Submittable: Your Social Impact Platform

We’re excited to announce a fresh focus with a strong foundation: helping you launch, manage, and measure programs for bigger, better impact.

In December 2020, Submittable reached a new milestone—3.8 million annual submissions processed, our highest ever amount and a growth of 35% compared to 2019. Among those submissions, the lion’s share were directly related to COVID-19 response (2,313 relief grant programs, for example) and social justice initiatives (2,210 program opportunities). 

Our team was honored to be on the backend frontlines of such momentous generosity, passion, and dedication. The experience changed how we think about our work and also how we want to support yours. That’s why today, we’re saying welcome to Submittable for the future: Submittable the social impact platform.

Truth be told, Submittable has supported social good practitioners for some time, including grantmakers seeking community change, scholarships brightening futures, associations helping members, and creative arts groups making daily life more beautiful, interesting, and inclusive.

But as our product has evolved—especially in response to crisis and movements for social change—to serve organizations end-to-end, Submittable has widened our focus to encompass desired program outcomes and lasting impact. This prioritization has been, and will continue to be, reflected in the new capabilities we bring to you, our partners. 

Not that we don’t still care (obsessively) about application form fields and response templates, for example. We just want our vision to include your ultimate end goal too. We want to concentrate, as you do, on your mission, in addition to the mechanics that propel it. 

Partnering with you—as we have in years past and as we will for years to come—we believe Submittable can be a force for good. The easier it is to run programs, make smart decisions, and measure and improve on results, the greater your impact can be. We know that the majority of our clients are working to further social good through funding, recognition, and opportunities that reach millions of people around the world—making Submittable about much more than just software. 

Increasingly, good works are good business and social responsibility is the key to building a more just and sustainable world. Our team is delighted to focus in earnest on supporting your social impact, giving you the power to launch, manage, and measure programs efficiently so your team can make better decisions and maximize your results.

Rediscover Submittable or reach out anytime. Your impact is our priority. 

Rachel Mindell

Rachel Mindell is a Special Projects Editor at Submittable. She also writes and teaches poetry. Connect with her on LinkedIn.