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5 Best Practices for Submission Fees and Application Fees

If you’re thinking about charging submission and application fees, these are some of the best practices we encourage all of our clients to consider.

News & Updates

Tech in Montana: Raising Series B Funding in Our Own Valley

Submittable is pleased to announce its $10 million Series B raise from Next Coast Ventures, one of the 10-largest Series B rounds in Montana’s history.


6 Exemplary Corporate Giving Examples

These organizations use Submittable software in their endeavor to foster good will and positive change through corporate giving.  

Submissions & Reviews

5 Tips for Making Your Review Panel More Inclusive

A variety of perspectives enrich project outcomes—here are suggestions for creating a diverse review panel to enhance your next submission call.

Publishing & Journals

Submittable Spotlight: Scholarly Journals

Submittable is pleased to simplify the editorial process for scholarly journals—here are five client publications doing outstanding work to serve academia.


The Grant Lifecycle: What It Is and How to Streamline It

Learn all of the steps and phases in the grant lifecycle, from the perspective of both the grantee and the grantor. 

Publishing & Journals

5 Model Book Marketing Campaigns

Get creative with your book marketing campaigns by using these unique ideas, including launching a podcast and giving a TED Talk.


Standard Photo Contest Rules and Regulations

Contests are great for interacting with consumers and building community, provided you are thoughtful about photo contest rules and regulations.


Writing the Perfect Scholarship Application Form

How do you write a scholarship application form that best collects the information you’ll need to make a good decision?