September Opportunities

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08/28/2015  Lazuli Literary Group – AZURE September 2015 Writing Contest (Lazuli Literary Group)

08/28/2015  Pittsburgh Poetry Review – POETRY

08/29/2015  Fresh Arts – 2015 WHAM Application (10th Anniversary)

08/29/2015  Tulsa Artists’ Coalition – Tulsa Artists’ Coalition 27th Annual Member Show

08/30/2015  Brooklyn Poets – Brooklyn Poets Fellowships, Brooklyn Poets Anthology

08/30/2015  Fiction Attic Press – First Novel Contest, Debut Story Collection Contest

08/31/2015  42nd Annual Conference On D.C. Historical Studies – Film Submission, Tour Submission

08/31/2015  ACS Scientific Video Lab – ACS Presentations on Demand (POD) Shorts

08/31/2015  Alternating Current – Full-Manuscript Contest, Historical Writing Contest, etc.

08/31/2015  Anchor & Plume Press | Kindred Magazine – Call for readers

08/31/2015  antiTHESIS Journal – Creative Writing, Poetry, Artwork

08/31/2015  Apeiron Review – Poetry, Fiction, Non Fiction, Photography and Illustrations

08/31/2015  Apogee Journal – Perigee

08/31/2015  Artists’ Milepost – Politics of Voyeurism, 2016 Gallery Exhibition Proposals

08/31/2015  Association of Independent Magazine Publishers – Best Editorial, Best Front Cover, etc.

08/31/2015  Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts – Visual Arts/Performing Art Hybrid Projects

08/31/2015  BatCat Press – BatCat Press General Submissions

08/31/2015  Bear Review – Broadside Contest

08/31/2015  Black Doctoral Network Inc. – Black Doctoral Network Conference – Waitlist

08/31/2015  Black Lawrence Press – Chapbook Consultations, The St. Lawrence Book Award

08/31/2015  Blue Lyra Review – Flash Fiction (or short story)

08/31/2015  Blue Mesa Review – Fiction Contest, Nonfiction Contest, Poetry Contest

08/31/2015  BOAAT PRESS – BOAAT Writer’s Retreat

08/31/2015  Button Poetry – Button Poetry/Exploding Pinecone Press Chapbook Contest

08/31/2015  carte blanche – comics

08/31/2015  Center For Book Arts – 2015 NY Art Book Fair

08/31/2015  Chagrin River Review – Poetry, Fiction

08/31/2015  Cleaver Magazine – Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Flash,  & Poetry

08/31/2015  Creative Nonfiction – Marriage

08/31/2015  Cultural Arts of Waco – WORDFEST – Anthology ADULT Submission

08/31/2015  Cultural Weekly – Cultural Weekly “Jack Grapes Poetry Prize” Contest

08/31/2015  Driftwood Press – Fiction, Poetry, Literary Criticism & Interviews

08/31/2015  Edible DC – Photography – Fall 2015 Issue

08/31/2015  Educe Press – ORO FINO Chapbook Series Contest & Essays on the Existential Crisis

08/31/2015  Fidea Design GmbH – Bewerbung Satellit DesignSchenken 2015

08/31/2015  Flyleaf Journal – Editor’s Reprint Award & Flyleaf Journal Submission

08/31/2015  Geek Puff – Open Story Pitches

08/31/2015  Great Northern Union Chorus – Musical Director of the Great Northern Union Chorus

08/31/2015  HiveWire 3D – HiveWire 3D and CWRW Horse Render Challenge

08/31/2015  Idiom 23 – CQUniversity – CQ Then and Now: Submissions for 2015

08/31/2015  Interfictions – Art, Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction

08/31/2015  International Black Women’s Film Festival – ASTRONOMMO 1.0 // Special Screening

08/31/2015  Johnson County Library – Read Local – Short Story: #IHeartU

08/31/2015  Kenning Journal – Poetry Submissions

08/31/2015  KYSO Flash – Haibun Stories & Tanka Tales

08/31/2015  Literary Juice – POETRY CONTEST – 2015

08/31/2015  London Journal of Fiction – Poetry Submissions, Short Stories / Essays

08/31/2015  Lunch Ticket – Award for Creative Nonfiction & Literature in Translation

08/31/2015  MBTA – Art Commission Project – Wollaston Station Improvements: Call For Artists

08/31/2015  Midwestern Gothic – Fiction & Poetry

08/31/2015  Minor Literature[s] – Life beyond #GE2015 –– Call for interventions, PROSE –– Fiction

08/31/2015  Okey-Panky – Fiction, Nonfiction/Other, Poetry, Graphic Narrative

08/31/2015  Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing – Novel Submissions

08/31/2015  pioneertown. – submissions.

08/31/2015  Portrait Society of Atlanta – Membership Application – 2015

08/31/2015  Queens Univ of Charlotte MFA in Creative Writing – Stage/Screen, Poetry, Non-Fiction/Fiction

08/31/2015  Rattle – Ekphrastic Challenge (online only)

08/31/2015  Red Dragonfly Press – Meadowhawk Prize & The Emergence Chapbook Series Prize

08/31/2015  Red Hen Press – Benjamin Saltman Poetry Award

08/31/2015  Sage Hill Press – Powder Horn Prize

08/31/2015  Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival – Film Submission – Regular Deadline

08/31/2015  Sediments Literary-Arts Journal – Art, Fiction, & Poetry

08/31/2015  Sequestrum – Fiction & Nonfiction, Poetry

08/31/2015  Seven Hills Literary & Penumbra Poetry Contest – Adult Novel Excerpt, Flash Fiction, etc.

08/31/2015  Shroud Publishing LLC – 2015 Novel Submissions

08/31/2015  shufPoetry – Open Submissions

08/31/2015  Slideluck – SLIDELUCK Bogota V

08/31/2015  Sofawolf Press, Inc. – Heat Stories, Heat Poems, Heat Comics: B&W

08/31/2015  Specter – Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry, Flash

08/31/2015  Spineless Wonders – 2015 Carmel Bird Award (New Crime Writing)

08/31/2015  Switchback – Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, Art

08/31/2015  Sydney Writers’ Room – Sydney Writers’ Room Short Story Competition 2015

08/31/2015  Synecdoche – Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry

08/31/2015  Tahoma Literary Review – Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Flash Fiction, & Flash Nonfiction

08/31/2015  Tethered by Letters – Poetry Contest, Short Story Contest, & Flash Fiction Contest

08/31/2015  The Altar Collective – Volume IX – Poetry

08/31/2015  The Blank Theatre’s Living Room Series – Living Room Series Submissions

08/31/2015  The Bookends Review – Academic, Multimedia, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry

08/31/2015  THE COLLAGIST – Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction, Novel Excerpts

08/31/2015  The Drum Literary Magazine – Short Fiction, Essays, Poetry

08/31/2015  The Red Line – Strangers

08/31/2015  The Stella Prize – The 2016 Stella Prize – Early Bird Entries

08/31/2015  Third Point Press – Fiction w/Feedback, Poetry w/Feedback, etc.

08/31/2015  Thrice Publishing – Thrice Fiction Magazine

08/31/2015  Tinderbox Editions – Essays, Prose Poem Collections, Hybrids + Lyric Essays, etc.

08/31/2015  Tucson Pima Arts Council – GOS (General Operating Support) 2014-2015 – Final Reports

08/31/2015  Vine Leaves Literary Journal – Poetry, Prose & Script, Art & Photography

08/31/2015  Waccamaw – Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry

08/31/2015  Weasel Press – Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones

08/31/2015  Where Are You Press – Where Are You Poet 2015

08/31/2015  Whistler Film Festival Society – International Shortwork, Mountain Culture

08/31/2015  Wigleaf – Fiction

08/31/2015  Writing By Writers – Sea Kayaking in the San Juans, Residency

08/31/2015  Yo-NEWYORK! – Yo-NEWYORK! Issue 2

09/01/2015  Aquarius Press/Willow Books – 2015 Open Reading Period

09/01/2015  Artists’ Milepost – Politics of Voyeurism, 2016 Gallery Exhibition Proposals

09/01/2015  Big Sky Documentary Film Festival – Big Sky Documentary Film Festival Regular Submission

09/01/2015  Change Seven Magazine – Short Stories, Flash Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry

09/01/2015  Creative Writing Institute – Creative Writing Institute’s 2015 Short Story Contest

09/01/2015  Cutbank Literary Journal – Big Sky, Small Prose – Flash Contest

09/01/2015  Darling Magazine – Online Drafts due August 2015

09/01/2015  Drunken Boat – Fiction, Translation, Non-Fiction, Art


09/01/2015  Geist – Short Long-Distance Writing Contest

09/01/2015  Gigantic Sequins – Poetry Contest, Flash Fiction Contest, & Non-fiction

09/01/2015  Gold Line Press – POETRY Chapbook Contest, FICTION Chapbook Contest

09/01/2015  Gorsky Press – Molly Ivors Prize for Fiction

09/01/2015  Home School – Home School Miami 2016 – General Applications

09/01/2015  Hugo House – 30/30 Reading

09/01/2015  Inlandia – Creative Writing Workshop: 2015 Writing from Inlandia

09/01/2015  Interim – Poetry, Translation [Poetry and Essay], Hybrid Form, Essay, Book Review, Artwork

09/01/2015  Kudzu House – Fiction/Flash, Poetry, Nonfiction, & Visual Art

09/01/2015  LUC Department of Fine and Performing Arts – IN/MOTION Chicago’s Dance Film Festival

09/01/2015  Mangrove Literary Journal – Fred Shaw Fiction Contest , Art, Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry

09/01/2015  Minerva Rising – Journal – Prose, Journal – Poetry, Journal – Artwork & Photography

09/01/2015  Mom Egg Review – Creative Prose, Fiction, Poetry, Visual Art, Book Reviews, etc.

09/01/2015  NANO Fiction – 2015 NANO Prize

09/01/2015  Norsk Vann – NORDIWA Full Paper & Extended Abstracts

09/01/2015  North Carolina Literary Review – 2016 Special Feature Section: 25 Years of NCLR

09/01/2015  Oregon Poetry Association – Contest Submission

09/01/2015  Pariahs Anthology 2015 – Call for Submissions – Pariahs Anthology 2015

09/01/2015  phren-Z Online Literary Magazine – The 4th Annual Morton Marcus Poetry Contest

09/01/2015  Playa – Visual Artist, Writer, Performing Artist, & Scientist/Creative Research Residencies

09/01/2015  Poetica Publishing and Magazine – Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Awards

09/01/2015  Radar Poetry – The Coniston Prize

09/01/2015  Red Rock Writing Workshops – Body of Land – Body of Work in Torrey, Utah

09/01/2015  Seacoast Christian School – Phys Ed Uniform Clothing

09/01/2015  Slippery Elm – Poetry Contest, Prose Contest, General Poetry, & General Prose Submissions

09/01/2015  Spread the Word – London Short Story Prize 2015

09/01/2015  Susan Glaspell Writers and Critics Reading Series – The Payton James Freeman Essay Prize

09/01/2015  The Black Warrior Review – Nonfiction Contest, Poetry Contest, Prose Contest, etc.

09/01/2015  The Bronx Museum of the Arts – Artist in the Marketplace (AIM) Application 2016

09/01/2015  The Fourth River – Climate Change: Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, etc.

09/01/2015  The Poetry School – Guide your poems into print with Nine Arches Press

09/01/2015  The Quotable – Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry

09/01/2015  The Sun Magazine – Readers Write: The Sofa

09/01/2015  Tupelo Quarterly – Prose, Chapter One, Visual Art

09/01/2015  Two Cities Review – Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry

09/01/2015  Utah Arts & Museums – Exhibition Proposals 2016.1

09/01/2015  Washington Avenue Arts District – SITE HOUSTON 2015

09/01/2015  Witness Magazine – Photo Essay [Theme: Spectacle]

09/01/2015  Woman Made Gallery – The Power and Politics of Anger

09/01/2015  Writing By Writers – Sea Kayaking in the San Juans, Residency

09/01/2015  YSU Student Literary Arts Association – Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction

09/02/2015  VisArts – VisArts Faculty Show 2015

09/03/2015  Naugatuck River Review – Naugatuck River Narrative Poetry Contest

09/04/2015   The 2016 Incisal Edge Clarion Design Contest – Design of the Future & Existing Practice

09/04/2015  Ruminate Magazine – Kalos Foundation Visual Art Prize

09/04/2015  Rutgers Writing Program – Dialogues@RU Fall 2015

09/04/2015  SMPS Houston – 2015 SMPS Houston Design Awards

09/04/2015  The Art League – Superstition and Belief

09/05/2015  Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose – Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, Non-Contest

09/05/2015  Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery – Solo Art Exhibition Series – “An Opportunity to Shine”

09/05/2015  Newswomen’s Club of New York – In-Depth Reporting, Digital Video, Many more

09/05/2015  On The Premises – OTP Contest #26: Straightforward

09/05/2015  Pure Green Magazine – Pure Green In Season: A Collaborative Recipe Anthology

09/06/2015  Alexa Bigwarfe – Your Best tips for Busy Moms

09/06/2015  Brooklyn Poets – Brooklyn Poets Fellowships, Brooklyn Poets Anthology

09/06/2015  TechTown Detroit – Road to Readiness

09/06/2015  unique as you / Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond – Remembrance, Remnants & Mentors”

09/07/2015  Eclectica Magazine – Word Poem Challenge

09/07/2015  Lawndale Art Center – Día de los Muertos Student Exhibitions – Project Proposal Form

09/07/2015  Lazy Day Writing – Short Fiction, Poetry

09/07/2015  Salesforce – Dreamforce Film Festival

09/07/2015  U.S. Green Building Council Colorado – Green Building Achievement Awards

09/07/2015  ZO Magazine – ZO Magazine POETRY Exposé & ART Exposé

09/08/2015  Jaggery – Fiction, Art, Essays, Poetry, Reviews

09/08/2015  NYC Department of Cultural Affairs – Artists-in-Residence

09/09/2015  Cape Cod Writers Center – Cape Cod Writers Center Contest Entry

09/09/2015  TAYO Literary Magazine – Fiction, Poetry, & Creative Nonfiction

09/09/2015  The Manifest-Station – Essay Contest

09/09/2015  Transfer Magazine – Transfer 110 Writing Submissions

09/10/2015  Abroad Writers’ Conference – ABROAD WRITERS’ CONFERENCE

09/10/2015  Carroll Museums – October Art Exhibition at Carroll Museums


09/10/2015  Gigantic Sequins – Poetry Contest, Flash Fiction Contest, & Non-fiction

09/10/2015  International Print Center New York – New Prints 2015/Autumn

09/10/2015  Overland – Short story prize

09/10/2015  Porkbelly Press – Porkbelly Press CHAPBOOK Submission

09/10/2015  The Players Theatre Short Play Festival – Short Play & Musical Festival – Boo!

09/11/2015  College Book Art Association – Juried Membership Exhibition

09/11/2015  Maine College of Art – 2015 MECA Holiday Sale

09/11/2015  Spokane Arts – Spokane Mayor’s Urban Design Awards & Spokane Poet Laureate

Updates to the Submission Details page

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Late August Opportunities

August 12th, 2015 by















08/12/2015  Chicago Literati – The Starving Artist

08/12/2015  Edible DC – Photography – Fall 2015 Issue

08/12/2015  Let It Ripple – The Adaptable Mind, Making of a Mensch

08/12/2015  Meat for Tea: The Valley Review – Recipes, Flash, Art, Poetry, Essays and Other Works

08/12/2015  Mountain Research Initiative – Dynamic Mountains, Sustainable Mountains, Mountain Stories

08/12/2015  Tucson Pima Arts Council – GOS (General Operating Support), PLACE VI Grant – Application

08/13/2015  AADOREE – AADOREE Submissions

08/13/2015  Fourth Annual Call for Proposals – Photography, Writing


08/14/2015  Amnesty International Australia – Indigenous reporting, Television media, etc.

08/14/2015  Art Center Sarasota – Juried Exhibition August 27 – September 30, 2015

08/14/2015  Artist INC – Artist INC Advance

08/14/2015  Blue Earth Review – Flash Fiction/Nonfic. Contest, Poetry Contest 2015 (Free!)

08/14/2015  Cave Canem Foundation, Inc. – Poetry Conversations, Grabbing Poetry By Its Throat

08/14/2015  Louisiana Literature – Open Reading Period: Chapbooks

08/14/2015  Medium Festival of Photography – Size Matters exhibition

08/14/2015  ugly duckling presse – Translation Queries (June 1 to August 1, 2015)

08/15/2015  About Place Journal – The Future Imagined Differently

08/15/2015  Amethyst Arsenic – Poetry

08/15/2015  Atlas and Alice – Creative Nonfiction , Poetry, Fiction , Visual Arts

08/15/2015  Australian Poetry Ltd – Poetry Anthology, Australian Poetry Journal Vol 5 no 2

08/15/2015  Constellations – Poetry, Art and Photography, Fiction

08/15/2015  Elohi Gadugi – Elohi Gadugi Journal Summer 2015

08/15/2015  Epigraph Magazine – Poetry (Issue Ten)

08/15/2015  FLARE: The Flagler Review – Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, & Art

08/15/2015  Gival Press, LLC – General Open Queries: May 15 to August 15

08/15/2015  Jab Magazine – Poetry (Print), Visual Art

08/15/2015  Jacob Burns Film Center – The Valentine & Clark Emerging Artist Fellowship

08/15/2015  Jane’s Boy Press – The Ishka Bibble Book of Desire, Photography for Ishka Bibble

08/15/2015  Luna Station Quarterly – Issue 024

08/15/2015  Newfound – Gloria E. Anzaldúa Poetry Prize

08/15/2015  Passager Books – Open Issue

08/15/2015  Really System – Really System Issue Eight Submissions

08/15/2015  Sage Hill Press – Railtown Almanac

08/15/2015  Skirt – Skirt-Inaugural issue

08/15/2015  St. Lawrence County Arts Council – Fine Art calendar, Artists’ Studio Tour

08/15/2015  Summit Artspace Gallery – 2016 Gallery Submissions

08/15/2015  The Acentos Review – Homage Issue 2015

08/15/2015  The Boiler Journal – Poetry, Fiction, & Creative Non-Fiction

08/15/2015  The Bombay Gin – Poetry, Prose/Cross-Genre, Art, Book Reviews

08/15/2015  Twelve Winters Press – Xpress

08/15/2015  UNO PRESS Laboratory – UNO PRESS LAB Award

08/15/2015  Yale University Press – Yale Drama Series

08/15/2015  Zimbell House Publishing, LLC – Anthology: Tales From The Grave

08/16/2015  Arcadia – Nonfiction Contest

08/16/2015  Boldface Writer’s Conference – Lillie Robertson Prize Contest Announcement

08/16/2015  Brighthorse Books – Prize in the Novel, & Prize in Short Fiction

08/16/2015  Cordite Poetry Review – Poetry Submissions to Cordite 52: TOIL

08/16/2015  French-American Foundation – 2015 Immigration Journalism Award

08/16/2015  Grayson Books – Grayson Books Poetry Prize

08/16/2015  New South – Micro Prose

08/16/2015  Texas Sculpture Group – Speaking Silence at Gallery Shoal Creek

08/16/2015  The Lifted Brow – Nonfiction (Art Issue only)

08/16/2015  WonderRoot – WonderRoot CSA Season 07 Artist Proposal

08/17/2015  ArtsWestchester – Ridge Hill Mural Program

08/17/2015  Knight Foundation: Journalism & Media Innovation – Prototype Fund

08/17/2015  MBTA – Art Commission Project – Call For Artists

08/17/2015  North American Guild of Beer Writers – Best Beer and Travel Writing

08/19/2015  Quiet Lightning – Quiet Lightning in Samuel P. Taylor State Park

08/20/2015  Murphy Writing of Stockton University – Scholarship for Shore Thing Writing Getaway

08/20/2015  Subito – Prose Prize (fiction/nonfiction/essay/etc.), Poetry Prize

08/20/2015  The Writer’s Hotel – Knightville Poetry Contest & Machigonne Fiction Contest

08/21/2015  Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts – Request for Qualifications: Sarah’s Hope

08/21/2015  Contemporary Media, Inc. – Memphis Magazine’s Home Design Awards

08/21/2015  Kinokophone – Kinokophonography at the Whitworth


08/21/2015  Right Hand Pointing – Special Issue 91: One through Sixteen

08/21/2015  Tinderbox Poetry Journal – Tinderbox Poetry Prize

08/21/2015  Woman Made Gallery – Woman Made Gallery: Open Call for Prints

08/22/2015  ArtSpan – Recently Displaced Artists

08/22/2015  Fort Worth Community Arts Center – Art in the Metroplex 2015

08/22/2015  Southern Writers Symposium – Emerging Writers Contest—Fiction, Poetry, etc.

08/22/2015  Writing Maps – The A3 Review’s Monthly Contest #18 (August) HANDS

08/23/2015  Devilfish Review – Call for Poetry Editor

08/23/2015  Florida Skin Divers Association – Underwater Photos Florida

08/23/2015  Fresh Arts – 2015 WHAM Application (10th Anniversary)

08/24/2015  MBTA – Art Commission Project – Call For Artists

08/24/2015  Monmouth Museum – Monmouth Museum: Juried Portrait Exhibition

08/24/2015  The Pacific Art League of Palo Alto – 94th Anniversary Exhibition

08/25/2015  Council for the Advancement of Science Writing – New Horizons travel fellowships

08/25/2015  Litro Magazine – Whodunit: October 2015 (Print Magazine)

08/26/2015  Houston Arts Alliance – Request for Qualifications for Artwork

08/26/2015  Knight Green Line Challenge – Knight Green Line Challenge 2015 (Year 2)

08/27/2015  Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery – “Open” (No Theme) Online Art Competition

Interview with Rebecca Briggs, Communications Coordinator at the Biodynamic Association

August 7th, 2015 by

Rebecca Briggs, Communications Coordinator at the Biodynamic Association

Rebecca Briggs is the Communications Coordinator at the Biodynamic Association, a nonprofit group of individuals and organizations who are committed to rethinking agriculture through healthy food, healthy soil, and healthy farms.  The Biodynamic Association was started in 1938 and is considered one of the oldest sustainable agriculture organizations in North America. Based on the teachings of Austrian educator Rudolph Steiner, biodynamics is an approach to organic agriculture that views nature as a living, self-sustaining organism in which material, biological, and spiritual elements are united.  Biodynamic methods are designed to stimulate and sustain the farm’s inherent fertility, health and terroir through the integration of crops and livestock, the restoration of on-farm biodiversity, and thoughtful cooperation with the influence of the sun, moon and planets on the Earth.  I reached Rebecca at her home in Eugene, Oregon, to talk about her work.

Sasha: How did you first become interested in the biodynamic movement?

During the summer after my first year in an environmental studies masters program, I got connected with a small biodynamic farm in the area through a friend in the grad program. Working on the farm really changed everything for me. It became so clear that food and agriculture were where I wanted to focus my studies and career. I didn’t get very deep into biodynamics at that time, but felt such a huge respect for the farmers and their ideals, and I fell in love with the diversity and beauty of that farm. They were members of the Biodynamic Association, and when a position opened to edit the Biodynamics journal, they suggested I apply. So I really learned a lot on the job. (And continue to do so!)

Sasha: Biodynamic farming has an important spiritual element to it. What influence has your academic background in religion had on your interest in biodynamic farming?

I’m not sure if my background influences my interest in biodynamics so much as it derives from the same foundations. I’ve always wanted to figure out how the world works (spiritually, philosophically, politically, etc), which is a major reason I was interested in religious studies. I feel like biodynamics is a really holistic way of approaching some of the same fundamental questions.

 Sasha: I see a growing number of biodynamic wines on the grocery store shelves these days. What has spurred this growth in the wine industry in particular?  Are there other biodynamic products we can expect to see on supermarket shelves in the near future?

There are probably a lot of factors involved in that growth, but I get the sense a lot winemakers have experienced how Biodynamic® wines often have a different quality and vitality, and they’ve wanted to go in that direction. I think both wine makers and wine consumers tend to be very sensitized to quality, so they detect the differences in Biodynamic wines. And many also want to farm in a better, more holistic way. When you tour some of the Biodynamic vineyards, the difference compared to a conventional, sterile-seeming wine grape monoculture is just amazing – the diversity of plant life, the beauty of the flowering cover crops, the integration of animals, the protection of pollinators and natural areas, etc.

I think as more consumers become aware of biodynamics, the more viable the transition becomes for all sorts of growers, and the momentum will build. There are already more Biodynamic® products available, thanks to recent efforts by Demeter USA (the Biodynamic certifier in the U.S.) and Whole Foods to transition more farms. I think we’ll be a seeing a lot more as public understanding and desire for them continues to grow.

Benziger insectory  674

Benzinger Winery. Courtesy BDA

Sasha: California is experiencing its fourth year of severe drought. How has the biodynamic farming community there responded to this challenge?

Some Biodynamic wineries and farms in California have been implementing creative water conservation and recycling strategies for a number of years, so there is a lot to learn from them – Benzinger Winery and Filigreen Farm, for example. In general, we try to take the good work of our members and make it available for others to learn from.

We’re expecting that drought and farming in arid climates will be a big issue for discussion and learning at our next North American Biodynamic Conference in Santa Fe in the fall of 2016. There’s been significant research on and experience with biodynamics in drought conditions in Australia, which I think we can learn a lot from. There is also research to suggest that the biodynamic preparations help a farm balance itself and maintain more consistent yields during years of extreme weather. I’m sure we’ll be discussing all this and more at our conference.

Sasha: Has the rapid advance in technology over the past 10 years had any significant effect on the biodynamic movement, and on the Biodynamic Association in particular?

It’s been a massive change for both the movement and our organization. Ten years ago, printed materials were the sole form of education and knowledge sharing, aside from learning in person at regional events or farms. The BDA has always played a key role in helping to disseminate information across the continent, but technology advances allow us to do much, much more in that regard, and much more quickly. The same goes for other organizations in the movement. For example, we keep adding more online resources and information, we recently started hosting webinars, and we’re connected with the worldwide movement through social networks. Technology has also changed how we can operate as an organization: nearly half our staff are on the west coast, with the rest in Wisconsin, and members of our board and advisory committees are located across the U.S. and Canada. Nonetheless, we do try to stay aware that technology is just a tool, and we try to keep an appropriate balance in that regard.

I think you can say the same for our members. Many certainly make a lot of use of modern technology, like solar-powered and even GPS-guided tractors. But I think they recognize that there’s something at the heart of biodynamics that’s very different: a life force, a reverence and respect for nature.

Sasha: Do you practice biodynamic farming at home?

I live in town, so I garden. I try to do as much as I can with the space I have, but it’s always a work in progress. I’m really interested in how biodynamics applies in the urban context. For example, how can we talk about the biodynamic “farm organism” in a small garden? How can you incorporate animal life in a very small space? There’s a lot of great discussion starting to happen around this topic.

Sasha: What are some of BDA’s top hopes and goals for the next generation of biodynamic farmers?

We’re seeing so much amazing energy, enthusiasm, and creativity in the next generation. Specifically in biodynamics, we’re seeing young farmers who want to move beyond simply not using chemicals to something more meaningful and holistic, with deeper ideals. So we’re doing our best to meet this by providing educational programs, financial support, and ways for them to connect with each other. They’re already becoming leaders and educators within the movement and are affecting the dynamics and future direction. I think we’re really just trying to support and foster this positive impulse that already exists.


A biodynamic farm at work. Courtesy BDA

Early August Opportunities

July 29th, 2015 by














07/29/2015  Tamarack – Transforming Tradition Entry Form , The Best of West Virginia

07/30/2015  CoBALT Connects – Bay Area Performing Arts Alliance

07/30/2015  Fiction Attic Press – Debut Story Collection Contest, Weird and Wonderful Stories

07/30/2015  Pittsburgh Poetry Review – Poetry — Pre Open Call

07/30/2015  Ruminate Magazine – Readers Ruminate, William Van Dyke Short Story Prize

07/30/2015  Synaesthesia Magazine – Fiction, poetry, non-fiction, Art, photography, music

07/31/2015  3Elements Review – Photography, Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, Art

07/31/2015  94 Creations – Cover Art

07/31/2015  Altaire Productions & Publications – No Man’s Land: The Crime Edition

07/31/2015  Alternating Current – Manuscript Award, Historical Writing Contest, etc

07/31/2015  Anchor & Plume Press | Kindred Magazine – Anchor & Plume 2015 Reading Period

07/31/2015  Apogee Journal – Fiction, Creative Non Fiction

07/31/2015  Arapahoe Philharmonic – Conducting Competition 2015-2016

07/31/2015  Artadia: The Fund for Art and Dialogue – 2015 Chicago Awards

07/31/2015  Arts and Letters – Unclassifiables Contest

07/31/2015  Artsmith – Culture, Environment, and Travel Writer Residency in Laredo, Texas

07/31/2015  Augury Books – Poetry Manuscript, Prose Manuscript Submission

07/31/2015  Barrelhouse – Poetry

07/31/2015  Bethesda Urban Partnership – “Paint the Town” Mural Project

07/31/2015  BOAAT PRESS – Chapbook Competition, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, & Photography

07/31/2015  Brain Mill Press – 2015 Driftless Unsolicited Cover Art Contest

07/31/2015  Butcher’s Dog Poetry Magazine – Butcher’s Dog Issue 6 – Call for Submissions

07/31/2015  Cannonball – 2016 Local Residency

07/31/2015  Chesapeake Writers’ Conference – Chesapeake Writers’ Conference Participant Application

07/31/2015  Cisco Writers Club – Articles, Books, Poetry, Publication Briefs, Short Stories

07/31/2015  Cleaver Magazine – Fiction, Flash, Creative Nonfiction

07/31/2015  Council for the Advancement of Science Writing – Prize for Excellence in Medical Reporting

07/31/2015  Crab Orchard Series in Poetry – Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First Book Award

07/31/2015  Crazyhorse – Crazyshorts! Short-Short Fiction Contest

07/31/2015  D.K. Dutt Memorial Award For Literary Excellence – Fiction, Non-Fiction

07/31/2015  Duende – VISUAL ART // ISSUE 3

07/31/2015  Fey Publishing – Stories and Personal Essays for College Course Material

07/31/2015  Five Oaks Press – “Our Wish for Blue” Annual Poetry Chapbook Contest


07/31/2015  Glass Wheel Studio – Studio Artist Program at Glass Wheel Studio (Norfolk, VA)

07/31/2015  Gold Wake Press – July Open Reading

07/31/2015  Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance – Grants – Literary Arts, Visual Arts

07/31/2015  Ice Cube Press, LLC – Prairie Seed Poetry Prize


07/31/2015  InSpiritry – Intertwined – Poems of Shared Endeavor

07/31/2015  Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine – Academic, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Studio Art

07/31/2015  League of Minnesota Poets – League of Minnesota Poets 31st Annual Poetry Contest

07/31/2015  Let It Ripple – The Adaptable Mind, Making of a Mensch, Making of a Mensch – FJC

07/31/2015  Letter Machine Editions – Open Reading Period July 2015

07/31/2015  Lighthouse Writers Workshop – Beacon Award Nomination

07/31/2015  Lingerpost – Poetry

07/31/2015  Lunch Ticket – Amuse-Bouche

07/31/2015  Mad Scientist Journal – Exclusive Flash Fiction/Short Fiction of Any Genre for Anthology

07/31/2015  Missoula Downtown Association – River City Roots Festival Art Show 2015

07/31/2015  NAP – LOG III by NAP

07/31/2015  Nashville Film Festival – Call for Various Film Categories

07/31/2015  Nine Arches Press – Poetry submissions & Short Fiction submissions

07/31/2015  Paper Road Press – At the Edge—SFFH Anthology

07/31/2015  Please Hold Magazine – 2-D Art, Audio Work, Video Work, & Writing

07/31/2015  Post Mortem Press – Post Mortem Press Novel Submissions

07/31/2015  Press 53 – 2016 Press 53 Award for Poetry

07/31/2015  PushPen Press – ONE

07/31/2015  Queer Young Cowboys – Prose and Poetry, Photography + Visual Arts

07/31/2015  Rattle – Ekphrastic Challenge (online only)

07/31/2015  Red Hen Press – Red Hen Press Short Story Award

07/31/2015  SAND Journal – QUICK.SAND. A Flash Fiction & Flash Nonfiction Competition

07/31/2015  Sarabande Books – The Linda Bruckheimer Series in Kentucky Literature

07/31/2015  Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival – Film Submission – Early Deadline

07/31/2015  Seizure – Epistles at Dawn

07/31/2015  Senorita Cinema – Senorita Cinema Super Shorts 5

07/31/2015  Silhouette Press / Here Comes Everyone -Poetry & Fiction

07/31/2015  Sink Review – Special Issue Submissions: Letters & Correspondence

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07/31/2015  Southerly literary journal – CALL FOR PAPERS – Fiction, Non-fiction, & Poetry

07/31/2015  Southern Cultures – Documentary Arts Issue Submissions

07/31/2015  Southern Documentary Fund – 2015 SDF Filmmaking Grants

07/31/2015  Sport Literate – Sport Shorts contest. DEADLINE EXTENDED!

07/31/2015  Stone Canoe – Drama, Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Veterans’ Writing, Visual Art

07/31/2015  Sugar House Review – Fast Track Poetry Submission, Regular Poetry Submission

07/31/2015  Swarm – Poetry, Fiction

07/31/2015  The California Journal of Poetics – Reviews, Criticism, Poetry, Interviews, & Comics

07/31/2015  THE COLLAGIST – Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction, Novel Excerpts

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07/31/2015  Traverse Theatre – Autumn 2015 – Visiting Companies

07/31/2015  Trio House Press – Open Submissions Period

07/31/2015  Twisted Road Publications – Anthology Contest – Short Fiction

07/31/2015  Untoward Magazine – Short Stories , Flash / Poetry

07/31/2015  Urban Farmhouse Press – Cities of the Straits Chapbook Series

07/31/2015  Winter Tangerine Review Writer’s Workshop – Prose Automatic Writing

07/31/2015  Word Riot Inc. – 2015 Paula Anderson Book Award

07/31/2015  Young Muslim Writers Awards –  Poetry & Short Story Awards

07/31/2015  ZooFriends – Aquarium, Reptiles & Amphibians, Birds & Landscape, Carnivores, etc.

08/01/2015  BOAAT PRESS – Chapbook Competition, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, & Photography

08/01/2015  carte blanche – comics

08/01/2015  Creative Currents – Festival del Nazareno Photography & Artist Retreat

08/01/2015  Darling Magazine – Online Drafts due July 2015

08/01/2015  Emby Press – SLAYPUNK

08/01/2015  Etched Press – Etched Press Poetry Series Contest

08/01/2015  Future Tenant – Future Ten: Ten Minute Play Festival

08/01/2015  Helen Literary Magazine – Short Story Contest, Flash Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, etc.

08/01/2015  Home School – Home School Miami 2016 No-Fee Applications

08/01/2015  Hudson Valley Writers’ Center – Writing Your Love Story Master Class

08/01/2015  Lambda Literary – Nepantla

08/01/2015  Lansing Art Gallery – Project Pop Up – Yarn Bombing

08/01/2015  National Parks Arts Foundation – Fort Union National Monument Artist in Residence

08/01/2015  New South – Micro Prose

08/01/2015  North Carolina Literary Review – Alex Albright Creative Nonfiction Prize

08/01/2015  Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition – Momentum Tulsa 2015 Artist Submission (Non-Member)

08/01/2015  Orison Books – The Orison Anthology Award in Fiction, Non-fiction, & Poetry

08/01/2015  Painted Bride Quarterly – Prose, Fiction, & Poetry

08/01/2015  Prairie Schooner – Creative Nonfiction Essay Contest

08/01/2015  Room – Poetry and Fiction Contest, Poetry and Fiction Contest

08/01/2015  Rufus Stone – Rufus Stone Winter 2015 Residencies

08/01/2015  Slice Literary – Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry

08/01/2015  South Dakota State Poetry Society – Pasque Petals FA 2015


08/01/2015  Stoneboat – Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Hybrid, Black & white art, Comics/Graphic Literature

08/01/2015  Storyscape Journal – Prose, Poetry

08/01/2015  Synaesthesia Magazine -Fiction, poetry, non-fiction, Art, photography, music

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08/02/2015  Hawaiʻi Review – Literature of Crime: Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, & Poetry

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08/03/2015  Friends Journal – Nov 2015: Quakers in Pop Culture

08/03/2015  Gallery B – Gallery B 2016 Exhibition

08/03/2015  Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance – Grants – Literary Arts, Visual Arts

08/03/2015  International Black Women’s Film Festival – 2015 Regular Deadline

08/04/2015  Hawk’s Well Theatre – Virtual Trad Orchestra

08/05/2015  Aqueous Magazine – Prose Writing Volume Ten, Poetry Volume Ten

08/05/2015  Ruminate Magazine – Readers Ruminate, William Van Dyke Short Story Prize

08/06/2015  Meat for Tea: The Valley Review – Recipes, Flash, Art, Poetry, Short Fiction, & Essays

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08/07/2015  MTSU Todd Art Gallery – The Art of Moonshine

08/07/2015  Proximity Magazine – Issue Eight: Obituary

08/08/2015  Fidea Design GmbH – Bewerbung Satellit DesignSchenken 2015

08/08/2015  Gival Press, LLC – Gival Press Short Story Award

08/08/2015  Ika Journal – IKA Creative Writing Prize 2015

08/08/2015  Porkbelly Press – Micro Chapbook Submission

08/09/2015  Carve Magazine – Annual Carve Magazine Blog Contest

08/10/2015  KOI Music Festival – KOI Music Festival 2015 Artist Submissions

08/10/2015  StoryQuarterly – 2015 StoryQuarterly Nonfiction Prize

08/10/2015  The Lifted Brow – Internships, Fiction

08/11/2015  Lazuli Literary Group – AZURE September 2015 Writing Contest

08/12/2015  Chicago Literati – The Starving Artist

08/12/2015  IWMF – African Great Lakes Reporting Initiative Fellowship – Central African Republic

08/12/2015  Kinokophone – Kinokophonography at the Whitworth

08/12/2015  Mountain Research Initiative – Dynamic Mountains, Sustainable Mountains, Mountain Stories

08/12/2015  Tucson Pima Arts Council – GOS 2014-2015 – Final Reports, PLACE VI Grant – Application

08/12/2015  Woman Made Gallery – The Power and Politics of Anger

ALA Recap: Gloria Steinem, Nick Offerman, and a Great Big Parade

July 22nd, 2015 by
Sarah Vowell interviewing Nick Offerman

Sarah Vowell interviewing Nick Offerman

What happens when 16,000 librarians get together? Recently, Submittable attended the American Library Association’s Annual Conference and Exhibition in San Francisco, where we demoed our platform at the Knight Foundation booth. ALA is basically like AWP for librarians, complete with panels, cocktail hours, football-field-sized exhibit halls, and big-name speakers. In between working at the booth and attending the CODEX Hackathon that Submittable co-sponsored, I went to talks from Nick Offerman (a.k.a. Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec) and Gloria Steinem.

At a standing-room only audience in the main auditorium, I sat between two librarians from Philadelphia while we waited for Nick Offerman (“Is anyone here not a librarian?” one of them asked the other. “I’m not!” I said). We collectively swooned a little when he walked onto the stage — he’s very dashing in real life, this Nick Offerman. Offerman gave a self-deprecating talk about his new book Gumption (“I’m really proud of it,” he said, “But I also take really good shits I’m proud of”) and his love for woodworking. Sarah Vowell dropped by for a surprise visit and interviewed him onstage. Trivia: Did you know Offerman is good friends with George Saunders, whom Offerman calls “an incredible guitar player”? Also, he really does giggle that way.


Gloria Steinem gave the opening talk for the Saturday of the conference weekend. Though the talk was at 8:30AM, the crowd was standing-room only. Steinem, whose book My Life on the Road comes out in October, discussed the importance of libraries and community activists, a job which, she noted, one cannot interview for but simply must do. She’s an incredibly eloquent and thoughtful speaker, and her speech was full of quotable lines.

Gloria Steinem at ALA 2015

Gloria Steinem at ALA 2015

My top seven quotes from Steinem’s speech:

  1. On her family’s frequent moves when she was a child: “I was rescued by librarians wherever I went.”
  2. To the audience: “Patriarchy doesn’t work anywhere anymore. So I’m hoping we can pretend we’re sitting in a circle.”
  3. To librarians: “You democratize knowledge.”
  4. On religion: “If God looks like the ruling class, then the ruling class is God.”
  5. Her definition of feminism: “A person who believes in the full social, economic, political equality of males and females.”
  6. On being a community organizer: “Pressing ‘send’ is not organizing.”
  7. On her decision to become a speaker on the road: “There is something that happens in a room that can’t happen even on a page.”


The day before Steinem’s speech, the Supreme Court announced the legalization of same-sex marriage. This announcement happily coincided with San Francisco’s Pride weekend. Throngs of crowds flooded downtown San Francisco, near where I stayed in SOMA, and the whole weekend was like a big party. Having grown up in the Bay Area, I’d been to many Pride parades, but never one that felt this joyful. What a trip.

San Francisco Pride Parade 2015

San Francisco Pride Parade 2015



asta__MG_6364_ML_color_final_V2 (1)BIO: Asta So is Submittable’s blog editor and editorial director. She has an MFA in creative writing from the University of Montana and a BA in English lit from Stanford University. When not writing or sewing, she’s hugging dogs or cooking from her dad’s many Cantonese-style recipes.



If you would like to write anything for us, please send us your work.

Shipping Submittable 3.0

July 14th, 2015 by

Hi Everyone,

After 12 months of development and 3 months of testing, we are going to begin rolling out Submittable 3.0. Over the next 5 days, you will begin to see the new interface in your account.


Submittable 3-0 - screenshot - full


This upgrade will include a cleaner, more user-friendly interface, code changes that make the platform more accessible to screen readers used by people with disabilities, and performance enhancement. No features will be removed, and the general navigation works similarly to the way it always has. No one familiar with the application will have any trouble with the new interface.

In the following weeks, you’ll see additional upgrades such as responsive forms for a better user experience on mobile and a new details view that better handles reviewing images and videos.

Thanks for your time. We’re very excited about this newest version and the upcoming features. Please don’t hesitate with any problems or concerns.

I hope your July is going well.




Late July Opportunities

July 14th, 2015 by















07/14/2015  Artscape – QWAC/Artscape Awards of Distinction 2015

07/14/2015  Causeway, Inc. – Causeway Challenge: Spring 2015

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07/14/2015  Third Coast International Audio Festival – Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition

07/15/2015  Agave Magazine – ART, LITERATURE, PHOTOGRAPHY

07/15/2015  Ambit Magazine – Ambit Poetry Competition, Ambit Short Fiction Competition

07/15/2015  American Literary Translators Association – 2015 ALTA Mentorship

07/15/2015  Annapolis Medical Writers’ Workshop – Annapolis Medical Writers’ Workshop

07/15/2015  Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts – Free Fall Grant &  Participant Application

07/15/2015  Brooklyn Arts Council – BAC Mural, Destination> Brooklyn 2015

07/15/2015  Canthius Literary Journal – Short Fiction, Poetry

07/15/2015  CUE Art Foundation – 2015 Call for Curatorial Proposals

07/15/2015  Dirty Chai – Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, Visual Art and Photography, Poetry

07/15/2015  Dunes Review – Prose & Poetry

07/15/2015  Fairy Tale Review – Fairy Tale Review Contest – Poetry & Prose

07/15/2015  Fiction Attic Press – Debut Story Collection Contest

07/15/2015  Haute Dish – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, & Visual Art submissions

07/15/2015  Hillyer Art Space – Perspective: Fresh Look at Contemporary Painting & Drawing

07/15/2015  Houston Poetry Fest – Juried Poet Submissions, Youth Poet Submissions

07/15/2015  Hudson Valley Writers’ Center – Poetry, Memoir, & Playwriting Workshop

07/15/2015  Lanterns of Hope – Submissions

07/15/2015  Let It Ripple – The Adaptable Mind, Making of a Mensch – FJC

07/15/2015  Mash Stories – Mash Stories Competition #7, Mash Test

07/15/2015  Montana Book Festival – Author, Panel, & Publisher Submissions

07/15/2015  Montana Film Office – Big Sky Film Grant Application – July 2015

07/15/2015  Rattle – 2015 Rattle Poetry Prize Contest Entry

07/15/2015  Ricepaper Magazine – Ricepaper’s 1st Annual Secret Ingredient Flash Fiction Contest

07/15/2015  SAND Journal – Flash Fiction & Nonfiction Competition , Poetry, Prose, Visual Art

07/15/2015  Sink Review – Special Issue Submissions: Letters & Correspondence

07/15/2015  Slash Pine Press – Call For Poetry Chapbooks

07/15/2015  Stillhouse Press – Spring 2015 Non-fiction Contest

07/15/2015  Story – Un/Natural World [Issue 4], Story Online

07/15/2015  submission reading series – Fiction, Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction

07/15/2015  Synecdoche – Visual Art, Fiction/Non Fiction, Poetry

07/15/2015  Texas Review Press – 2015 X.J. Kennedy Poetry Prize

07/15/2015  The Camargo Foundation – Art Matters & Jerome Foundation Residencies

07/15/2015  The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, etc.

07/15/2015  The Masters Review – Short Story Award for New Writers

07/15/2015  ThrewLine Books – ThrewLine Books: Poetry Collection

07/15/2015 – Poems

07/15/2015  UPPERCASE publishing inc – Issue 27: Library, Issue 27: the one thing you need to know…

07/15/2015  Ursa Minor – Art Submission

07/15/2015  Verse – Tomaž Šalamun Prize

07/15/2015  Woman Made Gallery – Adorn: Contemporary Wearable Art

07/15/2015  Word Riot Inc. – 2015 Paula Anderson Book Award

07/15/2015  Zimbell House Publishing, LLC – Anthology: The Creators

07/16/2015  Brooklyn Arts Council – BAC Mural, Destination> Brooklyn 2015

07/16/2015  MTSU Todd Art Gallery – Still Life: The Art of Moonshine

07/16/2015  Slideluck – Berkshires, Houston, & SLIDELUCK LA: Night Market

07/16/2015  The Pacific Art League of Palo Alto – Figures & Faces

07/17/2015  Art Hive Online – Call For Entries – Art Connexions 2015

07/17/2015  Busybird Publishing – Short Story and Poetry, Cover Competition

07/17/2015  Hudson Valley Writers’ Center – Poetry, Memoir, & Playwriting Workshop

07/17/2015  Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources – 2015 Field Reporting Awards

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07/19/2015  For Books’ Sake – Call for submissions: Young Adult Fiction

07/19/2015  Norman Firehouse Art Center – 2015 Fall Adult Class Proposals

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07/21/2015  The U.S. WWI Centennial Commission – World War I Memorial Design Competition

07/21/2015  Writing East Midlands – Writing East Midlands Mentoring Scheme

07/22/2015  Craft ACT – ACTivate, Capital of CULTURE , Living Artist

07/22/2015  Hudson Valley Writers’ Center – Poetry, Memoir, & Playwriting Workshop

07/22/2015  Ruminate Magazine – Readers Ruminate

07/22/2015  Slideluck – Berkshires, Houston, & SLIDELUCK LA: Night Market

07/23/2015  Iota Short Prose Conference – Iota Short Prose Conference

07/24/2015  ArtsWestchester – Through the Decades: Picturing 50 Years in Westchester

07/24/2015  Camden International Film Festival – 2015 Points North Fellowship

07/25/2015  Litro Magazine – Missed Connections: September 2015 (Print Magazine)

07/25/2015  Mothership Zeta – Mothership Zeta General Submissions

07/25/2015  Writing Maps – The Writing Maps Writing Contest #17 (July) JOURNEYS

07/26/2015  Fidea Design GmbH – Bewerbung Satellit DesignSchenken 2015

07/26/2015  The Suburban Review – The Suburban Review Vol. 6: OPEN THEME

07/27/2015  Hawk’s Well Theatre – Virtual Trad Orchestra

07/27/2015  IWMF – Howard G. Buffett Fund For Women Journalists Round 2 – June 2015

07/27/2015  L A M P – EMERGING

07/27/2015  Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery – Call for Art – 5th Annual “Nature” Art Competition

07/27/2015  Visible Ink – Text Submissions, Image Submissions

Guest Post: When Writers Attack — Terrible Ways to Respond to Rejection

July 6th, 2015 by
Illustration by Josh Quick

Illustration by Josh Quick

Every writer has faced rejection. Every editor has begrudgingly rejected someone. More often than not, these rejections end with amicable silence. There may even be subsequent attempts at literary courtship. However, in some cases, the writer unleashes a hateful wrath.

As a writer, I’ve had my stories rejected over 500 times. As an editor at Bartleby Snopes, I’ve personally rejected several thousand stories. That’s not something I’m proud of, but I’m not ashamed of it either. It’s the nature of the game.

Most writers take rejection with grace; or at least they keep their onslaught of hatred private. Roughly ten percent of writers will respond to a rejection. These responses generally fall into one of three categories:

  1. Gratitude – Thank you for taking the time to read my work.
  2. Curiosity – I know you’re busy, but could you take a few minutes to explain why you rejected my work? or, Could you elaborate on what you mean by [insert criticism here]?
  3. Intense hatred – Fuck you. My work was perfect. You are the worst editor in the world.

Let’s focus on the third type of response, the one we remember the most. You’d be amazed at what writers are willing to say in the privacy of an email, especially to someone who has told them their work isn’t good enough for publication (which is almost never what a rejection actually says). My personal favorite rejection response used “fuck” more times than a 2 Live Crew album. It was so filled with hate that I wondered briefly if I needed to watch my back during the day and sleep with one eye open at night.

As the rejecting editor, I’ve been called just about every name in the book, as well as some names that weren’t in the book. What would possess a writer to tell me I’m a “fuckhead” for not liking his story? Or to criticize my personal life when he’s never even met me?

Honestly, not one of these angry responses has ever really gotten to me. I didn’t lose sleep. I didn’t change my editorial policies. And I sure as hell didn’t go back and accept any of those stories. In other words, these writers gained nothing from their responses.

Of course, not all rejected writers reserve their angst for emails. Some of them launch into public tirades on Twitter or Facebook. They drop the names of editors. They call for boycotts. I suspect one day they will post the names of an editor’s children or even a map to the editor’s house. And to what purpose?

Writers who attack editors and publishers—whether they do it privately by email or publicly on social media or a blog post—are doing nothing to help the writing community. Nor are they helping their own writing.

Here’s what the writer might be trying to accomplish with these attacks:

– A sense of vengeance (If they won’t publish me, I’ll see to it they never publish anything again!)

– Some weird relief (I feel so much better after insulting someone who didn’t like my work)

– Pity (Oh, woe is me. An editor didn’t like my story. Please tell me I’m a great writer)

– Vindication (The editors will see the error of their ways! But after they apologize and offer to publish my work, I won’t let them.)

The seething response may provide some temporary relief. A few sympathetic friends will rush to their aid and shower them with praise. But none of it will last as long as the side effects of such reaction.

Here are the more likely outcomes:

– Blacklisted (Wow, you look like a jerk. What editor would want to work with you now?)

– Loss of fans and friends (Hmm…maybe you aren’t cut out for this writing thing after all.)

In other words, you end up looking bad, not the venue that rejected you.

Moral of the story: keep your post-rejection blues to yourself.

But, wait, there’s more.

There’s another danger of rejection—especially the type that comes with editorial feedback. Writers often get in the habit of taking rejection too seriously (which is why they occasionally send back those hate-filled replies). When writers send out their work, they’re sending out something very dear to them. To hear that someone doesn’t like it can feel like a personal affront. Possibly even more dangerous than the public outcry is the internalization of our rejection anger.

As writers, we have to learn not to get pissed about rejection. It’s a lesson we must learn quickly. No matter what a publication tells you about your work, it should never be taken as the gospel truth. Writers need to remember that a publication’s feedback is precisely that: the publication’s feedback. It’s never a universal reflection of your work.

Yet writers will bury a story that gets rejected a few times. They’ll spend hours rewriting a story based on canned comments like “this didn’t fit our aesthetic” or “we thought this moved too slowly.”

Rejection is never nice. It can crush spirits, ruin lives, and force the worst out of us. But it can only do those things if we let it. There are plenty of lit mags and publishers in the proverbial sea. Don’t hate the ones that reject you. Don’t try to conform your writing to them either. Find the ones that can live harmoniously with your work.

When next you are rejected, don’t attack the editors or your own writing. If you must respond, do so graciously. If you must revise, do so cautiously. Or, you could do what the best writers do: move on.


BIO: Nathaniel Tower is the managing and founding editor of Bartleby Snopes Literary Magazine and Press. His short fiction has appeared in over 200 online and print publications. In 2014, Martian Lit released his first short story collection, Nagging Wives, Foolish Husbands. He is a former high school English teacher and the former world record holder for the fastest mile running backwards while juggling. He currently lives in Minneapolis with his wife and daughters. Visit him at


If you have a counter opinion or would like to write anything for us, please send us your work.

Early July Opportunities

June 30th, 2015 by















06/30/2015  1913 Press – The 1913 Prize for First Books: reading during May & June 2015!

06/30/2015  Alternating Current – Full-Manuscript Contest, Historical Writing Contest, Poetry Contest, etc.

06/30/2015  Annexe – Articles (online) – technology/communication/obsolete

06/30/2015  Artist INC – Artist INC Live Austin 2015, Artist INC Live Omaha 2015

06/30/2015  ASGARD – Artwork, Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction

06/30/2015  Augsburg College MFA – Howling Bird Press Fiction Award

06/30/2015  Autumn House Press – Poetry Contest , Fiction Contest, & Nonfiction Contest

06/30/2015  Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts – Free Fall Baltimore 2015 Grant Application

06/30/2015  Bambaz Press – FIRE&D Open Submission

06/30/2015  Bauhan Publishing – 2015 May Sarton NH Poetry Prize

06/30/2015  Black Lawrence Press – Biography/Cultural, Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, & many more.

06/30/2015  Black Ocean – Manuscript Submissions

06/30/2015  Blast Furnace – General Submissions

06/30/2015  Book Ex Machina – Fiction, Fiction (& Matchbook Stories Writer’s Special)

06/30/2015  Brain Mill Press – Driftless Unsolicited Cover Art Contest, Mineral Point Poetry Chapbook

06/30/2015  Buttontapper Press – Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned From Pop Songs

06/30/2015  Carina Press – RWA Critique Group Contest

06/30/2015  Chicago Literati – Essays, Fiction , Poetry , PRIDE: The LGBTQ+ Issue

06/30/2015  Cobalt – 2015 Earl Weaver Baseball Writing Prize

06/30/2015  Council for the Advancement of Science Writing – Award for Young Science Journalists

06/30/2015  CUE Art Foundation – Call for Curatorial Proposals, Call for Solo Exhibition Proposals

06/30/2015  CWC-Peninsula – Fiction, Flash Fiction, Personal Essay, & Poetry

06/30/2015  Digging Through the Fat ripping out the heart – Poetry

06/30/2015  Drunken Boat – Fiction

06/30/2015  Elephant Rock Books – 2016 Sheehan YA Book Prize

06/30/2015  ELJ Publications – Magpies, Poetry Manuscripts, & Prose Manuscripts

06/30/2015  Engine Books – Engine Books 2015 Fiction Prize, Judged by Rebecca Makkai

06/30/2015  Extracts – Prose Submission + Extract(s) Vol. 2

06/30/2015  Fey Publishing – Halloween Anthology Submissions

06/30/2015  Fiction Attic Press – First Novel Contest, Flash in the Attic Contest

06/30/2015  Fidea Design GmbH – Bewerbung Label für DesignSchenken 2015

06/30/2015  Ghost Proposal – Chapbook Contest

06/30/2015  Glassworks Magazine – Flash Fiction, Micro Essays, and Prose Poetry, Art and Media

06/30/2015  Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal – Chapbook Submission + Copy of published chapbook

06/30/2015  Hillyer Art Space – Membership Gallery Submissions for August – Dececember 2015

06/30/2015  Kill Your Darlings – Commentary/Essays, Reviews, & Fiction

06/30/2015  Melbourne Spoken Word – Audacious Issue Two

06/30/2015  MIEL and 111O – Open reading 2015 – POETRY, Open reading 2015 – PROSE

06/30/2015  Minor Literature[s] – PROSE –– Fiction

06/30/2015  Money for Women – Nonfiction, Poetry

06/30/2015  monologging – #FlashTag


06/30/2015  Pantheon Magazine – TYPHON: A HORROR ANTHOLOGY

06/30/2015  PARAGRAPHITI – Flash Fiction

06/30/2015  Powder Keg Magazine – Poetry

06/30/2015  Publishing Genius – Chris Toll Memorial Writing Prize

06/30/2015  Radar Poetry – Poetry

06/30/2015  Rattle – Ekphrastic Challenge (online only)

06/30/2015  Rising Phoenix Press – The Rising Phoenix Review

06/30/2015  Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival – Feature & Short Film

06/30/2015  Sangam House – Letter of Reference, Requires Submission Files

06/30/2015  Section 1, Inc – Call for Performing Artists & Call for Visual Artists

06/30/2015  Sequestrum – Fiction & Nonfiction, Poetry

06/30/2015  Smashbox Studios – 2015 Assistants Show Application

06/30/2015  South Asian Journalists Association – Various awards in journalism

06/30/2015  South Perry Street Fair – South Perry Street Fair Booth Application

06/30/2015  Split This Rock – 2016 Split This Rock Poetry Festival

06/30/2015  Sport Literate – Sport Shorts contest

06/30/2015  Streetlight Magazine – Streetlight’s 2015 Poetry Contest

06/30/2015  Tampa Bay Theatre Festival – Monologue and Scene Submissions

06/30/2015  The Burnside Review – Poetry Chapbooks

06/30/2015  The Found Poetry Review – Found Poetry Review Volume 10

06/30/2015  The Molotov Cocktail – Flash Fury Contest

06/30/2015  The Red Line – Un-themed Competition

06/30/2015  The Salvation Army World Missions Department – URBANA 15 FORM

06/30/2015  The Worcester Review – Poetry, Fiction

06/30/2015  ThrewLine Books – The Ottawa Object: Short Fiction

06/30/2015  TL Publishing Group – The Effects of Grace – Christian Anthology

06/30/2015  Tuesday; An Art Project – Themed Poetry Contest, Issue 12 Theme: “Samsara”

06/30/2015  Tuscany Press – Novel, Young Adult Novel, & Short Story

06/30/2015  University of North Texas Press – Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Short Fiction

06/30/2015  Virginia Quarterly Review – Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, etc.

06/30/2015  wherewithal – Wherewithal Annual Poetry Contest, Poetry Submissions-Issue 3

06/30/2015  Whispering Prairie Press – Highlight Kansas City, 3-for-all WP Press Contest, etc.

06/30/2015  Wisconsin Romance Writers of America – WisRWA Write Touch Readers’ Award Contest

06/30/2015  Word Riot Inc. – 2015 Travel Grant Applications – Round 2

06/30/2015  Wordrunner eChapbooks – 2015 Fiction eChapbooks

06/30/2015  Writers Alliance of Gainesville – FICTION, POETRY, & NONFICTION

07/01/2015  American Literary Translators Association – 2015 ALTA Mentorship

07/01/2015  American Short Fiction – American Short Fiction– Short Story Contest

07/01/2015  Apogee Journal – Poetry, Visual Art

07/01/2015  ASBMB Today – IMMEDIATE: Getting over the hump

07/01/2015  Bellevue Literary Review – Contest – BLR Prizes

07/01/2015  Big Sky Documentary Film Festival – 2016 Big Sky Doc. Film Festival Early Submission

07/01/2015  BorderSenses – ForWord Teen Chapbook Vol. III

07/01/2015  Bronx Council on the Arts – 2015 Arts Fund

07/01/2015  Brooklyn Arts Press – Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Essays, Hybrids, Chapbooks, etc.

07/01/2015  Canthius Literary Journal – Short Fiction, Poetry

07/01/2015  Darling Magazine – Online Drafts due June 2015

07/01/2015  Emby Press – THE EMBY BESTIARY – EMBY KIDS

07/01/2015  FEAST Miami – FEAST Miami #4

07/01/2015  Iron Horse Literary Review – Photo Finish 2015

07/01/2015  Jellyfish Highway – Books, Online Chapbooks

07/01/2015  Matrix Magazine – Lit POP 2015 Poetry, Lit POP 2015 Fiction

07/01/2015  Minerva Rising – A Writer’s Response

07/01/2015  New Hampshire State Council on the Arts – Arts Awards & Traditional Arts Apprenticeships

07/01/2015  Norman Firehouse Art Center – Artist/Food Vendor Application, Fall Adult Class Proposals

07/01/2015  Outpost19 – California Prose Directory 2015

07/01/2015  Overland – Story Wine Prize

07/01/2015  Parlor Press – New Measure Poetry Prize / Free Verse Editions

07/01/2015  PRX – PRX’s Third Annual STEM Story Project

07/01/2015  Ricepaper Magazine – Ricepaper’s 1st Annual Secret Ingredient Flash Fiction Contest

07/01/2015  Shroud Publishing LLC – 2015 Novel Submissions

07/01/2015  Sugared Water – Creative Nonfiction, Poetry, Fiction, Comics, Art, & Sequential Art

07/01/2015  The Blueshift Journal – RUSH SUBMISSIONS FOR ISSUE 3 – ART, POETRY, PROSE

07/01/2015  The Cupboard – The Cupboard Pamphlet’s Fifth-Ever Contest!

07/01/2015  The Malahat Review – Elusive Boundaries: Mapping CNF in Canada

07/01/2015  The Paris-American – The Paris-American Prize Contest Submissions

07/01/2015  The Rag – Submission Only

07/01/2015  The Society of Arts and Crafts – 2015 John D. Mineck Fellowship

07/01/2015  The Sun Magazine – Readers Write: Being Single

07/01/2015  Willamette Writers – C. Whitcomb Conference Scholarship

07/01/2015  Winter Tangerine – The Winter Tangerine Awards

07/01/2015  Words Apart Magazine – Fiction Contest

07/01/2015  Xanadu – Poetry

07/02/2015  Hunger Mountain: the VCFA Journal of the Arts – Short Fiction Prize, Katherine Paterson Prize

07/02/2015  Mixed Greens – MIXED GREENS >>> 2015 SUBMISSIONS

07/02/2015  Norman Firehouse Art Center – Artist/Food Vendor Application, Fall Adult Class Proposals

07/02/2015  Society for Personality and Social Psychology – 2016 Abstract Check

07/02/2015  Wyoming Arts Council – 2016 Creative Writing Fellowships in Poetry

07/03/2015  Artspace – Hunter Street Bridge Mural Project – Call for Proposals

07/03/2015  EMP Museum Applications – EMP Hip-Hop Artist Residency Applications

07/03/2015  Lansdowne Arts Board – 20*20 House Gallery Artist Call

07/03/2015  Lighthouse Writers Workshop – Program Assistant, Alice Maxine Bowie Fellowship 2015-2016

07/03/2015  NVWP Young Writers and Families Programs – Online Application for Grades 5-8/9-12

07/03/2015  Pilgrimage Magazine – Fall 2015 (39.2)-Beginnings

07/04/2015  China Grove – Fiction, Poetry, Essay/Non-Fiction

07/04/2015  Headmistress Press – Charlotte Mew Chapbook Contest

07/04/2015  Idea Exchange – Test Event Submission

07/04/2015  Wharton Esherick Museum – 2015 Woodworking Competition: Vases

07/05/2015  Artist Inc Live in Argenta – Artist INC. Live in Argenta 2015

07/05/2015  Black Fox Literary Magazine – The Black Fox Writing Contest 2015

07/05/2015  Montana Film Office – YouTube Content Preliminary Pitch

07/05/2015  The Altar Collective – Volume IX – Poetry

07/05/2015  VisArts – VisArts Faculty Show 2015

07/06/2015  Artist INC – Artist INC Live Austin 2015, Artist INC Live Omaha 2015

07/06/2015  Chicago International Film Festival – Feature Films, Feature Documentaries, Short Films

07/06/2015  ELJ Publications – Magpies, Poetry Manuscripts, & Prose Manuscripts

07/06/2015  Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance – Urban Arts Leadership Program Fellowship Application

07/06/2015  Hospitalfield Arts – Graduate Residency 2015

07/06/2015  Hugo House – Scribes Application, Scholorship, &  Summer Internship

07/06/2015  ICA Miami – ICA Miami OPEN CALL

07/06/2015  Morehead Writing Project – Global Graffiti Summer Writing Camp

07/06/2015  Next City – Next City Fellowship

07/06/2015  wherewithal – Wherewithal Annual Poetry Contest, Poetry Submissions-Issue 3

07/07/2015  Four Chambers Press – Special Projects / Welcome Home

07/07/2015  Zoetic Press – NonBinary Review Issue #6: 1001 Arabian Nights, Unbound Octavo, Story 5

07/08/2015  Crab Orchard Series in Poetry – Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First Book Award

07/08/2015  Katonah Museum Artists’ Association – Time and Place

07/09/2015  Atlantic Center for the Arts – ACA Community Artist-in-Residence Call 2015

07/10/2015  Craft ACT – ACTivate & Living Artist

07/10/2015  Harvard Book Store – Cover Submissions, Illustrated Submissions, & Written Submissions

07/10/2015  Lansing Art Gallery – TIME|PLACE

07/10/2015  Lighthouse Writers Workshop – Program Assistant, Alice Maxine Bowie Fellowship

07/10/2015  New Hampshire State Council on the Arts – Art Awards, Traditional Arts Apprenticeships

07/10/2015  Newtown Literary – Poetry, Prose. Both with Free, With Feedback, or With Copy of Issue

07/10/2015  Nowhere – Spring 2015 Travel Writing Contest, $1,000 Prize!

07/10/2015  Portrait Society of Atlanta – 2015 Fall Exhibition – Juror Edward Jonas

07/10/2015  Queens Museum – 2015 Open Call for the Queens Museum Studio Program

07/10/2015  THC short story contest – Tamale Hut Cafe 2015 Short Story Competition

07/10/2015  The Art League – Call for Submissions – Taking Shape

07/10/2015  The Mark Twain House & Museum – Royal Nonesuch Humor Writing Contest

07/10/2015  Utah Arts & Museums – DesignArts Utah ’15

07/10/2015  Whitepoint Press – Book-Length Poetry Collection, Short Story Collection, Novel

07/10/2015  Zoetic Press – NonBinary Review Issue #6: 1001 Arabian Nights, Unbound Octavo, Story 5

07/12/2015  Fiction Attic Press – First Novel Contest & Flash in the Attic Contest

07/12/2015  Iris Brown Lit Mag – Art

07/12/2015  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution – Personal Journeys Writing Contest 2015

07/12/2015  Virginia Quarterly Review – Writers’ Conference: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, etc.

07/13/2015  Burlington Public Art – Aldershot Village, Plains Road

07/13/2015  Friends Journal – Oct 2015: Faithful Living

07/14/2015  Third Coast International Audio Festival – Third Coast/Driehaus Foundation Competition