Submissions & Reviews

Seven Tips for Setting up an Excellent Review Team

Establishing a smart and reliable review team can be vital to the success of your application or submission process. Here are seven tips to help out.


How to Become a Great Grant Reviewer

Here’s how to become a great grant reviewer so you can help your organization make the best possible impact.


How CSR Marketing Can Transform Your Business—and the World

Giving back is a rewarding endeavor in itself, but CSR Marketing covers a lot and provides great benefits as well. This article dives into CSR marketing.


The Importance of a Scholarship Contract

Just as in any arrangement where money is being exchanged, a scholarship contract sets out clear guidelines and expectations for both parties to follow.


Benefits of Getting Your Grant Management Certification

Those with a grant management certification will likely find better, higher-paying jobs and be equipped with the best practices to thrive in these roles.


Building a Community Relations Program

If you want to build brand awareness and earn business, you need to treat customers like people and a strong community relations program helps this.