Dollars for Doers: What It Is and How It Works

Explore how Dollars for Doers programs transform employee volunteer efforts into corporate donations, enhancing community impact. Learn the what, why, and how for implementing these impactful programs in your company.


Impact Over Volume: Crafting Transformative Corporate Volunteering Programs

To give employees a transformational volunteering experience, Jaimie Vargas of Electronic Arts advocates that sometimes more is less.

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Jaimie Vargas, head of global social impact at Electronic Arts, shares how setting the right CSR goals improves your CSR program’s staying power.


Where Trust-Based Philanthropy and CSR Intersect

Folding trust-based philanthropy into your CSR strategy will strengthen your community relationships and make your programs more resilient.


The Role of a CSR Professional: Be a Bridge-Builder

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Pass-through Grants: Everything You Need to Know

Using pass-through grants, local and state government grantmakers can minimize risk and maximize impact.


The Best Alternative to CyberGrants (Bonterra)

If you’re looking for an alternative to CyberGrants, you should consider Submittable — it’s much easier to use. Click here to learn why.


How to start an ERG: What we learned by doing it and what HR folks need to know

Starting an employee resource group (ERG) is as rewarding as it is complex, especially when starting from scratch. Here’s how to get started.