Transformative Impact through Global Giving with Submittable

The impact of a donation can be felt far and wide, and there are countless opportunities to become involved and make a difference. The decision of where to donate depends on many factors, such as location, background, global events, and individual values and interests. When it comes to corporate giving, the freedom to choose where your donation goes has become a critical decision-maker for many employees, with many employees changing their participation based solely on the option to donate to causes that matter to them. 86% of employees say that they want to participate in corporate giving, but on average, only 19.4% of employees actually do. Choice through global giving can help close this gap.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that Give by Submittable now supports multinational donations, supporting major global regions for our enterprise customers. Read on to see how your company can drive higher engagement and make a bigger impact across borders with Submittable’s Give. 

A world of choices

Companies offer corporate giving programs as a way to engage their employees and make it easy for them to contribute to causes that resonate with them personally. The ability to choose where to direct their donations is a key motivator for individuals participating in these programs. Access to various charitable options enhances the overall giving experience, allowing employees to align their philanthropic efforts with their passions and values.

An inclusive approach to giving programs

With Submittable, employees from around the world can contribute to charities that align with their values, whether in their local communities or on a global scale. Submittable’s network of global charity partners allows employees to donate to charities globally. With access to millions of vetted nonprofit organizations, companies can ensure that they provide their employees with options that meet their needs, making the act of giving easier and more personable than ever. Whether it’s contributing to a local community initiative, addressing global challenges, or supporting unique causes, Submittable empowers employees to create positive change in areas that matter most to them.

Spread more good across the globe

The impact of a donation extends beyond the financial contribution – it represents the choice to make a difference in the world. Submittable’s multinational giving platform gives employers and employees the power to create more impact through charitable giving. With access to charities globally, individuals can be thoughtful philanthropists, contributing to positive change in their communities and beyond. The ability to choose where and how we make a difference becomes a powerful tool for creating a better future for all. And for multinational companies, providing the same experience for donating for all employees, whether they are based in the US or abroad, is necessary for success. 

Learn more about Submittable

Employees want to participate in corporate giving programs when they are able to feel the benefits of their donations. With Submittable, you can provide employees with a curated list of millions of global charities so they have the freedom to choose where their dollars go.  Learn more about how Submittable could make global giving easier by talking to an expert on our team

Madison Silver

Madi is a product marketer at Submittable focused on CSR and helping companies align their goals with their employees and their communities. When not working, Madi is exploring the PNW or hanging with her dog and two cats!