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The Future of Publishing: 11 Experts Share Their Predictions

Gain information and insights on the changing future of publishing and better prepare your business for impending shifts in the publishing industry.

Publishing & Journals

Literary Communications: How to Craft Smart Acceptance & Rejection Letters

Are your literary acceptance and rejection letters communicating clearly? Here’s how to craft smart, pointed, and respectful submission communications.


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Here’s Why Transparency in Corporate Giving Matters

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Publishing & Journals

Publish or Perish: How Adapting to Digital Tools Can Help Your Publication

Technology can put your publication in the hands of new readers. Learn why publishers must adapt to digital tools – or risk losing more than just readers.


How to Run a (Flawless) Photo Contest: The Complete Guide

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Grantmaking Best Practices: How to Attract & Select the Right Grantees

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Submissions & Reviews

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Accessible Submission Forms

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The 10 Steps of an Ideal Grantmaking Process

Meta description: Learn about the grantmaking process and get inspired to update your tools and workflows to increase your impact.