9 Alternatives to Submittable

Comparing submission or application software for grants, awards, or other programs? See how Submittable compares to the competition.

Submittable vs. SurveyMonkey Apply

Compared to SurveyMonkey Apply, Submittable is more highly-rated on trusted software review sites for ease of use. 

Plus, SurveyMonkey Apply charges customers per program—whereas over a third of Submittable customers end up using the platform for something beyond their original use case, getting more bang for their buck.

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Submittable vs. Wizehive

Wizehive relies on plugins to do many things, including auto emails, bulk emails, charity validation, third party references, assignments management, and creating submitter and reviewer portals. 

Submittable, on the other hand, offers all of these capabilities out-of-the-box—no need to set anything up. Which is part of why Submittable is more highly-rated on trusted software review sites.

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Submittable vs. Fluxx

Implementing Fluxx’s grantmaking software is a time-intensive process, and administrators on Fluxx also need to write in code. Additionally, Fluxx is only partially mobile-responsive for applicants.

Programs on Submittable’s grant management software can be up and running fast. Administrators never need to write code, and Submittable is fully mobile-responsive.

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Submittable vs. Google Forms 

Google Forms is a very popular free form builder used to collect surveys and simple applications. 

For teams who make decisions on submissions, Submittable’s far more robust feature suite—encompassing in-app communication, simple and custom reviews, charity validation, workflow automation tools, and reporting—is a better solution. 

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Submittable vs. Blackbaud Grantmaking

Unlike Blackbaud’s 34 separate and distinct products, Submittable is a single, out-of-the-box solution. So it has a much faster time-to-launch, is a better value, and has better ratings for ease of use and customer support.

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Submittable vs. SmartSimple

SmartSimple does not have a drag-and-drop form builder. To perform some actions in SmartSimple, users use programming languages like JavaScript and HTML.

With Submittable, on the other hand, you can create sophisticated, custom online forms with visual, drag-and-drop tools. Across the platform, there’s no coding required. 

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Submittable vs. SlideRoom

Unlike SlideRoom, Submittable includes a charity validation tool, eligibility screening, and many other features that make the application submission and review process more efficient for everyone involved. 

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Submittable vs. Foundant

Submittable has several key compliance and security certifications that Foundant lacks, which organizations appreciate not only for their own peace of mind, but for the privacy of applicant data.

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Submittable vs. OpenWater

Submittable’s social impact software offers resources and features optimized for programs that provide funding, such as grants, scholarships, and awards. OpenWater, by contrast, has pivoted to virtual conferences.

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