Why Helping the Community with CSR Programs Helps Business


Giving back to the community through your organization, by donating to nonprofits, volunteering, and supporting important causes, is a valuable endeavor that benefits much more than just the community. Your company also gets to reap the many rewards of those good deeds. Here are but a few of the ways that you, your employees, and your organization will benefit from acts of kindness and generosity, generally known as corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Motivate Current Employees and Recruit Top Talent

Genuine appreciation is highly motivating, especially when people don’t have to give up their hourly wage to receive it. Recruit volunteers for company CSR events and allow them to remain on the clock, or agree to pay employees for a certain number of hours spent outside the office in dedication to the charity of their choice.

Being able to help the community on company time is a tremendous perk that holds an increasing amount of weight with both existing and potential employees. Many people don’t have the luxury of serving strangers in need because of time-commitments to work and family. Offer this incredible gift to your staff members, and you’ll improve employee retention while attracting conscientious new applicants.

Encourage Happiness and Health for Your Employees

This benefit is so obvious that it’s often overlooked. When people help the community, they can experience the pleasure of actually meeting the people whose lives they are directly improving. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing smiles of joy and gratitude on peoples’ faces.

With many of life’s responsibilities, people receive very little appreciation for their actions. We do many things out of obligation or necessity, but this isn’t the case when one helps the community. When your company and employees voluntarily undertake a task out of sheer dedication to others, it truly feels fantastic.

Indeed, there are proven health benefits to helping others. This isn’t just limited to the fresh air and exercise you and your team will enjoy when volunteering for certain tasks, such as tree planting or outdoor cleanup projects. Chemical reactions in your body are actually triggered by acts of kindness, and research has shown that volunteering results in lower blood pressure, less stress, and a longer life.

Promote your Business

CSR has become a critical facet of the modern brand image. Consumers naturally gravitate toward products and companies that give back to the community. Take Whole Foods as an example. Consumers recognize that its prices are higher than most of its competitors, but Whole Foods has forged a powerful bond between its brand and the ideals that buyers seek in a company. Customers are proud to pay the extra costs, knowing that they’re supporting causes they find important.

When helping the community as a business, you display a brand image that’s perceived as responsible and generous. This is a great opportunity to attract new customers and also opens networking opportunities with other businesses. From setting up volunteer work crews and establishing scholarships to donating equipment or funds to nonprofits, there are endless ways to contribute.

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Build a Better Tomorrow

Thanks to climate change, healthcare problems, the student loan crisis, and other issues, young generations are understandably concerned with what the future holds. Building stronger communities and developing a culture of generosity will be essential for turning things around and ensuring that our children will have a world worth inheriting.

The benefits of helping the community are endless. Spend a little time giving back, and the rewards will return tenfold!