is now [OrganizationFullName]

– The Submissions List page in VIP accounts can now be custom branded with a top color bar and logo

– Submissions, including image files, can now be exported as PDFs in the export dialogue box

– Removed excess whitespace from Category Guidelines page. Previously categories without a price had a blank column to the right of the guidelines. Awkward.

– Images in Public View galleries now resize responsively on all size screens

– Fixed: After exporting submissions, users now remain on the page where they began the export.  Previously users were redirected to page 1.

– Fixed: That tiny typo on page 5 of our Getting Started steps is now gone

– Fixed: Viewers can now use right and left arrows to click between photos in Public View galleries

– Fixed: Levels 1-3 Team Members no longer have access to the Additional Forms feature 

– Fixed: Users are now required to add a unique name to Additional Forms before sending. Previously the name field could be left blank and the form would send after refreshing the page. 


August 24, 2016 Releases (v3.66 – v3.67):

– Release Notes are now viewable to everyone. They are located in the user menu right below Help & Support. 

– On the Add New Submission page, the email response dropdown menu is now sorted alphabetically by title

– Our file upload field now supports WMV files

– Organizations without transcoding now receive an alert when hovering over video and audio files in the Submissions Details view. Users can upgrade their account from the alert link, or dismiss it.

– Improved the styling of Public View submissions when no author or title is included

– Fixed:  Levels 1-3 Team Members can no longer see the Manage Labels option in the Labels tab. Previously levels 1-3 members were logged out if they chose this option.

– Fixed: The Twitter button in Public View galleries now shares links to the gallery and to individual submissions


August 18, 2016 Release (v3.65):

– Added Cross-Domain linking to Google Analytics tracking. This lets organizations analyze traffic from all of their domains together in one view.

– When new organizations sign up for an account with incorrect credit card information, they now receive a payment failure message 

– Fixed: Clicking “Show” in the Cover Letter toolbox field no longer generates an error message in Firefox


August 17, 2016 Releases (v3.63 – v.v3.64):

– Improved Payment Add-on feature. Price option dropdown menu only appears if there is more than one option, and Add-on descriptions now turn bold when those items are selected.

– Fixed: Orange payment price box now aligns as it should on intermediate size mobile devices

– Fixed: Submission notes with long strings, such as long urls, now wrap properly and tidily


August 15, 2016 Releases (v3.61 – v3.62):

– All staff is now called Entire team in the Assigned To column

– Fixed: In a file upload field, Team members can now upload files with the same name as a preexisting file in that same field.  Previously the system would overwrite the new file, and only the old file would display.

– Fixed: Auto-Labels no longer apply to a submission when no selection is made in a Checkbox List, Radio List or Dropdown menu. Previously blank labels were automatically applied and couldn’t be removed.

– Fixed: Auto-Labels in a Checkbox field are no longer automatically applied when the Checkbox is not selected.  


August 11, 2016 Releases (v3.57 – v3.60):

– Restyled our account sign up pages. Lean and easy.

– A spinner now appears while images load in Public View galleries

– Valid email addresses and urls in submission notes are now automatically hyperlinked

– Removed the ability to create a blank label. Whitespace labels were difficult to remove and displayed awkwardly in the Labels list.

– Improved Public View pages by modifying spacing and bolding certain text fields

– Fixed: New submission notes can now be deleted without having to refresh the page first

– Fixed: Line breaks now display properly on Public View gallery pages

– Fixed: New organizations with names longer than 50 characters will no longer receive a 404 error message on Signup pages  


August 10, 2016 Release (v3.56):

– Fixed: Form Logic now works in file upload fields on Additional Forms

– Fixed: Edits to Payment Add-on fields now save correctly

– Fixed: Form Logic branches that begin in a radio list or checkbox list now save correctly in new forms


August 8, 2016 Release (v3.55):

– Administrators can now send Review Reminder emails for “Not Live” categories. Previously, Review Reminders only applied to “Live” categories.

– The “Assigned to” search filter is now visible to Levels 4 & 5 team members only

– Fixed: No more Javascript errors on submitters’ Submissions and Saved Drafts pages

– Fixed: After clicking on a Hidden Category link, submitters are now taken straight to the submission form after logging in  

– Fixed:  Editing a Payment Add-on field now leaves the price format intact. USD stays USD.


July 30-August 3, 2016 Releases (v3.52 – v3.54):

– Increased the number of Form Logic branches from 20 to 30

– Improved styling for Public View gallery pages that don’t display a title or author

– A friendly finger pointer now appears when you hover over social media and vote buttons in Public View galleries

– Our Getting Started alert for new organizations is now visible to Levels 4 and 5 team members only

– Enhanced the look of the Payment Add-on section to alleviate confusion when submitters check out

– The Submittable logo now appears instead of a spinner when content is loading in Public View galleries

– Fixed: Level 1-3 team members can now view submissions assigned to Entire Team

– Fixed: When users logged in with the wrong password they received an error message with a typo 

– Fixed: Previously, if a form used Form Logic branches, then all fields from all branches would show in the submission details. Now only fields from selected branches are visible.

– Fixed: Social media icons on Public View gallery pages now display properly in Firefox

– Fixed: When administrators click the Unfinished button in a Progress Report the text now reads, “Currently showing submissions that [NAME] has not reviewed or voted on.” [NAME] used to be “Entire Team”.

– Fixed:  Arrow keys in Public View slideshows now allow users to navigate between images. The Esc key allows users to leave the slideshow.

– Fixed: Administrators can now withdraw a submission from the details page without receiving a 404 error 

– Fixed: The correct currency symbol now appears in the payment dropdown menu on Public View forms.  Previously the “$” sign was showing for all currencies.

– Fixed: When exporting submission files, all selected files are now returned.  Previously, just files from the first page of submissions were returned.


July 29, 2016 Release (v3.51):

– Images in Public View galleries now resize as thumbnails and load much faster

– Enabled both Level 4 and 5 staff members to schedule daily Reminders.  Previously, reminders could only be scheduled weekly or monthly.

– Invite staff is now Invite team members on step 2 of our Getting Started page for new organizations

– Review Reminder emails now contain a single link to the list of submissions instead of a list of links

– Fixed: Review Reminder emails will no longer direct team members to finalized reviews

– Fixed: Submissions now consistently sort by date order when search filters were on

– Fixed: Submishmash logo on login page now links to


July 23-July 28, 2016 Releases (v3.46 – v3.50):

– Added a Load More button at the bottom of Public View gallery pages.  No more infinite scroll.

– Gave our login page a sleek as a mink makeover

– When a Public View gallery link is shared on Facebook, the organization header image will also be shared

– Videos can now be viewed on Public View gallery pages

– Our new help icon now opens a dialog box instead of 

– Simplified and shortened Public View gallery urls

– Fixed: Public View gallery page links shared via email and social media were broken

– Fixed: Users will no longer receive an error message when a Public View gallery page is reloaded

– Fixed: Public View voting now works as it should (click once to vote, click again to remove the vote)

– Fixed: Submission form fields that are not checked as “Public View” will no longer appear on Public View gallery pages

– Fixed: When using the Form Logic feature, unused fields are no longer visible in the submission form

– Fixed: Team Progress Report page now shows the accurate number of reviews when administrators click on the unfinished and finished buttons

– Fixed: The Export Data feature now returns all results, not just the first page of submissions


July 22, 2016 Release (v3.45):

– Added a new pop up feature in the application that will let us chat with existing customers.  Get ready to see our lovely Montana faces.

– Thumbs up/thumbs down voting icons in Public View galleries now appear only when voting is enabled


July 20, 2016 Release (v3.44):

– Public View gallery titles no longer overlap with social media icons


July 20, 2016 Release (v3.43):

– Increased the number of Form Logic branches from 8 to 20

– Added the ability to scroll on any size browser windows

– Header images of any size now scale correctly in Public View. Phew.

– Line breaks now appear on the Public View submission details page

If an organization has no header image on their Public View gallery, the organization name will appear instead

– Closing the Save Category dialog box will now keep administrators in Keep Editing mode

– Administrators will no longer receive an error message after adding a metadata field to to a new file upload field

– Removed extraneous white space from Public View forms

– Added a new help icon to all pages in our application


July 14, 2016 Release (v3.42):

– Staff members will no longer receive an error message when sending batch emails from the My Address option

– All staff is now called Entire team


July 13, 2016 Release (v3.41):

– Deleted fields no longer appear in Public View gallery submission forms 

– Only image and video files will now display on Public View gallery pages

Public View voters who are not logged in will now be prompted to log in or create a new account when they try to vote

–  Google Analytics tracking is now available for organizations using Talentd


July 13, 2016 Release (v3.40):

– Staff members are now called team members. Everywhere.

– When the Rating filter is used on the Submissions list and the user clicks into a submission, the filter settings still apply when the user clicks to the next submission or back out to the Submissions list

– Updated the style of the login page–hurray, prettiness

– Submission data was sometimes entered under the wrong user if they changed their login in a different tab

– Submission forms were sometimes being autosaved incorrectly

– When a category had multiple payment options, sometimes a submitter’s selected payment option wasn’t reflected in the total price shown in the Payment field


July 7, 2016 Release (v3.39):

– Added bullet points about the Enterprise-level plan on the account upgrade page under More > Account > Subscription Plan > Change your plan

– Updated the design of the Reminders page

– Made the next arrow > on the Submission Details page not jump around like in the Kris Kross song when you click on it

Reminders pages that do not exist now get redirected to a 404 page

– When a submitter enters text containing HTML on a submission form, they can still use PayPal to submit payment

– When clicking the Request Agreement box in the Accept dialog box when accepting a submission, the text “please include terms” now fades in next to the Email message textbox and no error message appears


July 6, 2016 Releases (v3.37 – v3.38):

Reminders that have been sent no longer appear in the Upcoming section under More > Reminders and will only appear in the Sent section. Because they are no longer upcoming. Instead, they are sent.

– Changed email heading for additional form reminders to say “Additional Form Reminder” instead of “Additional Form Request”

– Fixed submission links in review reminder emails so they go to the appropriate submission details pages

– Added the name of the affiliated organization to the text of review reminder emails

– The “Apply fees to subscription” option now shows up for all organizations with a monthly subscription

– Administrators and submitters can now use the “less than” < symbol in HTML-friendly fields without it causing the text that comes after it to be in lower-case


June 29-30, 2016 Releases (v3.34 – v3.36):

– Ability to limit the number of submissions a submitter makes to a category, so that a submitter is unable to resubmit until his or her current submission has reached a terminal status. This feature is by request only. Please contact if you’re interested in signing up.

– For submitters using our submission forms on mobile, the keyboard now changes automatically based on the field type and validation rules. Huzzah!

– Organizations’ header images now show when sharing a link to their submission page on Facebook

– The submission limit warning message now only displays if an organization has open calls and the user is a Level 4 or 5 staff member

– Added Payment Add-on details under the information icon in the Submission Details page

– When a submitter selects Payment Add-ons for a submission, details about these Payment Add-ons are included in the new submission notification email that the organization receives

– Changed the email header background to white and to say “New Submission” for new submission email notifications

– In the Categories list, clicking on the area around a category no longer takes you to a 404 error page. You’re in a safe, 404-free place.


June 23, 2016 Release (v3.31 – v3.33):

– Fixed typos in “submissions” and “successfully.” Typos are the mosquitoes of life.

– Submitter fees and pricing for Payments Add-ons (beta feature)

– Changed text in Reminders window from “Notify staff and submitters about incomplete forms or reviews” to “Notify submitters about incomplete forms or staff about unfinished reviews”

– Prevent staff from being able to click “Decline” multiple times, so that submitters will not receive multiple decline letters for the same submission

– When a submitter did not select any Add-Ons when submitting to a category that featured Payments Add-ons, they would receive an error message when checking out with PayPal


June 17, 2016 Release (v3.30):

– Multi-part Affiliate IDs will now be exported with each part in separate fields when exporting submission data from the Submissions list

– Title and Reference Letter fields in the Form Designer were incorrectly marked as being always hidden for blind reviews. You can choose whether to make them blind or not.

– The “Reports” menu item under “More” was showing for Level 3 staff members


June 16, 2016 Release (v3.29):

– Enabled both Level 4 and 5 staff members to schedule Reminders (this is a beta feature; more to come soon)

– Added line breaks to the emails containing cover letter text that are sent to assigned staff. Because we all deserve breaks, especially line breaks.

– When a staff member enters a search query containing excess spaces in their Submittable account, we’ll now automagically remove the extra spaces from the query

– In the Form Designer of the Category Builder, fields that are always blind (i.e. the title, cover letter, and reference letter fields) are now marked with a grayed-out and automatically selected “Hidden for blind reviews” checkbox


June 9, 2016 Release (v3.28):

Batch data exports are now supported when there are over 2100 submissions and also when there are forms with no data

– Ability to see past reminders (this is in beta–more details to come)

– Removed “apply submission fees to subscription” text for annual plans under More > Account > Subscription Plan

– In the Form Designer, single-option Checkbox fields that were required and had long checkbox labels would show the red “required” asterisk on a separate line. The asterisk now displays in-line with the label and is no longer lonely.

– Fixed extra padding showing in the footer of public submission forms


June 2, 2016 Release (v3.26 – v3.27):

– All newly created accounts now automatically use Responsive Forms. Let the celebrations begin.

– Hiding logo in Submittable footer was not displaying properly

– Fixed 500 error when staff invite has already been accepted

– On Chrome for Windows, you couldn’t select multiple items from dropdown menus. Now you can select away.


May 23, 2016 Release (v3.23 – v3.25):

– Added ability to use Auto-Labels for manual submissions

– When the Auto-Label option is checked for a single checkbox field in the Category Builder, the Auto-Label that appears when that checkbox is selected will now match the text of the single checkbox field label

– In Public View, replaced infinite scrolling with a “Load More” button

– In Additional Forms, when a radio list field has an option containing very long text, the layout of the Additional Form now remains unbroken, like a happy wild stallion


May 13, 2016 Release (v3.22):

– Made the staff invitation acceptance page responsive, so it looks pretty as a peach in any device

– Changed reply-to email address to for payment update emails

– Fixed: Changed wording in email notifications for additional forms so that they refer to the forms as, appropriately, “additional forms”

– Fixed: Hid blind fields in additional forms


May 12, 2016 Release (v3.21):

– Ability to use Form Logic for Level 2 staff. This new feature enables you to use conditional logic in your submission form. Email us for more info.

– Increased additional forms field limit from 100 to 150


May 11, 2016 Bug Fixes (v3.20):

– Fixed: Orientation of thumbnails for video files in Public View

– Fixed: Orientation of certain video files in Submission Details page

– Fixed: SQL timeouts for some publishers when editing a category in Category Builder

– Fixed: Videos in Public View would keep playing like the music in your head even after closing the video or moving on to the next video in the same submission

– Fixed: Scrolling on mobile Submission Details page when on iOS


May 4, 2016 Release:

– We’ve rolled out responsive forms to 1200 organizations and will soon roll them out to more organizations. Hurray!

– Ability for submitters to view category guidelines on the Categories List page has been added back for organizations who were upgraded to responsive forms. To view guidelines, submitters can click on the “More” link for each submission category.

– .fdx files can now by uploaded in File Upload fields. Final Draft screenwriters, upload away.

– A new loading message that says, appropriately, “Loading,” now appears when previously loaded documents load in the Document Viewer. Get a load of that.

– Fixed: Success image on responsive forms

– Fixed: File uploads in Safari 5 and in Form Logic in responsive forms

– Fixed: Typos in “successfully” and missing space in “anytime” in success page for responsive forms

– Fixed: Manual submissions (on the Submissions List > Gear icon > Add New Submission) are now working again

– Fixed: Removed leading and trailing spaces from form fields in Custom Reviews


April 22, 2016 Release:

– Styled dropdown menus for new responsive forms

– Added ability to upload scalable vector graphics (SVG) files to submission forms

– Fixed: On mobile devices, long submission titles no longer extend past page boundaries

– Fixed: When using Form Logic, file upload fields can now be hidden on old forms

– Fixed: Users will no longer receive an error message when accepting staff invites


April 13, 2016 Release:

– Fixed: When saving a category, in some cases an alert would show “undefined”

– Fixed: When sending an Additional Form, accepting, declining, and other actions, there were capitalization issues in the alert messages

– Fixed: In some rare cases, it was possible to save a duplicate review

– Fixed: In the Submission Details page, photos showed in two columns. These are now ordered by name, then broken into columns.


March 31, 2016 Release:

– Files uploaded in Additional Forms now show in the document viewer of the Submission Details page

– Added Additional Forms info to .RTF download for submitters

– Added responsive styling to the address form that submitters fill out when submitting to organizations that have the Require Address checkbox selected under More > Account > Profile.

– Made reference letter pages responsive

– Changed default plan in More > Account > Subscription Plan > Change Your Plan page from monthly to annual

– Added JS linter to make sure our JavaScript is squeaky clean

– Fixed: Bug with Additional Forms designer that would cause the Form Designer to lose state after saving when you click “Keep Editing”

– Fixed: JavaScript errors on Responsive Forms were preventing files from uploading. Upload away.

– Fixed: Removed Submittable logo from VIP footer vip

– Fixed: A few special font urls now use https instead of http so they will load without errors. They’re very special.

– Fixed: A black bar was covering the bottom portion of images when in full-screen mode

– Fixed: Added CSS for the rich text editor that is used when writing general guidelines (under More > Account > Profile) and category guidelines (under the General Settings tab of the Category Builder)

– Fixed: Font for the rich text editor


March 24, 2016 Release:

– You can now batch send Additional Forms from the Submissions List page

– When there are multiple files uploaded for a submission and you’re previewing a file in the Submission Details page, the file names are sorted alphabetically in the dropdown menu to the right of the file name. Hurray, alphabet.

– Added ability to limit submitters to one submission each on a specific category. (This feature is currently available by request).

– Updated the styling of the navigation bar and Forms 3.0 (a.k.a. responsive forms)

– We’re now building static assets with Webpack

– Fixed: Global CSS link on responsive forms submission page

– Fixed: The submitter’s name would show when a blind-level staff member clicked a label that was created through auto-labels. It now remains secret like where that necklace really went once the lady threw it in the ocean in the Titanic movie.


March 18, 2016 Release:

– Added ability to display videos in Public View. If you want to hold a public voting contest for videos, then your dreams can come true with Public View.

– Added ability to hide or show the submitter (author) name in Public View

– Released a beta version of Forms 3.0, a responsive forms redesign

– The Look & Feel page (More > Configurations > Look & Feel) now stores to the database and S3

– Simplified the options in the Rating search filters dropdown menu to remove some database-intensive options. Mens sana in corpore sano, etc.

– Added informational messaging that appears when an organization downgrades their account

– Fixed: Made metadata easier to read when shown on full-screen images. We like books and reading.

– Fixed: Changed the height of dropdown lists to make them easier to read

– Fixed: Capitalization in the Rating search filters dropdown menu

– Fixed: Formatting of the Staff Owner(s) list in the Assignments & Notifications tab of the Category Builder

– Fixed: Error when a user was not signed in and tried to upload a reference letter to an organization with a custom header


March 10, 2016 Release:

– Increased max organization name length in Account > Profile to 75 charact(ers)

– Fixed: Rating search filters was breaking the Submissions List when ordering by score for Level 3 and under staff members


March 8, 2016 Release:

– Added the ability to filter submissions in the Submissions List by staff voting activity. This is a highly requested feature and we’re super excited about it. It’s currently in beta. Please email us at if you’re interested in trying it.

– We now load the Look and Feel CSS from our database

– Added column transcode status as part of process to allow videos to be displayed in our new Public View feature

– Fixed: The “Make Review Form LIVE” checkbox in the Review Designer was shy and sometimes wouldn’t show

– Fixed: When organizations used our auto-labels feature, submitter info was showing to blind-level reviewers


March 2, 2016 Release:

– Redesigned the Getting Started webpage that organizations see when they first sign up for an account

– Fixed: When a blind submission was marked completed, reviewers under the blind level could still see the submitter’s name in the email text in the Activity Feed

– Fixed: Issue with 404 on /robots.txt

– Fixed: Pale pink text was showing up in places where there should not be pale pink text, as nice of a color as pale pink is


February 25, 2016 Release:

– We’ve implemented a new webserver with twice the processing power, to make pages load as speedily as the wind through your hair while you’re bicycling on a fine spring day. Hurray!

– Terminating SSL at the load balancer (a.k.a. this should also help website performance)

– Google Analytics tracking is now available for all accounts as a complimentary trial through April 15, 2016. Upgrade to a Premier-level account if you’d like to keep this feature after April 15th. More info here

– We now automatically redirect Submittable links ending in /submit. to /submit (Often, organizations would put their Submittable link in a sentence ending with a period, as is grammatically sound, but that means the link would end up going to a 404 error page. Now, these links will be redirected to the link they were meant to go to. Happy endings all around.)

– M4V file types can now be uploaded in File Upload fields. This means you can now accept 10 different video file types and 49 different file types overall.

– Added robots.txt to tell search engines what to avoid crawling. (No more 404s for the lonely bots.)

– Fixed: Typo that said “of of” on More > Add Member/ Add Multiple page

– Fixed: When an organization manually uploaded a submission to a category, any single checkbox fields in the category’s form would be automatically unchecked, even after checking the checkbox


February 19, 2016 Release:

– Reviewers can now edit finalized review forms when editing is enabled. To allow editing, go to Categories, and click the name of the specific category. On the Review Designer tab, select the Enable Editing checkbox and click “Save Category.”

– Organizations that previously used custom CSS to hide their social media buttons can now use the Enable Social Media checkbox under More > Account > Profile to set their social media preferences

– The Submission Summary page under Submission Details is now white like the rapidly melting snow in an unseasonably warm February in Montana

– Archived submissions no longer show in Gallery View

– Fixed: Removed a stray hairlike “}” that was showing when Google Analytics was enabled

– Fixed: Put more space between the Google Analytics Account label and textbox under More > Profile, because space is healthy


February 12, 2016 Release:

– Organizations can now integrate their Submittable account with Google Analytics. This is fantast-alytic! See more info here.

– Ability to export a CSV list of voters who have voted in Gallery View

– Fixed: New organization accounts did not have their Enable Social Media checkbox (under Account > Profile) selected by default


February 9, 2016 Release:

– Staff at Level 3 and up can update their billing contact info under More > Account > Billing Info. (This also syncs up with our Recurly billing system.) With great power comes great responsibility.

– Fixed: The “Apply submission fees toward monthly subscription” checkbox is now functioning correctly under More > Account > Billing Info

– Fixed: Pressing the “Enter” key while typing in the Cover Letter field of a submission form would cause submitters to submit their form before it was ready, like a too-rare pork chop. Now, pressing “Enter” will simply enable the submitter to start a new line of text.


February 3, 2016 Release:

– When a submission is opened for editing, the submitter file upload control now uses the same upload tool as the submission forms (including support for large file uploads and transcoding, if applicable)

– Submitters can edit file metadata when a submission is opened for editing

– Level 3 and 4 staff can update their organization’s credit card under More > Account > Billing Info

– If the Require Address checkbox is unchecked in the organization profile under More > Account > Profile, then the address and phone number fields do not appear in the submission form

– Beta of dynamic form fields (more info to come)

– “Form Templates/Information Requests” are now called “Additional Forms“, for the sake of clarity

– Updated the lines of text under the Enable Public view checkbox in the General Settings tab of the Category Builder

– .tex, .bbl, and .ltx file types can now be uploaded in File Upload fields. .ltx stands for LaTeX, a file type used in scientific papers and journals. The more you know.

– Fixed: Errors occurring on VIP accounts were not being logged in the error tracking software Raygun

– Fixed: Metadata on a file would get removed if another file was uploaded to the same file upload field

– Fixed: It was possible to get “stuck” in the Category Builder if you reloaded the page while not on the first tab.

– Fixed:  Links sent from VIP accounts on external domains would sometimes point to

– Fixed: Long metadata text would not wrap and become partially hidden in the organization’s Submission Details view

– Fixed: Custom headers in Gallery View were not showing properly; standard layouts will be used for now

– Fixed: When upgrading a credit card, errors (bad number, date, decline, etc) are now shown


January 25, 2016 Release:

– Fixed: Subscriptions with unlimited staff were unable to add unlimited staff. Unlimited staff is now unlimited staff.

– Fixed: Some CSS in the Submissions List was not getting minified / bundled


January 20, 2016 Release:

– .iba and .ibooks file types can now be uploaded in File Upload fields. YTB, IBA.

– Added the ability to show or hide Facebook and Twitter buttons on submission forms by checking or unchecking an Enable Social Media checkbox under More > Account > Profile

– Animated GIFs are now supported in Public View (insert celebratory animated GIF here)

– Fixed: When adding multiple staff at once, the default permission level is now Level 1

– Fixed: The Form Designer no longer displays large amounts of white space, like snow-covered plains on a January prairie.

– Fixed: 500 error was showing for organizations with Public View enabled when they would create a new form template

– Fixed: Removed empty table header in user submissions for accessibility

– Fixed: When no preview is available for a specific file type in the Document Viewer, we no longer show a message saying the issue will be resolved soon (since this isn’t a bug; it’s just a file type that cannot be displayed).

– Fixed: Tweaked the Image Resizer DiskCache settings to prevent imagecache from filling up disk

– Fixed: Changed “EnablePublicVoting” checkbox in General Settings of the Create/Edit Category page to say “Enable Public Voting.” Breathe. Enjoy the spaces.


January 12, 2016 Release:

– When viewing a document in the Submission Details page, clicking on the Print icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Document Viewer will open the browser’s print dialog, instead of opening a PDF version of the file from which you then print the document. Convenience!

– By default, if no label is selected for a Public View category, all submissions to that category will show in Public View.

– Enabled ability to specify which form fields will have data show in Public View by checking a Public View checkbox in the Form Designer

– Fixed: A sad misspelling of “receive” in the Randomized Assignments window when clicking on the Randomized Assignments icon in the Submissions List

– Fixed: WYSIWYG editor was stripping out “align” attributes added to img tags.

– Fixed: Enable Stripe for payment processing for organizations on sign up


January 6, 2016 Release:

– Staff member titles will show in the “Select the pool of staff” list when clicking on the Randomized Assignments icon.

– Slightly changed the color and size of the rating buttons, to make them prettier and more user-friendly

– Enabled ability to filter which submissions show on Public View by using a label

– Fixed: 500 error when changing password on User Settings > Profile > Change Password page

– Fixed: Prevent rating buttons from flashing back to gray when clicking on them

– Fixed: The (not-pale) blue dot on the Assign to Staff icon in the Submission Details page is no longer cut off.


December 30, 2015 Release:

– Public voting was enabled. This is really exciting stuff–more details to come.

– Score box colors in Submissions List and Submissions Details pages are tweaked further.

– Updated the logic for what shows in the Activity and Reviews panel in Submission Details pages

– Updated the styling and layout of the Form Designer

– Fixed: Sometimes, ratings form controls would display “undefined” in the Review Designer. We have definitively fixed this.

– Fixed: Only Level 4 and 5 staff can see the list of reviews completed for each submission.


December 16, 2015 Release:

– Removed score values next to rating fields in Review Forms, so that reviewers can’t see them until after they have completed the review, for the sake of fairness.

– When entering a search query in the Submissions list, users can now use < > navigation arrows in the Submission Details page to navigate back and forth between the submissions that apply to the search query.

– Updated score box colors in Submissions list and Submission Details pages, for the sake of beauty. (What do you think? Let us know at our Submittable Feedback page)

– Changed default staff level to Level 1 when adding new staff. This makes it easier to add lower-level staff and gives Level 5 staff that extra boost of confidence.


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