Interview with Marcia Parlow, Managing Editor of New England Review

May 19th, 2015 by

Marcia Parlow is the managing editor of New England ReviewFounded in 1978, NER is published by Middlebury College in Vermont, which also runs the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference. Among the many renowned writers who have been published in NER are Natasha Trethewey, Kathryn Davis, and Charles Baxter. Marcia lives in Weybridge, Vermont, with her two Italian Spinone and the frequent company of her three large sons. I recently interviewed Marcia about how she got into publishing and got an insider’s look at NER‘s publishing process.


Marcia Parlow

Marcia Parlow, managing editor of NER

Asta: Tell us about your background in publishing and how you came to join the New England Review. 

Marcia: Even having been the requisite English major, I was very lucky to graduate to a job with the legendary Susan Hirschman at Greenwillow Books at William Morrow in New York. I learned some of the most important lessons of my life from her—to trust my own judgment, to treat people with great dignity, and to have a party every time we published a book. I left Greenwillow to return to my hometown of Boston, where I worked at Houghton Mifflin with Robie Macauley, who had deep roots at the Kenyon Review and put literary magazines on my radar. After a child-rearing hiatus, I was looking at a changed publishing landscape—book publishing could no longer so easily champion the emerging literary writers with whom I loved to work. I had moved to Middlebury a few years ago, happy coincidence the home of New England Review, and soon began reading submissions for them. And then, in a stroke of complete luck and timing and alignment of the universe, the managing editor position opened up for the first time in a decade.

Asta: What’s your day-to-day job like as NER’s managing editor?

Marcia: There’s a bit of triage in my day-to-day, but that’s not unique to publishing or to me. For instance, today I walked in focused on getting our next digital original ready to post—but first met with a former intern who’s about to graduate. Next, I helped two authors and a translator figure out the secret of uploading tax forms, unjammed the copier, and tried to figure out what to do with a piece of cover art we haven’t been able to use as we had hoped. I had vowed that I would get back to wrapping up that digital piece for our Confluences series, but then found myself updating our letterhead (sorry, Sean Warren, your piece will get posted!). The next couple of weeks will be an inDesign marathon as we build the next issue; we will proof tables of contents against pages, design the front cover, make sure all the contracts have been signed. The best description of my job came from Michael Nye of Missouri Review last year at AWP, describing managing editors as the Swiss Army Knives of lit mags.

Asta: How does your submissions process work?

Marcia: We read year round, accepting submissions during the academic year—our submissions period will end on the last day of May. We spend the summer doing our best to make sure that every one of the year’s submissions has been read and responded to. The day we reopened last fall, September 1, Submittable logged 181 submissions. Boom, day one, we’re feeling behind. But we have an ever-improving system that is working well. Our college interns review each cover letter and point it in the right direction—flagging it as poetry, fiction, nonfiction, existing NER authors, etc. We have a wonderful stable of reliable readers who are assigned twenty pieces a month. They put their comments in Submittable and pass it on to the next level, often our poetry editor, Rick Barot, and our associate editors Janice Obuchowski, Jennifer Bates, and J.M. Tyree, who say such insightful things about the pieces from sentence level on up, that I know we cannot possibly be paying them enough. We often get queries from writers about where a piece may be in the process, and often it is the work that generates the most positive in-house response and garners the most consideration that takes the longest for us to respond to. The truth is that a response can range from a few days to a few months.

When the final pieces have been selected, our editor Carolyn Kuebler strings them together into the whole. I wish each reader would start at the beginning so that the intentional juxtaposition of the pieces remain in tact, and hear how the end of a poem, for example, can deliver us to the start of the following essay with strengths and relationships that might not reveal themselves if a piece were read in isolation; at its best it becomes almost a relay, or a conversation.

Spinone at work

Take Your Spinone to Work Day

Asta: How do you use Submittable?

Marcia: I remember standing in a small and windowless room at Houghton Mifflin, looking at three walls of shelving, floor to ceiling, of manila envelopes filled with novel-length manuscripts and SASEs and a distinct mustiness. That Submittable can log, date, order, and maintain those records along with our editors’ collective notes is miraculous. I love that we can click a button and see all submissions over time from a particular author, because being able to finally publish the work of someone who has been determined to work and revise and submit newer and better pieces to us is as exciting to us as it is to the author. (Well, very close.)

This year, we used Submittable to create an e-contract for authors, translators, poets, and artists. Kenyon Review was already doing this, and it really motivated me to see if NER could jump out of the mailing-paper-contracts phase to emailing them—tax forms included. So I read up on the Submittable form designer, e-mailed Submittable approximately 27 times, and built a contract one text box at a time. Now, instead of over the course of weeks, we receive signed contracts back with very short turnaround time, sometimes even on the same day, and we have in one document all the data we need—name, title of the piece, address, e-mail, contributor’s note, completed tax form, and a Word upload of the work. Magic.

Asta: Are there any exciting developments coming up for NER?

Marcia: We’re thrilled to have just launched e-versions of NER for every platform, and we’re working hard to re-design our website. We have a rich backlist of work that we bring out as “Classics,” and a wealth of audio from Bread Loaf authors reading at the writers’ conference, and we’re trying to design a site that will make it easy for readers to jump in and enjoy this incredible content.

Asta: Any advice for readers who want to submit their work to you?

Marcia: The advice is the same for NER as it is, I’m sure, for all journals. First, know who we are and submit to us if you love the idea of seeing yourself tucked into the Contributors’ Notes among the kinds of authors we tend to publish. Second, keep at it. No one is happier than we are to see a name that’s been before us a thousand times finally appear in our table of contents. We’re publishing a piece in our next issue that started down the NER path in 2012. Also, when you submit to us, educate us. If you’re writing about an area of your own expertise, tell us (briefly) just that; for fiction, too, just a brief intro. And if you’re an emerging writer, don’t hide it, celebrate it. You only get to publish for the first time once, and then you’ll always be “ours.” I made sure to get our first-time authors their galleys in time for Thanksgiving last year so that they could lord it over their siblings.


asta__MG_6364_ML_color_final_V2 (1)BIO: Asta So is Submittable’s blog editor and editorial director. She has an MFA in creative writing from the University of Montana and a BA in English lit from Stanford University. When not writing or sewing, she’s hugging dogs or cooking from her dad’s many Cantonese-style recipes.



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05/01/2015  IWMF – Elizabeth Neuffer Fellowship

05/01/2015  Knockout Magazine – Poetry

05/01/2015  Kudzu House – Essay Brief , Article Length Essay (5.3 Autumn Equinox)

05/01/2015  Lanterns of Hope – Submissions

05/01/2015  Litquake – Main Festival Submission, Lit Crawl San Francisco

05/01/2015  McLean Project for the Arts – MPAartfest 2015

05/01/2015  Minerva Rising – Literary, Poetry, Artwork and Photo

05/01/2015  Moon City Press – The 2015 Moon City Poetry Award

05/01/2015  Motor City Match – Building Owner Application

05/01/2015  North Carolina Literary Review – James Applewhite Poetry Prize

05/01/2015  OxMag – The Golden Ox Award For Prose And Poetry

05/01/2015  Passager Books – Passager Books

05/01/2015  Playboy – Playboy 2015 College Fiction Contest, 2015 Entry for Subscribers

05/01/2015  Poetry City, USA – Poetry City, USA: Open reading period

05/01/2015  Prescott Gallery – Prescott Gallery Summer Exhibition Open Call

05/01/2015  Proximity Magazine – Issue Seven: Borders

05/01/2015  Quest Writer’s Conference – Quest Writer’s Conference Application

05/01/2015  Seneca Review – Beyond Category: dual or multiple media / genre work etc

05/01/2015  SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery – Summer 2015 Residency Lab

05/01/2015  Soundings Review – Poetry

05/01/2015  Southern Indiana Review – Drama, Fiction, Nonfict etc

05/01/2015  Spider Road Press – 2015 Spider’s Web Flash Fiction Prize

05/01/2015  TechTown Detroit – DTX Launch Detroit 2015

05/01/2015  The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes – NYSCA Electronic Media & Film

05/01/2015  The Conium Review – 2015 Innovative Short Fiction Contest ($500 Prize)

05/01/2015  The Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant – 2015 Volunteer Application

05/01/2015  The Poetry Society – Poetry News – Poetry Society Members’ Poems competition

05/01/2015  The Quiver – Outside Submissions, St. Sebastian’s Submissions

05/01/2015  TSR: The Southampton Review – TSR: The Roger Rosenblatt Comic Essay Prize

05/01/2015  Tupelo Press – The Berkshire Prize for a First or Second Book of Poetry 2015

05/01/2015  Tupelo Quarterly – TQ7 Poetry Prize, Portfolio: Pilgrimage, Voyage & Return

05/01/2015  Vital Narrative Press – The Essential Summer Reader

05/01/2015  Waxwing – Prose, Poetry

05/01/2015  Weasel Press – Typewriter Emergencies

05/01/2015  Western Masters – 2015 Heart of the West Live Auction Artwork

05/01/2015  Wick Poetry Center – 2015 Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize

05/01/2015  workshopresidence – Annual Residency Competition: 2015

05/01/2015  Yellow Flag Press – Open Reading Period – Chapbooks, Broadsides

05/02/2015  Butler Bridge Program – 2015 Booth Tarkington Prize for Young Writers

05/02/2015  New American Press – NEW STORIES FROM THE MIDWEST

05/02/2015  Slideluck – Red Hook Crit Slideluck Bikeshow II , SLIDELUCK Berlin V

05/02/2015  Solstice Literary Magazine – ANNUAL LITERARY CONTEST

05/03/2015  Arts Mid-Hudson – 2015 Dutchess County Executive’s Arts Award

05/03/2015  Cordite Poetry Review – Poetry Submissions to Cordite 50: TRANSTASMAN

05/03/2015  ELJ Publications – Poetry(Chapbook), Poetry(Full-Length) etc

05/03/2015  Folio Lit Journal – 2015 Issue Launch + 30th Anniversary Lucha Libro Fundraiser

05/03/2015  Hugo House – Scribes 2015 Application, Scribes Summer Internship

05/03/2015  Savannah College of Art & Design – Landfall

05/03/2015  The Bacon Review – Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Visual

05/03/2015  undr_scr review – Artist Submissions

05/04/2015  AFAC Ltd – Strategic Command Program , EDP Course

05/04/2015  Aqueous Magazine – Flash Fiction Contest , Prose Volume Nine etc

05/04/2015  Arachne Press Limited – Liberty Tales

05/04/2015  Cannonball – Visiting Residency Application 2016

05/04/2015  Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis – Great Rivers Biennial 2016

05/04/2015  International Black Women’s Film Festival – 2015 Earlybird Deadline

05/04/2015  Point of Convergence – Letters, Book Cover, Non-Fict Essay, Poetry, Short Fict

05/04/2015  Six Mile Post – Derweatra’s Team

05/04/2015  Traverse Theatre – Words, Words, Words

05/05/2015  Ghost Ocean Magazine – Tree Light Books 2015 Chapbook Contest

05/05/2015  Loco Mag – Issue #18: Fight Or Flight

05/05/2015  Montana Film Office – YouTube Content Preliminary Pitch

05/05/2015  Ruminate Magazine – Readers Ruminate, Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize

05/05/2015  Spring Creek Project – Campus Wild

05/05/2015  The Manhattanville Review – Mville Writing Alumni Contest

05/06/2015  Cambridge Writers’ Workshop – CWW Summer Writing Retreat in Paris

05/06/2015  Harpo Foundation – Grants for Visual Artists, LOI New Work Project Grants

05/06/2015  Meat for Tea: The Valley Review – Recipes, Flash and microfiction, Art etc

05/06/2015  Terrain – Bazaar 2015 Call For Submissions

05/06/2015  The San Francisco Foundation – 2015 Murphy Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards

05/07/2015  CWC-Peninsula – Fault Zone Fiction,  Personal Essay, Poetry

Last line of text cut off when viewing MS Word documents

April 20th, 2015 by

Recently, administrators using Submittable have encountered an issue where the last line of certain MS Word manuscripts is cut off when they’re viewing the manuscript in the Document Viewer of the Submission Details page. We have found that this issue occurs when documents are created in the open-source software OpenOffice and LibreOffice and saved as .DOC files. Submittable uses Microsoft Word 2013 format to display documents to administrators, and this error appears to be caused by an incompatibility between MS Word and OpenOffice/LibreOffice.

To prevent this issue from happening, if you are a submitter creating a document in OpenOffice or LibreOffice, please enter a carriage return at the end of your last line of text, so that there is an additional blank line of text at the end of your manuscript.

If you are an administrator and you find that a document is missing its last line when you view it in our Document Viewer, you can download the file from Submittable and view it in a version of Word prior to 2013. To download the file, click the blue ‘Download this file’ icon in the upper left-hand corner of the document’s Submission Details page.


As always, please contact our support team if you have questions.

A Small Correction: “Add to Existing Assignments” is now checked by default.

April 17th, 2015 by

Add to Existing AssignmentsTwo years ago, we made a mistake. We added the ability to “Assign people to 1 or more submissions” and we made the default in this process to reassign a new person or batch of people to that submission instead of adding them to the list of existing assigned people. So if you were just adding people to a submission, you would actually remove the original people unless you manually checked the “Add to Existing Assignments” box (in yellow).

Today we’re changing that feature so that you add to existing by default and you have to uncheck the box if you’re not. It’s not a huge change, but it will affect hundreds of thousand of users. We have talked to many of you about this and feel the change will be positive. We apologize for making this mistake in the first place and we hope the change doesn’t adversely affect you or your staff in any way.

Fail Better Short Video Contest

April 15th, 2015 by



Submittable is looking for 1- to 2-minute videos from actors and performers about your biggest fail. What’s your worst audition? What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had onstage or backstage? What’s the most terrible thing a director has ever asked you to do? Send us a video about it.


The Prizes:

  • – $1,000 for the creator of the winning video
  • – PLUS $1,000 and a year-long Enterprise-level Submittable account donated to the live theatre or film organization of the winner’s choice
  • – Submittable will also give an additional $500 to the creator of the favorite video, as determined by an online public poll


Only the first 500 entries will be considered. It’s free to enter.


Follow #failbetter on Twitter and Facebook.

Submission Deadlines

April 10th, 2015 by


04/10/2015  California Poets in the Schools – 2015 Anthology Submissions

04/10/2015  Cymbals Magazine – 2015 Year-End Print Issue

04/10/2015  EKPHRASIS Poetry – April 25, 2015 Reading: Metamorphoses of the Gods

04/10/2015  Fort Worth Community Arts Center – Spring Focus Galleries Call for Entry

04/10/2015  LINK Conference – 2015 LINK Innovation Competition

04/10/2015  LUMINA – Online Submissions Issue 4

04/10/2015  monologging – #FlashTag

04/10/2015  NEPO House – NEPO 5k Don’t Run 2015

04/10/2015  New England Review – Translations from Chinese

04/10/2015  New Hampshire State Council on the Arts – Artist Residencies etc

04/10/2015  Porkbelly Press – Love Me, Love My Belly zine

04/10/2015  Prairie Fire – May 2015 Essay Submissions

04/10/2015  South Florida Underwater Photography Society – GOLIATH GROUPER PORTRAIT

04/10/2015  The Willow Literary Magazine – Poetry

04/10/2015  University of Baltimore – Commemorative Chapbook

04/10/2015  UNM Honors College – Honors College Scholarships

04/10/2015  Weasel Press – The Haunted Traveler

04/11/2015  Grist Journal – Grist Issue 8: HOT OFF THE PRESS SALE

04/11/2015  STEM Educator of the Year – STEM Educator of the Year 2015

04/11/2015  The Society of the Silurians – 1. Print Journalism: Breaking New etc

04/12/2015  ArtsWorcester – Call For Exhibition Proposals 2015 – Solo Show

04/12/2015  Atlantic Center for the Arts – your word teen writing residency 2015

04/12/2015  Cats with Thumbs – Fiction, Poetry for May 2015 Publication

04/12/2015  Iron Horse Literary Review – Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction: Open Issue

04/12/2015  South Bend Museum of Art – Biennial 28, Sightlines, 2015-2017

04/13/2015  California Writers Club Tri-Valley Branch – Poetry, Essay, Short Stories

04/13/2015  Kaleidoscope Project – Kaleidoscope Showcase

04/13/2015  Knight Foundation – Knight Arts Challenge Detroit 2015

04/13/2015  Montpelier Alive – Art Walk May 2015

04/13/2015  PTC FIRST Program – Championship Grant Application

04/13/2015  Six Mile Post – Derweatra’s Karlee’s , Kiston’s Team

04/13/2015  The New Quarterly Literary Society Inc. – Personal Essay Contest

04/13/2015  Western Masters – 2015 Heart of the West Live Auction Artwork

04/14/2015  Art Red Hill – Mentor , Jewellery, Painting, Photo, Sculpture etc

04/14/2015  Music Maker Productions – Old Main Music Festival Art Market Application

04/14/2015  Sagebrush Review – Art, Photography

04/14/2015  Six Mile Post – Derweatra’s Team, Karlee’s Team, Kiston’s Team

04/14/2015  Swift Awards – Revenue Growth

04/14/2015  The Blueshift Journal – Editorial Intern Application

04/15/2015  0101 Press – National Undergraduate Literature Conf 30th Year Journal

04/15/2015  A Public Space – Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction

04/15/2015  Action Books – Action Books 10th Anniversary Open Reading Period

04/15/2015  Artadia: The Fund for Art and Dialogue – 2015 New York Awards

04/15/2015  Austin Poetry Sociey – Austin Poetry Society 2015 Annual Awards

04/15/2015  Auto/Fiction – Call For Papers – Auto/Fiction- (Open Issue) 2:2

04/15/2015  Barely South Review – 2015 Norton Girault Literary Prize in Poetry

04/15/2015  Beecher’s Magazine – Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction Contest 2015

04/15/2015  BLACKBERRY: a magazine – 1st Annual Fiction Contest

04/15/2015  Blinders Literary Journal – Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Art

04/15/2015  Blotterature Literary Magazine – Ekphrastic! Issue

04/15/2015  Broadsided Press – Switcheroo

04/15/2015  Chautauqua – Young Voices , Flash, Micro Essay, Prose Poems etc

04/15/2015  Forest Avenue Press – Weird and Wonderful Portland, Oregon

04/15/2015  Goddard College – Goddard Alumni Arts Project Award Spring 2015

04/15/2015  Harpur Palate – John Gardner Memorial Prize in Fiction etc

04/15/2015  Hub City Press – New Southern Voices Poetry Book Prize etc

04/15/2015  Idyllwild Arts – Fiction/Nonfict/Memoir Fellowship etc

04/15/2015  Kinokophone – Kinokophonography at British Library

04/15/2015  KYSO Flash – All genres, up to 500 words, 501 to 1,000 words

04/15/2015  Locked Horn Press – America(s)

04/15/2015  Loyola Untitled – Loyola Untitled’s Juried Student Show 2015

04/15/2015  Mash Stories – Mash Stories Competition #6

04/15/2015  Montana Literary Magazine – Poetry, Nonfiction

04/15/2015  NARS Foundation – International Artist Application etc

04/15/2015  New South – Poetry Contest, Prose Contest

04/15/2015  O, Miami – Send a Cease & Exist letter, Secret Sonnets etc

04/15/2015  Press 53 – 2015 Prime Number Magazine Award  Cr Nonfict etc

04/15/2015  Quiet Lightning – Quiet Lightning @ Chez Poulet on May 4

04/15/2015  Rattle – Scientists – Poems & Essays

04/15/2015  Rougarou – Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Photography

04/15/2015  Salt Hill Journal – Dead Lake Chapbook Competition

04/15/2015  Saturnalia Books – Saturnalia Books 2015

04/15/2015  Sixpenny – Issue 2: Stories

04/15/2015  Slideluck – SLIDELUCK Fez II

04/15/2015  Slope Editions – 14TH Annual Slope Editions Book Prize

04/15/2015  Southern Documentary Fund – Fiscal Sponsorship Application

04/15/2015  St. Botolph Club Foundation – Emerging Artist Visual Application

04/15/2015  Sundress Publications – OUTSpoken (Poetry, Nonfict, Short Plays, Short Films)

04/15/2015  Sweet – Celebrity Crushes: Poems, Celebrity Crushes: Creative Nonfiction

04/15/2015  The Alice Munro Festival of the Short Story – Adult 19+ yrs

04/15/2015  The Normal School – FICTION,  POETRY, NONFICTION

04/15/2015  The Rusty Toque – 2015 Poetry Chapbook Contest

04/15/2015  The University of Utah Press – 2015 Agha Shahid Ali Poetry Prize

04/15/2015  Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal – Fiction, Poetry, Creative Non-Fict etc

04/15/2015  UPPERCASE publishing inc – ISSUE 26: Creative Postage Crafts &Projects

04/15/2015  VisArts – Call for Studio Artist Applications

04/15/2015  VoiceCatcher – Fiction,Non-Fiction, Poetry

04/15/2015  Whiskey Island – Poetry, Fiction, Flash Fiction

04/15/2015  YesYes Books – Poetry , CNF/Essay, Fiction, Art Submission for Vinyl

04/16/2015  Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment – Sweet Corn Contest – Poetry, Fiction

04/16/2015  LampLight Magazine – Fiction Volume 3

04/16/2015  Mistake House – Poetry, Fiction

04/16/2015  New South – Poetry, Prose Contest 2015

04/16/2015  Perversion Magazine – The Black and White Issue

04/16/2015  The Players Theatre –  Short Play & Musical Festival – NYC

04/17/2015  Columbia Journalism School – Professional Prizes

04/17/2015  Crusade for Art – Crusade Engagement Grant Initial Application

04/17/2015  Hurston Wright Foundation – Hurston/Wright Writers’ Week 2015

04/17/2015  Locust Projects – LAB (Locust Art Builders) High School

04/17/2015  McLean Project for the Arts – Strictly Painting 10

04/17/2015  Michigan Interscholastic Press Association – S-03: Students’ Choice Awards

04/17/2015  National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow – Writing , Photography

04/17/2015  Obsidian:Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora –  Furious Flower, Experiments in Joy

04/17/2015  Pen Parentis – 2015-2016 Pen Parentis Writing Fellowship for New Parents

04/17/2015  The Writer’s Hotel –  CLASS IN FICTION, NONFICTION & POETRY

04/17/2015  Walloon Writers Review – Walloon Writers Review First Edition

04/18/2015  Global Women’s Leadership Network – WLW 2015

04/18/2015  Morehead Writing Project – 2015 ISI Fellow Showcase

04/18/2015  NVWP Young Writers and Families Programs – Young Writers &Families Workshop

04/18/2015  Writers Rising Up – Paul Gruchow Essay Contest – Deadline April 18, 2015- $150.00 Prize

04/19/2015  ArtBridge Projects – Roots: Revealing Origins, Exploring New Territory

04/19/2015  Monmouth Museum – New Jersey Emerging Artists Series 2015 – 2016

04/19/2015  Structo magazine – Short fiction, Poetry, Poetry in translation

04/19/2015  The Olivetree Review – Art, Prose (Fiction/Non-Fiction) Poetry

04/20/2015  Brevity – SPECIAL ISSUE May 2015: The Experience of Gender

04/20/2015  Harpur Palate – John Gardner Memorial Prize in Fiction etc

04/20/2015  New Landmark Library Series: Public Libraries 2015

04/20/2015  Ox-Bow – Development and Marketing Associate

04/20/2015  Passages North – Poetry Prize, Nonfiction Prize

04/20/2015  Pioneer Winter Collective – Grass Stains

04/20/2015  Wysing Arts Centre – Leverhulme Arts Scholarship

04/20/2015  Yellow Springs Writers/Antioch Writers’ Workshop – Bill Baker Scholarship etc

04/21/2015  Crab Orchard Review – Richard Peterson Poetry Prize etc

04/21/2015  Hotel Amerika – Hotel Amerika Transgenre Writing Contest

04/21/2015  Solstice Literary Magazine – ANNUAL LITERARY CONTEST

04/22/2015  EIU English 3005 – Hush Puppies

04/22/2015  Fiction International – Contest: Virus

04/22/2015  Kinfolk | Ouur – Job Opening: Full-time Studio Manager (Copenhagen, Denmark) etc

04/22/2015  Philadelphia Writers’ Conference – Philadelphia Writers’ Conference Memorial Scholarships

04/22/2015  Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community – Systers Pass-It-On Awards Spring 2015

04/22/2015  Writer Advice – Writer Advice’s Tenth Flash Prose (Fiction & Memoir) Contest

04/23/2015  Hudson Valley Writers’ Center – Year of Your Book Section 2, Pure Critique 2015 W/S 2

04/24/2015  Chicago Literati – The Feminist Issue

04/24/2015  Cosmonauts Avenue – SLS Montreal Flash Fiction Prize

04/24/2015  FLEX Program – WYLTE 2015 Photo Contest!

04/24/2015  Little Presque Books – Little Presque Books Novella Contest

04/24/2015  New Hampshire State Council on the Arts – Artist Residencies in Schools etc

04/24/2015  Ruminate Magazine – Readers Ruminate

04/24/2015  Santa Monica College Photography Department – Open Category 2015

04/24/2015  Seizure – Edition 2

AWP: Yeah, you know me

April 9th, 2015 by

We’re at AWP! If you’re in Minneapolis for this annual writerly convention, come visit us at booth #1908 at the Book Fair and get certain protective writing gear.

This Saturday, April 11th, we’ll be co-hosting Scrollbar, a food and reading party with Real Pants and Curbside Splendor at the Gamut Gallery, 3 blocks from the Convention Center. Tickets will be available at Real Pants’ booth #1337 and at the door. Come party with us.




March 25th, 2015 by


03/25/2015  BSU Journalism Workshops – NEWS, FEATURE & ONLINE MEDIA: Newspaper Overall etc

03/25/2015  Camas – Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, Photography & Artwork

03/25/2015  monologging – #FlashTag, #Bite Twitter Tales

03/25/2015  NURTUREart Non-Profit, Inc. – Call for Artists: 2015/16 Season, Call for Curatorial Proposal

03/25/2015  Silhouette Press / Here Comes Everyone – HCE magazine Election Issue Non-fict, Fict, Poetry

03/25/2015  The Willow Literary Magazine – Photography, Prose, Poetry

03/25/2015  VisArts – Call for Solo Exhibition 2016

03/26/2015  Berklee College of Music Academic Affairs – Faculty Fellowship, Development Grant etc

03/26/2015  monologging – #FlashTag, #Bite Twitter Tales

03/26/2015  Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild – Visual Arts

03/27/2015  Art Red Hill – Jewellery, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Textiles/Craft

03/27/2015  Artscape – Barns Art Market Exhibitor Application

03/27/2015  BMe Community – BMe Leader Call for Stories | Baltimore,  Detroit etc

03/27/2015  Bronx Council on the Arts – 2015 Amended Project Budget for Arts Fund Grantees

03/27/2015  Diablo Valley College English – Nonfiction, Poetry, Short Fiction

03/27/2015  Friends of the Chappaqua Library – Middle School Fict, Middle School Non-Fict etc

03/27/2015  Givens Foundation for African American Literature – Emerging Writers’ Mentor

03/27/2015  Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery -5th Annual “CityScapes” Art

03/27/2015  Number: Inc – Number: Presents Art of the South 2015 Juried Exhibition

03/27/2015  Off Center Art Center – Earthly Pleasures, Celebrating our Planet with Art! OCAC Exhibit

03/27/2015  Overland – Applications for fiction readers, Applications for online fiction editorship

03/27/2015  Philadelphia Writers’ Conference – 2015 Spring Warm-Up

03/27/2015  Soupstone Literary Magazine – Soupstone Art and Writing Submissions

03/27/2015  TallGrass Writers Guild w/Outrider Press – Contest – Poetry – 2015 Anthology

03/27/2015  The Altar Collective – Volume VIII – Poetry

03/27/2015  The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes – 2015 Fire in the Gallery

03/27/2015  Wenlock Poetry Festival – WPF Children and Young People’s: ‘A postcard from afar’

03/28/2015  Arcadia – Arcadia Listens: Roanoke

03/28/2015  Cambridge Writers’ Workshop – CWW Newport, Rhode Island Writing & Yoga Retreat

03/28/2015  Idea Exchange – SHOW.15

03/28/2015  Writing Maps – The Writing Maps Writing Contest #13 (March) SUPERSTITIONS

03/29/2015  Council for the Advancement of Science Writing – Taylor/Blakeslee University Fellowships

03/29/2015  Fresh Arts – 2015-16 Call for Exhibition Proposals

03/29/2015  IWMF – African Great Lakes Reporting Initiative Fellowship

03/29/2015  Northwest Boulevard – Art

03/29/2015  Poetry Society of New Hampshire – 2015 Poetry Society of New Hampshire Student Poetry

03/29/2015  Porter Flea – Porter Flea Summer 2015

03/29/2015  Willamette Writers – 2015 FiLMLaB Competition


03/30/2015  Arch ∩ l’Arc – Short Story n Histoire Courte, Poetry n Poésie

03/30/2015  Art & Words – Art, Fiction, Poetry

03/30/2015  Association of Writers & Writing Programs – WC&C Scholarship Competition

03/30/2015  Ayn Rand Institute – 2015 ARI Summer Internship

03/30/2015  Cymbals Magazine – 2015 Year-End Print Issue

03/30/2015  Escape Artists – Podcastle — Dirty Jobs

03/30/2015  International Print Center New York – New Prints 2015/Summer

03/30/2015  Lighthouse Writers Workshop – Lit Fest Juried Application: Advanced Poetry, Short Fict

03/30/2015  Scottsdale Public Art – 11 Miles of Color

03/30/2015  Traverse Theatre – Open Script Submissions – Spring 2015

03/30/2015  Yale ISM Congregations Project – Summer Seminar Application

03/31/2015  [PANK] – Free Submission

03/31/2015  ABQ Writers Co-op – 2015 bosque fiction context

03/31/2015  Alice James Books – The AJB Translation Series

03/31/2015  Alternating Current – Full-Manuscript Contest Electric Book Award etc

03/31/2015  Arts and Letters – Fiction Prize, Poetry Prize, Creative Nonfiction Prize, Drama Prize

03/31/2015  Arts Mid-Hudson (formerly DCAC) – Art in the Loft Exhibit at Millbrook Vineyards & Winery

03/31/2015  As/Us: Women Of The World – Art, Fiction, Miscellaneous, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Spoken Word

03/31/2015  Australian Poetry Ltd – Australian Poetry Journal 5.1

03/31/2015  Bannerwing Books – Quill & Spark

03/31/2015  Barely South Review – Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Art, Flash Fiction, Flash Nonfiction

03/31/2015  Black Lawrence Press – Short Story Consultations with Adrian Van Young, The Hudson Prize

03/31/2015  Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik Festival – Workshop/Competition 2015

03/31/2015  Blue Mesa Review –  Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry

03/31/2015  Border Crossing – 2015 LSSU HSSSP: Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

03/31/2015  Buffalo Almanack – Fiction

03/31/2015  Center for Effective Global Action – EASST 2015-2016 – Visiting Fellow Application

03/31/2015  Chicago Architecture Biennial – Conceptual Proposal Submission

03/31/2015  Coffee House Press – Cr Nonfict, Essays, Hybrid, Memoir, Novel, Short Story Collection

03/31/2015  Curbside Splendor Publishing – Book Submissions

03/31/2015  Cutbank Literary Journal – CutBank Chapbook Contest-Poetry,Prose

03/31/2015  Darling Magazine – Online Drafts due March 2015

03/31/2015  Elsewhere – New African Poetry Special Section, Indian Short Fiction Special Feature

03/31/2015  Emby Press – MONSTER HUNTER: WASTELAND

03/31/2015  Fiction Attic Press – Tall Tales – Weird and Wonderful Stories

03/31/2015  Five Oaks Press – “Spring Is The Mischief” Annual Poetry Chapbook Contest

03/31/2015  Flights – Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction

03/31/2015  Gomma Books Ltd. – Gomma Books Submission, MONO VOLUME TWO

03/31/2015  Granta Magazine – Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry

03/31/2015  Great Lakes Review – GREAT LAKES POETRY PRIZE

03/31/2015  Hermana Resist Press – Finding Gloria: En El Valle

03/31/2015  HiveWire 3D – Open Rendering Season Contest 2015

03/31/2015  Hobart – Baseball (web)

03/31/2015  Hugo House – New Works Competition, Fellowship , Writer-in-Residence

03/31/2015  Jovenes Adelante – Solicitud 2015

03/31/2015  Kerouac Project – Kerouac Submissions 2015-2016

03/31/2015  Mad Scientist Journal – Flash/Short Fict “Selfies from the End of the World”

03/31/2015  Minetta Review – Art, Prose , Poetry

03/31/2015  Mutabilis Press – Houston Nature Anthology

03/31/2015  New Landmark Library Series: Public Libraries 2015

03/31/2015  Nine Arches Press – Under the Radar magazine Poetry, Short Fiction

03/31/2015  NonBinary Review – Unbound Octavo, Story 4

03/31/2015  Parsec Ink – 2015 Short Story Contest – Lost Voices

03/31/2015  Pearl Izumi – CANADIAN Run Champions Application 2015

03/31/2015  Phantom Drift Limited – Fiction #5, Non-Fiction #5, Poetry #5

03/31/2015  Phoebe – Fiction, Poetry , Creative Nonfiction Contest

03/31/2015  Photography, Expanded – Photography, Expanded Lab: Digital Narratives

03/31/2015  poemmemoirstory – PMS Poem , PMS Memoir , PMS Story , Solicited

03/31/2015  Powder Keg Magazine – Poetry

03/31/2015  Press 53 – Prime Number Mag Award for Creative Nonfict, Poetry, Short Fict

03/31/2015  PushPen Press – ONE

03/31/2015  Shenandoah – Bevel Summers Contest Entry (short story 1000 words or less)

03/31/2015  Slideluck – Slideluck Boston

03/31/2015  So to Speak: feminist journal of language and art – Nonfiction, Fall 2015 Fiction

03/31/2015  Sundance Film Festival DEMO – Documentary Short

03/31/2015  Sundress Publications – 2015 Sundress Chapbook Competition

03/31/2015  Tenebris Books – Novel submission

03/31/2015  The Arts Center of the Capital Region – 2015 Craft for Credit Exhibition Open Call

03/31/2015  The Buckminster Fuller Institute – The 2015 Buckminster Fuller Challenge

03/31/2015  The Eckleburg Project – POETRY, PROSE, ART

03/31/2015  The Lascaux Review – Enter Flash Fiction in the Lascaux Prize Competition

03/31/2015  The Masters Review – The Masters Review Anthology

03/31/2015  The Offending Adam – New Writing

03/31/2015  The Seattle Public Library Foundation – 2015 Stim Bullitt Civic Courage Scholarship

03/31/2015  The University of Utah Press – 2015 Agha Shahid Ali Poetry Prize

03/31/2015  UF School of Art and Art History – Coffey Residency for Book Arts

03/31/2015  UVIC – Internship Scheme — London Office based (3 to 6 months) etc

03/31/2015  Verse – Submissions to VERSE print edition with 1-year subscription

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03/31/2015  Word Riot Inc. – 2015 Travel Grant Applications – Round 1

03/31/2015  Writers Alliance of Gainesville – POETRY , CREATIVE NONFICTION, FICTION

03/31/2015  YesYes Books – Poetry for Vinyl, CNF/Essay for Vinyl, Fiction for Vinyl

04/01/2015  2015 GABBY Awards – TV – Best Newscast or News Story

04/01/2015  Ablaze Records – NEW CHORAL SERIES VOL. 1

04/01/2015  Aero Club of PA – 2015 Scholarship Application – Start Here

04/01/2015  Ambit Magazine – Poetry

04/01/2015  ArtTable – Lea Green Memorial Internship, Studio Museum in Harlem

04/01/2015  ASME – ASME FutureME Video Contest

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04/01/2015  Backyard – Green

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04/01/2015  Blue Springs Historical Society – Blue Springs Golden Regiment Commemorative Book

04/01/2015  Cleaver Magazine – Flash: Paid Expedited Submission

04/01/2015  Depth Insights – Depth Insights Issue #7, Spring/Summer 2015

04/01/2015  descant – Poetry, Fiction

04/01/2015  DJ Lee – WSU Courses – Response 10

04/01/2015  Finishing Line Press – 2015 NEW WOMEN’S VOICES SERIES CHAPBOOK COMPETITION

04/01/2015  Gap Tooth – Gap Tooth Volume #2

04/01/2015  Georgia McBride Media Group – IN THE BEGINNING ANTHOLOGY

04/01/2015  Great Northern Union Chorus – Chorus Administrator

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04/01/2015  Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition – Oklahoma Visual Arts Fellowship & Student Awards

04/01/2015  OxMag – The Golden Ox Award For Prose And Poetry

04/01/2015  Palaver – Spring 2015: Creative, Spring 2015: Academic

04/01/2015  Poetry International – 2015 PI Poetry International Prize

04/01/2015  Press Street – Present Thread: Call for fiber based artworks

04/01/2015  Rattle – Ekphrasis Challenge (online only)

04/01/2015  Signature Art + Literature Magazine – Creative Writing Awards

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04/01/2015  The Alice Munro Festival of the Short Story – Adult 19+ yrs

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04/01/2015  Writers’ Trust of Canada – Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Student Nonfict Writing

04/02/2015  ArtsWorcester – Biennial 2015

04/02/2015  BRIC – “Concrete Stories” Brooklyn Youth Media Festival 2015

04/02/2015  Cleveland State University Poetry Center – 2015 First Book Poetry, Essay Competition

04/02/2015  Portrait Society of Atlanta – Summer Members Only Exhibition – Juror, Igor Babailov

04/02/2015  Soulwoman Sanctuary – Nourish

04/02/2015  The Clay Studio of Missoula – Clay Studio Artist Residency 2015/2016

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04/08/2015  The Lifted Brow – Fiction, Poetry, Anything Else

Top 5 Reasons Newspapers and Media Outlets Should Engage with User-Generated Content

March 23rd, 2015 by

What’s user-generated content? Here at Submittable, we don’t really love the word ‘user’, but the term is used to describe any kind of content that is created by your users, or audience, for your publication or media outlet. Examples would be hikers taking pictures of a sunrise and emailing them to their local newspaper or readers taking videos on their phones of a car chase and sending them to their news channel. Submittable clients like Betabrand and the Rachael Ray Show are currently using our platform, respectively, to collect clothing design ideas and to receive cooking videos from aspiring chefs who want to win a culinary school Tuition Competition. The NCAA uses us to receive fan videos and pictures of sporting events. We use Submittable ourselves to collect FailBetter Videos.

So why would you do that? Our business development lead, J.R. Plate, recently gave us an overview of the top 5 reasons newspapers and media should engage with user-generated content.


1. Your audience can provide a constant stream of news stories 

A news channel can get user-generated content by asking viewers for videos, photos, and news tips.

A news channel can get user-generated content by asking viewers for videos, photos, and tips.

Your staff and contributing writers are indispensable, but they can’t be everywhere at once and they can’t know each angle of every story. Citizen journalism, or content provided by your audience and other members of the public, allows you to have an endless stream of news stories and tips. Why have one journalist covering a story when you could have ten? With over 71% of the US population owning smartphones, the ability to record photos and video has never been easier. YouTube and Facebook have made it easy to share this content with friends and family, but with Submittable, news and media outlets can easily accept, review, and monetize this raw content. You’ll get multiple perspectives and authentic content to further engage your audience.


2. Connect with your readers and viewers

Your readers and viewers love you. But maybe less than you think. What they do love is when you highlight people from your community whom they personally know or can connect with. Many of us get excited when we see someone we know on the news (and hopefully it’s not because they’re an axe murderer). Imagine if that story, photo or video wasn’t about a reader or viewer but was actually provided by him or her. Your other readers and viewers will instantly recognize this person and share that content with more readers and viewers, increasing your reach.


3. Control and own your content

Many organizations rely on social media to get user-generated content. Although these platforms are useful, it’s important to note their limitations. The biggest limitation to getting content from social media sites is your ability to control and own the content. For example, if a reader or viewer uploads a video to YouTube and you want to use it for a story, technically you have no right to the video; YouTube owns the content. With Submittable’s submission manager platform, you have full control and rights to your own content. All the data and content belong to you. This is huge.


You could use winter photos from your audience to create a slideshow. (Photo courtesy of Asta So)

Weather photos from viewers and readers make for engaging content that could potentially include ads (Photo courtesy of Asta So)

4. Monetize your content

Getting more content from your audience means that you’ll have more opportunities to monetize your content. This past winter, with the historic storms in Eastern Canada and the United States, much of the user-generated content in newspapers and media outlets was weather photos and videos. If you owned and had rights to that content, you could monetize it through advertisements. For instance, you could create a photo slideshow of sidewalks that need to be shoveled and reach out to a local hardware store that wants to advertise at the end of the slideshow.


5. Increase traffic to your website

With increased content from your readers and viewers, you’ll have more content that generates traffic on your website and other digital properties. This additional content will increase your audience engagement, and visitors to your website will stay longer, lowering your website’s bounce rate and overall making for website statistics that will generate that happy-fuzzy feeling from potential advertisers.