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Book Marketing in (Late) 2020: Tips for Publishers and Writers Who Aren’t Jerks

Thoughtful book marketing in 2020 balances preserverance with compassion. Here are seven tips for writers and publishers seeking success in strange times.

Publishing & Journals

Why Agents and Publishers Should Consider Unsolicited Manuscripts and Pitches

Finding a new author with great potential amongst a pile of unsolicited manuscripts or pitches can help your publishing company stay ahead of the competition.


7 Steps To Build An Engaging Fellowship Application Process

Are you struggling to get the best students onto your fellowship program? Build an engaging application process with fellowship management software.

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Submittable and GrantWatch Partner to Connect Grantmakers and Applicants

Grant management software platform Submittable and grant search engine GrantWatch are partnering in 2020 to better connect grantmakers with those seeking grants.


4 Actionable CSR Examples You Can Follow Today

4 CSR examples you can try at your company (that you haven’t already heard of).

Submissions & Reviews

How To Reduce Implicit Bias with Anonymous Review

Unsure about how implicit bias impacts results? Learn about the harmful effects across different industries and how implementing a blind review can help.

Publishing & Journals

How to Build an Efficient Digital Publishing Workflow

Build a more efficient digital publishing workflow with actionable tips whether you’re starting from scratch or building upon existing structures.

News & Updates

The Community Survey: Benefits and Best Practices for Small Businesses during COVID-19

A community survey is a great tool for small businesses looking to gain insight and respond succesfully, during COVID-19 and beyond.


Understanding & Applying Carroll’s CSR Pyramid

Learn how to understand and apply Carroll’s Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility to improve your organization’s CSR campaigns.