Hi from the team at the Submittable Blog! We're interested in anything to do with the publishing industry or digital media. We're also interested in book reviews and essays that are of high literary quality and are a good fit for our audience of writers, artists, and publishers. Nothing generic-sounding, please. We want to hear your own unique, authentic voice.

Additionally, we'd love to hear from people with contrary opinions to any posts on our blog and/or critiques and criticisms of our services. We'll absolutely publish opinions that suggest there's a better way. 

Word count: Please keep submissions to 1000 words or less. We've typically found that 600-800 words is a good sweet spot to aim for.

If you have accompanying artwork, please include it in the submission.

We pay $50 per post, payable upon publication. We do not pay for re-posts. We reserve the right to not publish any work submitted.

Thanks for your interest in Submittable.

We typically look for reviews on books about digital media, publishing, or writing.
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