Submittable and GrantWatch Partner to Connect Grantmakers and Applicants

Grant management software platform Submittable and grant search engine are partnering in 2020 to better connect grantmakers with those seeking grants.

The partnership will allow audiences to reach a wider variety of grants outside of their typical networks and improve the quality and quantity of applications for grantmakers.

Both organizations hope to give grantmakers and foundations a greater and broader audience for their funding opportunities while supplying grant seekers with a comprehensive, searchable list of grants that fit their needs.

“GrantWatch is a high-quality, comprehensive resource for anyone seeking grants, from individuals to large-scale organizations and nonprofits,” said Submittable CEO Michael FitzGerald. “We look forward to working with CEO Libby Hikind and GrantWatch this year to help both grantmakers and grant seekers do good work and increase their impact.”

“Submittable speeds up the grantmaking process by offering a software application that assists philanthropists, foundations, corporations, and government agencies in distributing funds more quickly and equitably,” said Hikind. “The development of a request for proposals (RFP) can create a burden on the staff of the grantmaking institution.  Submittable solves that problem, while GrantWatch solves the problem of identifying current grant applications and its subsidiary GrantWriterTeam assists grant seekers in developing their response to the RFP.”

The partnership is unique because the two organizations link together multiple steps in the grant process, beginning with the grantmaker’s mission and creation of the grant application, and continuing on through to the access and identification of a wider variety of current grant applications by grant seekers. The result is a process that is more thorough, fair, streamlined, and efficient for everyone involved, from beginning to end. 

“GrantWatch was built to level the playing field of access to grant funding—for small start-ups, medium size, and large, nonprofits and businesses—and increase access to funding opportunities for individuals who meet the criteria of eligibility as listed by the grantmaking organization,” Hikind continued. “We at GrantWatch are both pleased and proud to partner with Submittable and any other organization whose goal is to bring about increased access to funding in a fair and equitable manner.” 

About GrantWatch

GrantWatch is the leading website for federal, state, local, government, foundation, and corporate grants, worldwide.

Presently, there are over 24,000 current grants, funding opportunities, awards, contracts, and archived grants in the organization’s searchable database. GrantWatch adds new grants daily from Sunday through Thursday, in addition to archiving past due grants.

Users may source available grants by recipient: nonprofits, municipalities, businesses and individuals, region, state, type, and category of grant.  A new exact phrase search has been added making it easier and faster to find grants that meet specific needs. Applying for grants that are a good fit increases your chances of finding funding and connects you to the funders who most align with your mission and goals.

GrantWatch has more than 50 grant categories and recently added two new grant categories: COVID-19 and Social Justice.  The GrantWatch site provides a page for grantmakers to add their grants for application distribution. They also have a dedicated customer support team and provide complete information on each of their grant details pages and in search results.

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About Submittable for grants

Submittable supports hundreds of grant organizations with an all-in-one grants management software solution that makes awarding and tracking grants easier for everyone involved, including grantmakers, grantseekers, grant writers, and grant reviewers.

With features like drag and drop forms, customizable team review, auto labels, reporting, and funds tracking, grantmakers can ensure that collecting, reviewing, and selecting grantees is fair and efficient. No more piles of paper, slow downloads, or applications that slip through the cracks.

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