Case Study: Montana Department of Commerce

Operated by Montana’s Department of Commerce, the Indian Country Economic […]

Monthly Roundup: News & Releases from April 2017

‘In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell […]

Brooklyn Arts Council: Value Made Visible Through Grants

Last month, Brooklyn Arts Council Grants Manager Ayoka Wiles-Abel came […]

Wordcommandos: Encouraging Veterans to Write and Submit

Robert Morgan Fisher is a writer, musician, and teacher whose […]

Risk Capital and Innovation: An Interview with George Abbott

Knight Foundation is a national non-profit foundation and a Submittable client. […]

Grants: Promoting Tribal Economies in Montana

Heather Sobrepena-George is the Section Manager for the Montana Department […]

These Voices Matter: An Interview with Free Verse

Free Verse is a nonprofit dedicated to serving incarcerated youth through […]

Interview with Mensah Demary, Associate Editor of Catapult

Mensah Demary is an associate editor for Catapult. Originally from […]

Interview with Clayton Purdom, Editor of Kill Screen

Clayton Purdom is the Editor of Kill Screen, a video games, […]