Data Power: Using Submission Management Software for Reporting


You’ve created a beautiful online form and accepted dozens—maybe even hundreds or thousands—of quality submissions. You’ve also coordinated a successful review process with multiple stakeholders and found your perfect applicant. Project complete, right?

Not quite. Reporting is important to account for that hard work you just did. Stakeholders, from internal managers to boards, investors, or donors, will often be interested in reviewing your organization’s impact and outcomes. You may also want to keep internal records of your process to inform future campaigns and track growth.

Using Submittable to complete reports

With Submittable, you can easily create, save, and download reports with customized content about your collected submissions.


To create a report, simply click on the Reports menu in the upper-right corner of your account, and follow these step-by-step instructions to create your custom submission report. You’ll be able to add fields like submitter email, name, contact info, state, and more. Reports include only the date range you specify.

Choose to download files that submitters or team members uploaded to your form, including internal fields, tables, and reference letters. You can also download an individual PDF overview of each submission in your report.

Save your report to easily go back and access it later.

5 benefits of reporting on your submissions

Reporting can feel like a drag after a long submission process, or become an afterthought as you quickly move to a new project. However, taking the time to consistently pull even a few simple reports can be extremely useful.

Here are a few of the benefits organizations say they’ve seen using Submittable’s reporting tools:

• Increased understanding of who your submitters are

• Benchmarks and assessments to measure your submission process over time and manage expectations for future projects

• Opportunity to show external stakeholders your organization’s reach, impact, and outcomes

• Insights to streamline your submission process, and find opportunities to reduce costs or improve efficiencies

• Data to communicate to your audience or customer

So, before you move on to your next big thing, take a minute (really, it can be as quick as just a minute) to pull a report. Your data will always be there for you—we never delete it—but you never know when you might get a request and having that report at-the-ready will be invaluable.

Keriann Strickland

Keriann Strickland manages content and branding for Submittable's marketing team. She's a recovering journalist, mountain lover, and gifted spiller (and speller).