Show Me the Money: New, More Flexible Ways to Collect Fees and Payments

Submittable is rolling out new options for charging fees, collecting payments, accepting donations, and selling products or services throughout your form. Here are all the details.  

For years, many Submittable customers have used the platform as a way to generate revenue. Whether a literary journal charging a small submission fee, a retreat collecting registration payments, or a conference amassing vendor fees, organizations of all kinds have used Submittable’s required fee and add-on payment options to grow their organization, fund new projects, and support great causes.

Well, we have good news: these features just got a whole lot better. 

What’s new? 

You can still charge a single, required fee per submission. Meanwhile, “Add Payment” is now an option that can be added to form fields throughout your form, which opens the door to a ton of new abilities:

  • Add a payment to response options. For multiple- or single-response questions and the dropdown list, you can now associate a distinct payment amount to apply to each available response. This works for offering products or services or charging tiered fees for different populations, such as students, seniors, or those with differing abilities to pay.

gif multiple select

  • Include a single optional payment. Use the single response checkbox to provide for a single charge that a submitter may opt in or out of—a great option for donations. 

gif single payment

  • Multiply a single charge. With the number question, an applicant may determine how many of a firm priced item they would like to purchase, a great option for selling tickets or merchandise such as backorder issues.

gif variable pricing

  • Charge per file upload. Just as with the number field, you can now apply a single price to each file upload, which will be multiplied based on the number of files included. Your photo contest just got a lot easier.
  • Incorporate variable pricing. Along with Form Logic, the Add Payment feature allows you to build in variable rates, such as $25 for one file or item, $20 each for two, and $15 each for three or more.

file upload fees

How can the Add Payment form field option help me and my team?

Payment collecting with Submittable is versatile to work for organizations with all kinds of needs, saving both you and your submitters time and hassle. 

  • Easy for applicants. Submitters will appreciate the convenience of a simple payment process (and not receiving invoices 30 days later). All charges will be neatly itemized for them at the time of purchase, and they can either use Paypal or their credit card. 
  • Efficient for your team. Imagine: collecting payment at the time of the original submission means no more dealing with checks, trips to the bank, or third party vendors. 
  • Transparent for all. Build trust by clarifying to your submitters exactly where your fees go and why you charge them. Plus, you’ll see exactly how much you’ll take in per charge as you build your form. 
  • Service that saves you time. Our team will continue to handle the refunds and other customer service issues for you.
  • More revenue for your organization. From increasing paid submissions, to finding the right audience for your products or services, to eliminating the cost of third party vendors or payment processors, there are a variety of ways that using the Add Payment feature can add up to more dollars for you. 

How do I start using the add payment option?

Find the Add Payment option along with your other form field options (such as Response Required and Auto Labels) below your question types today. Don’t see it? You may be on Submittable’s legacy form builder, in which case you’ll have access soon. Contact your account manager with any questions. 

Also new at Submittable

We recently released Submission Caps, a new feature that you can use to limit the number of applications you’ll accept to an opportunity. And in case you missed it, the Add Payment option is only one way you can create a great experience for your applicants: here are five more strategies.

Learn more about Submittable

Whether you’re collecting registration fees for your virtual event, grant applications to provide funding for COVID relief, or creating an awards or nomination contest to keep your remote community connected and engaged, Submittable is a solution that can help your process launch quickly and run smoothly. We’d love to tell you more—contact our team or watch a demo today.  

Natalya DeRobertis-Theye

Natalya is a product marketer at Submittable focused on helping organizations get a ton of value out of the platform. She is a bookworm, adventure enthusiast and card-carrying cat lady as well as a writer and yogi.