You Shall (Not) Pass: Introducing Eligibility Screening

Sound the alarm! Submittable has brought you Eligibility Forms, the easy way to screen for an applicant’s eligibility based on your specific requirements.

By inserting a screening stage ahead of an application form, an eligibility step diverts ineligible applicants while allowing eligible applicants to move forward immediately. This new feature gives organizations confidence that only eligible applicants will continue on to submit applications, and saves time for everyone.

How do Eligibility Forms work?

Eligibility Forms are a new form type that utilizes Submittable’s signature drag-and-drop form builder. You can:

  • Build a form. Incorporate the form fields with which you wish to screen for eligibility, including dropdown lists, single response, single checkbox, or Charity Check, a new form field that allows you to select eligible IRS subsections based on an organization’s EIN number. 
  • Benefit from tools you know and love. You can also use other powerful Submittable tools with eligibility screening, including requiring responses, concealing responses for anonymous review, auto labels, and form logic for dynamic forms. 
  • Determine eligibility criteria. Select which response options are eligible or ineligible.
  • Customize the ineligible message. We’ll provide a default message, but you can alter the text that ineligible applicants will see to reflect your preferred tone and content.
  • Allow eligible applicants through.  Eligible applicants will continue seamlessly through to your form. 

How will Eligibility Forms help me and my team?

Eligibility screening will be helpful not only for your organization, but also for your applicants—whether or not they are determined eligible.

  • Get a more efficient process. By eliminating applications from ineligible individuals and organizations, you just saved your team the effort of reviewing those applications, determining that they are ineligible, and responding to applicants to let them know.
  • Focus on your mission. The time saved by avoiding ineligible applications can be repurposed on finding the right applicants and nurturing your relationship with them.
  • Be respectful of applicants’ time. Spending the time to fill out an application only to be told you’re ineligible can be frustrating. Show your audience you value their time by saving them the effort of applying for an opportunity that they aren’t the right fit for.
  • Promote transparency. You can include guidelines or instructions, and customize the message that ineligible applicants will see, so that everyone understands the type of applicants you are looking for.
  • Rely on trusted data. For the Charity check tool, we’ve partnered with Candid (formerly Guidestar) to provide IRS data based on the organization’s EIN number in real time, so you can be confident in your screening.
  • Enjoy familiar time-saving tools. Take advantage of Submittable’s signature form building features, such as form logic to keep forms concise for applicants, list upload for large data sets, blind reviewing to reduce bias, and auto labels for easy organization.

How can I add Eligibility Forms to my account?

eligibility form

Eligibility Forms are a standard feature for Submittable customers on a custom quote subscription. You’ll find them under the Forms tab in your Submittable account. Please note, Eligibility Forms are only available on Submittable’s new form engine. To upgrade to a custom quote, and access this and many more features, contact account management

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With questions or to upgrade your account, contact your account manager.

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Natalya DeRobertis-Theye

Natalya is a product marketer at Submittable focused on helping organizations get a ton of value out of the platform. She is a bookworm, adventure enthusiast and card-carrying cat lady as well as a writer and yogi.