An Inside Look at Corporate Giving

Get a behind-the-scenes look at corporate grantmaking by taking a deep dive into Submittable’s employee-led community investment program.


Announcing the 2022 Impact Studio Conference: An Audio Event for CSR Professionals

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Corporate Philanthropy: An Imperative for Today’s Business Leaders

A strong corporate philanthropy program is just good business. Here are the types of corporate giving programs and how ensure yours succeeds.


The benefits of corporate volunteering in the workplace

Corporate volunteerism is a key (sometimes overlooked) corporate social responsibility initiative, and its benefits outweigh its costs.


5 Unexpected Benefits of Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy doesn’t just help nonprofits; it can benefit your business, too. Here are 5 benefits of corporate philanthropy.


Why Your Employee Volunteer Program Engagement is Low (and How to Fix It)

Low employee volunteer program engagement is a tough problem to solve. Here are common pitfalls to avoid and strategies to improve engagement.


3 Ways to Start Engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility can transform the world and your business. Learn how to get started with three distinct approaches.


How to Measure the Impact of Corporate Volunteering

Learn what metrics to track to understand the true impact of your corporate volunteering program for your business and your community.

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The Next Era of Social Impact: Announcing Our $47 Million Series C Funding

Our latest round of funding is a strong endorsement of the future we’ve laid out for our product, our company, and the sector at large.