Comparing the Best Grant Management Software of 2024

For grantmakers, choosing a grant management software should not come down to who has the best sales pitch. It should be about choosing the solution that aligns with your strategic values. The best grant management software for your organization needs to make your processes more efficient, your decisions more data-driven, and your interactions with applicants more authentic. 

Welcome to a candid comparison of the current grant management software offerings on the market. Here, we strip away the jargon and marketing fluff to focus on what truly matters for you. We’ll lay out the pros and cons of each tool, cutting through the sales pitches to reveal the core of what each GMS offers. 

As you delve in, remember: choosing the best grant management software comes down to more than just features. It’s about finding a partner in your mission to drive change—one who truly understands your goals, challenges, and vision for the future.

1. Submittable

Submittable streamlines the grant application and review process for nonprofits, foundations and corporate grantmaking organizations. It simplifies submissions, automates workflows, and facilitates easier in-app communication between applicants and reviewers.

Who it’s for: Grant administrators looking for an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform to manage any volume of applications, with a focus on enhancing the applicant experience, saving administrative time, and reporting on outcomes.


  • Drag-and-drop form-builder for ultra-customizable forms
  • Comprehensive tools for unbiased, collaborative review processes
  • Full-suite funding distribution and tracking
  • Automated workflows
  • Detailed impact reporting and analytics
  • 2-way API for customized integrations and workflows


  • User-friendly, intuitive interface that allows administrators to stand up programs on a self-serve basis
  • Comprehensive end-to-end grants management solution, from application to funding to reporting
  • Strong customer support and resources for both grantmakers and applicants
  • Ability to autonomously make changes to applications and reports on the fly
  • Unrestricted access to simultaneously run an unlimited number of programs on a single account


  • Pricing can be high for smaller organizations
  • Limited customization options for reporting

2. SurveyMonkey Apply

SurveyMonkey Apply specializes in automating the application and review process for grants, scholarships, and awards. Its flexible platform enables organizations to create, manage, and evaluate applications through a streamlined workflow, enhancing decision-making and administrative efficiency.

Who it’s for: Educational institutions, nonprofits, and foundations handling applications for scholarships, grants, and awards. Ideal for organizations that require a high degree of customization in their application processes and value detailed analytics and reporting.


  • Highly customizable application forms
  • Automated workflows for online reviewing and scoring
  • Detailed analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Integration with a wide range of tools and platforms, including other SurveyMonkey products


  • Extensive customization options for forms and workflows
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Clean user interface


  • Some users report a steep learning curve
  • Charges customers per program, adding up costs
  • Lacks in-app communication or messaging, increasing context-switching and need for back-and-forth
  • No funds distribution

3. WizeHive

WizeHive is a grant management system designed to streamline the grantmaking process from application to post-award reporting. 

Who it’s for: Mid-to-large foundations, government organizations, higher education, nonprofits, and organizations handling diverse, complex funding programs. 


  • Customized application forms and portals
  • Reviewer assignments and portals
  • Automated workflows and reminders
  • Built-in CRM and communication tools


  • Customizable to suit different program needs
  • Strong communication tool, with built-in CRM and automated messaging
  • Supports a wide range of integrations with other tools


  • Relies on plug-ins and add-ons for many features
  • No fund disbursement feature
  • The customization process can be complex and requires contacting technical support

4. Foundant

Foundant is a grant management solution that streamlines the entire grantmaking cycle, from initial application to final reporting, keeping the process smooth for both grantmakers and grantseekers. 

Who it’s for: Philanthropic organizations of all sizes looking for a dedicated solution to manage their grantmaking process effectively and get detailed insights into their grantmaking activities. 


  • Configurable online application forms with branching logic
  • Grant management workflows
  • Reporting and insights for tracking funding impact
  • Integrations with financial and donor management systems


  • Highly focused on the philanthropic sector’s specific needs
  • User-friendly interface and easy navigation
  • Comprehensive support and training resources
  • Offers grant seeker management tools


  • Changes require involving Technical Support
  • No fund distribution feature
  • Takes months to launch programs
  • Requires IT support; not plug-and-play

5. Fluxx

Fluxx Grantmaker is a grant management tool that’s designed to modernize the grantmaking process for philanthropic organizations and corporate giving programs. It offers a suite of tools aimed at enhancing collaboration, transparency, and efficiency between funders and grantees. 

Who it’s for: Foundations, government agencies, and corporate philanthropy programs looking for a dynamic and scalable solution to streamline their grantmaking processes and foster closer relationships with their grantees.


  • User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Ability to handle complex approval workflows
  • Secure grantee portal for handling applicant submissions and communications


  • High degree of customization and flexibility
  • Strong emphasis on collaboration and engagement with grantees


  • Extensive customization options can result in a longer setup time
  • Some users report it’s not very user-friendly or intuitive
  • No technical support for applicants
  • Lacks mobile responsiveness and auto-save for applications

6. Cybergrants (Bonterra)

CyberGrants delivers a comprehensive grants management and employee giving solution that accelerates social impact through corporate philanthropy and CSR programs. It’s designed to manage complex workflows and large volumes of data.

Who it’s for: Large corporations and enterprise-level organizations with substantial philanthropic programs who are seeking a powerful, security-focused grantmaking solution. 


  • Automated grant and donation processing
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics for impact measurement
  • Employee engagement tools for matching gifts and increasing volunteerism


  • Scalable for large-scale philanthropy programs
  • Focus on employee engagement, CSR, and social impact
  • Highly secure and compliant


  • Requires a long time and significant cost of entry to implement
  • Difficult for administrators to access and export data
  • Not very user-friendly; some users report relying heavily on support
  • One tool of many in Bonterra’s portfolio; does not have a laser focus on specialized grant solutions.

7. Google Forms

Google Forms is a straightforward, user-friendly tool for creating surveys, questionnaires, and forms. While not exclusively a grant management system, its simplicity and integration with other Google Workspace tools make it a popular choice for collecting application data, feedback, and conducting simple evaluations.

Who it’s for: small nonprofits, community groups, or individual grantmakers who need a no-cost or low-cost solution to gather application info. Particularly appealing for those already using Google Workspace.


  • Intuitive form builder with various question types
  • Real-time response collection and basic data analysis
  • Integration with Google Sheets for advanced data manipulation


  • Free to use with a Google Account or included with Google Workspace plans
  • Intuitive design and easy to set up on your own


  • Not specifically designed for grant management
  • Does not support review processes
  • Few ways to use or measure information after collection, due to lack of integrations
  • Limited customization options and advanced features compared to dedicated GMS platforms

8. Blackbaud Grantmaking

Blackbaud Grantmaking provides tools to manage the entire lifecycle of a grant, from application and review to awarding and measuring impact. It’s built to enhance efficiency in grantmaking and improve collaboration among stakeholders.

Who it’s for: Philanthropic organizations and corporations of any size looking for a scalable, feature-rich grant management solution with a focus on collaboration, transparency, and data-driven outcomes.


  • Customizable application and detailed reporting forms
  • Review portal for collaboration on application reviews
  • Grantee portal for in-app communications
  • Integration with other Blackbaud products and third-party software


  • Deep levels of customization to match specific grantmaking workflows
  • Strong reporting capabilities for measuring impact
  • Offers fundraising and donor management capabilities
  • Built for grantmakers specifically 


  • Has a complex learning curve for new users
  • One of many Blackbaud products; must purchase other products to add functionality like more complex reporting and fund distribution
  • Cannot reduce bias in the review process
  • Was originally on-premises only; functionality may differ between on-premises and cloud-based solutions

9. SmartSimple

SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management is a highly configurable platform that provides tools to automate and manage grant applications, reviews, awards, and reporting. 

Who it’s for: Mid-sized to large foundations, corporations, and government organizations seeking a highly customizable grant management solution to manage complex grants programs with unique requirements.


  • Highly configurable application and review processes
  • Support for multi-stage, multi-stream application processes
  • Built-in payment processing and fund disbursement tools
  • Comprehensive built-in CRM


  • Exceptional level of customization to meet unique organizational needs
  • Strong emphasis on automation and efficiency in grant processing
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting for more informed decision-making


  • Complex, time-consuming implementation cycle due to level of customization
  • May require training and IT support to fully leverage all functionalities and overcome learning curve
  • No email reminders or technical support for applicants

10. SlideRoom

Slideroom is an application and portfolio review platform that specializes in handling visual and multimedia content. It provides a streamlined, secure environment for applicants to submit their work and for reviewers to evaluate submissions more efficiently.

Who it’s for: Educational institutions, arts organizations, and grantmakers managing programs where the quality and presentation of creative work are critical to the selection process.


  • Accepts multimedia portfolios and letters of reference
  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Collaborative review, scorecard, and annotation tools


  • Specialized support for creative and multimedia submissions
  • User-friendly interface for both applicants and reviewers
  • Brings in all stakeholders for the review process


  • Focused primarily on creative niche, which may limit its applicability for some grantmakers
  • Lacks advanced GMS features like funding distribution and tracking, in-app communications, and qualitative reviewer feedback
  • No eligibility checks or screening for nonprofit status

11. OpenWater

OpenWater is an end-to-end application and review platform that streamlines the submission, review, and management process for awards, grants, scholarships, and other competitive programs. 

Who it’s for: Professional associations, academic institutions, and any organizations that conduct complex application processes. Organizations that require a high degree of customization and detailed performance analytics for their programs.


  • Branded grants website
  • Customizable form builder
  • Detailed reporting 
  • Funds tracking and disbursement


  • Designed as an all-in-one GMS platform
  • Highly adaptable to a wide range of program types and sizes


  • Less user-friendly out-of-the-box
  • Some features require coding knowledge
  • Technical support limited to system administrators, not applicants

What is the best grant management software for you?

The best grants management software for foundations should not only get funding where it needs to go. It should also reshape the process of grantmaking to be more collaborative and equitable. This means the ideal platform simplifies administrative tasks while enabling you to deepen relationships with grantees, gain insights into the effectiveness of your programs, and drive greater total impact.

This is where Submittable stands out from the competition. We build our software with a deep understanding of how grantmaking processes shape outcomes. 

With Submittable, you can:

  • Customize application forms to capture the information that matters most to your programs.
  • Streamline review processes with easy-to-use tools that facilitate collaborative decision-making.
  • Disburse funds to grantees with one-click ease.
  • Leverage powerful analytics to measure impact, identify trends, and inform future grantmaking strategies.

Submittable is more than just a software provider—we’re a partner, deeply embedded in the grantmaking ecosystem with our fingers on the pulse of what matters to funders and grantees. Our platform is designed to support organizations of all sizes and types, making complex grant management workflows more accessible and efficient for everyone. 

With a user-friendly interface, best-in-class support for all, and a commitment to continuous cutting-edge innovation, Submittable is the choice for grantmakers and foundations looking to amplify their impact.

Want to learn more? Check out our on-demand demo now to get a better idea of how Submittable works.

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